• braille Keyboard
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    Google Proposed A Braille Keyboard For Android Devices

    Braille is not a language but a code for blind or visually impaired people. It consists of embossed dots that can easily be read by finger. With the help of braille Keyboard, many languages, as well as numbers, can be read and written. Each cell of braille consists of 6 raised dots-2 rows of 3 dots in each. 64 characters can possible by using one or more of these dots. The position of these dots, represents an alphabet letter, number, space, etc. Have you ever thought about how blind people can use smartphones? Is there any phone for them too? How can they type something using a keyboard like ours?…

  • netzero

    Something about NetZero, its advantages and disadvantages

    A brief introduction to NetZero NetZero provides dial-up, accelerated dial-up and DSL connections in the mainland United States. The company is based in Northern California and is a subsidiary of United Online, now owned by B. Riley Financial (who also owns Juno). The company has been providing internet services to homes since 1998 and was one of the first in offering free internet access to incentivize advertisers with its target marketing abilities. NetZero hence grew fast and went public in a year. NetZero is renowned for providing some of the best data packages around. They are friendly for constrained budgets. The free plan offered by the company is limited at…

  • Reliable Mobile Phone Spy App

    How to Monitor a Cell Phone with Mobile Phone Spy App

    How to Monitor a Cell Phone with Mobile Phone Spy App? Have you ever used a mobile phone spy app? If not, this is the time to take advantage of this amazing technology. Whether you are bringing up teens or running an enterprise, you may need to monitor the mobile phones of someone else. The cell phone monitoring app offers several perks to the en-user. For instance, parents can protect their children from the cruelties of the online world by supervising their mobile phone use. The employers can keep an eye on the mobile phone use of workers to prevent them from unproductive and wicked activities. Whatever your need is…

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    Boost And Strengthen Your Immunity during COVID-19 Outbreak

    Focusing current situation of the state, as the coronavirus/COVID-19 cases are continued to grow, so it has become important to boost our immune system in case if we actually come in contact with the virus so our body can effectively fight back. The strength of the immune system varies from person to person and, from day to day because its ability to fight off infections and diseases fluctuates depending on many factors. Here are a couple of things you can follow to boost your immune system during the COVID-19 outbreak. Wash Your Hands Wash your frequently or use hand sanitizer after every 10 minutes. Follow the right way to wash…

  • Facebook Introduced New Messenger App
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    Facebook Introduced New Messenger App for Windows and MacOS

    The competition is getting tough day by day. People today, greatly using the internet to communicate with their loved ones and see them while staying at home or in a different state. You must remember that the Facebook chat used to be in its main mobile app then later Facebook split it off into a separate Messenger app. While using Facebook on a desktop, the chat gets buried in one of the tabs and users have to switch tabs so they can chat or reply back to their friends. Now, Facebook has made more convenient for us to chat on the desktop by launching its Desktop Messenger app. On 2nd…

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    Google Is Working On “Shorts”, A Challenge To TikTok

    YouTube is a video sharing platform, which has gained so much fame in its journey to-date. It has given many people the opportunity to become stardom by sharing their videos, ideas, skills, knowledge and much more. On the contrary, TikTok, which was developed by ByteDance a couple of years ago, has also been found to catch an eye from users all over the world. Now, YouTube is looking forward to developing a feature called “Shorts” in competition with TikTok. Shorts will be available in its already existing mobile app, it will allow its users to upload their brief videos. Shorts will also include a feed of brief videos posted by…

  • Health Care

    Turn Your Boring Quarantine Into a Great Lifestyle

    During such a long lockdown, we need to change our lifestyle we all are staying at home. At some point, we get bored and have nothing to do to make ourselves busy and want to get this over soon. No-one can watch T.V neither sleep the whole day long. To keep yourself busy, try a few of the following things. You will be able to do activities that would be somehow different from your daily routine. Let’s get started.   Give Some time to your self Wasting time in front of the television or laptop doesn’t mean giving time to yourself. This means, look at yourself, which you were unable…

  • Blockchain

    Top 5 Bitcoin Wallets in 2020

    For those who took a risk on it in 2009, it was the most profitable decision they ever made. Bitcoin wallets made millionaires out of many of its early adopters. With the soaring price of Bitcoin people who have them are sitting on a treasure trove. But things are not as simple as they appear to be. Bitcoins and other Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies and have no existence as physical legal tenders that could be just be traded for goods when one pleases. If that wasn’t bad enough, it cannot be deposited and withdrawn from just any bank either, as it is not legally regulated by local governments. So how…

  • Tech

    Quarantine Is Fun With New Exciting Google 3D Animals Feature

    Get frustrated due to the COVID-19 lockdown? Feeling bored staying at home? Everything seems gloomy? Then try out this latest Google feature with your family and friends, I am sure you will definitely have fun doing it! Last year Google introduced a new feature that uses Augmented Reality (AR) for their users to view certain animals in 3D which means that this feature is not only restricted to your phone but you can also view an animal right in your surroundings. Isn’t it exciting? Let us learn how we can entertain ourselves with this. How to view Google 3D Animals? Follow the instructions below to access this feature: Search the…

  • Gaming

    Zerg rush Google ate my search results

    There is a famous excuse that has been used time and again at schools across the country when students forgot to do their homework, it goes something like this:  “THE DOG ATE MY HOMEWORK!” While I can’t vouch for how often teachers buy that excuse, I can vouch for rumors that google has brought that excuse into the 21st century. Yes! “Zerg rush” is essentially your “free pass” to tell the teacher “google ate your homework search results”.   There is little doubt that google as a company has a very liberating and fun office environment to work in. Testimonials given by employees to Forbes magazine would make any prospective employee…