• Last Oasis

    Is Last Oasis Any Good? First Impression

    Last Oasis is an MMO Survival Game currently out in Early Access on Steam. It is developed by a Polish company by the name of ‘Donkey Crew’. This is their first and only title and was established based on this IP. Last Oasis Game takes place at a point where the Earth faces a cataclysmic event and the Earth’s rotation stops. Because of this, the planet was split into two extremely deadly environments. Only a narrow band between the extreme cold and hot environments can support life, and humans must migrate to survive. To keep moving, what is left of the human race have become nomadic and built machines called…

  • Ask Mr.Robot

    What is Ask Mr Robot and how does it work?

    Hello everyone! In this blog, I’d like to go over a step-by-step overview of Ask Mr Robot, which is a utility website for ‘World of Warcraft’ game to optimize your Gear. So, let’s check it out: 1. What you’re looking at right now is the homepage of the website Ask Mr Robot. 2. Click on ‘World of Warcraft Gear Optimizer’. 3. Click on ‘Pick the Character’ and then type in your information, realm, the character’s name, and then click load. 4. It will bring up your character from the ‘World of Warcraft’ armory so make sure to log out in the spec and gear. 5. You’ll be directed to a…

  • Warhammer

    What is Warhammer? And why do people play it?

    Hey folks! today we are going to talk about War Hammer. War Hammer is a tabletop wargame created by a business called ‘Games Workshop’ started back in 1983 with Warhammer Fantasy battles and in 1987 it branched off to Warhammer 40,000 or shortened to Warhammer 40k which is a science fiction set in the far future version of the games. There’s a fantasy, there’s a sci-fi and it’s a tabletop wargame so, there is a huge table that people play on and they use little miniatures, and then they move them around so in this overview we’re going to talk about why people do this, the basics of the game…

  • Xbox Series X Interface

    Here Comes the first look on Xbox Series X Interface

    Microsoft gives off the first look with its new dashboard and “Speedy Xbox Experience.” Now, when you catch a game video on a reassuring, it will be naturally sent to your smartphone to make it simple to impart to spread with friends and in the organizations. Moreover, by the speedy upgrades, Microsoft is additionally concentrating on more lucid content, with an adjusted UI around components and refreshed movements all through the Xbox game dashboard. This incorporates a major update to the Microsoft Store that analyzers are presently giving a shot in front of the Xbox Series X dispatch in November.   The new upcoming gaming Xbox console that been upgraded…

  • FIFA

    FIFA is on top ranking of Top 20 charts

    FIFA 20 has gained up the London retail graphs again on Animal Crossing: New Horizons down into the second spot in there too and froth fight for the best position. This the main list where you can see the real picture of the first groundbreaking sales achievement of the FIFA 20 game. FIFA 20 Animal Crossing: New Horizons Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Mario Kart 8: Deluxe  Grand Theft Auto 5  Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Luigi’s Mansion 3 Final Fantasy 7: Remake Red Dead Redemption 2 Forza Horizon 4 During the Covid:19 FIFA 20 tops the marks of the top of the line games in the UK during the…

  • Gaming

    Zerg rush Google ate my search results

    There is a famous excuse that has been used time and again at schools across the country when students forgot to do their homework, it goes something like this:  “THE DOG ATE MY HOMEWORK!” While I can’t vouch for how often teachers buy that excuse, I can vouch for rumors that google has brought that excuse into the 21st century. Yes! “Zerg rush” is essentially your “free pass” to tell the teacher “google ate your homework search results”.   There is little doubt that google as a company has a very liberating and fun office environment to work in. Testimonials given by employees to Forbes magazine would make any prospective employee…