Instagram Stories Repeating: Tips For Helping Fix The Repeating Stories on Instagram

Everyone knows that Instagram is a picture and video sharing platform owned by Meta (Facebook’s parent group). Thanks to its features of reels and stories, the platform is becoming more popular. Despite the fact that both its Android and iOS versions are practically free from bugs and glitches, some of them still happen and prevent users from using certain features of the app.

For instance, many users recently started receiving a problem where their Instagram stories repeating without interruption (i.e. their Instagram stories keep repeating despite 24 hours having been passed). Fortunately, this post will serve as a brief yet helpful guide to help users overcome this glitch and ensure smooth operations of Instagram on their devices.

Instagram stories repeating by themselves – why does this happen?

In all honesty, numerous app development and software development professionals state that Instagram repeating stories of users is a problem which pertains to the app. It is the outcome of a glitch that rose up in the midst of 2022 (i.e. last year). 

Instagram had meanwhile fixed the glitch, it did not officially state anything about it.Unfortunately, the bug/glitch kept returning to Instagram and affected a select group of users. If other Instagram users see their stories or that of others repeating then they should not panic. Usually Instagram fixes the issue in some time on its own. 

Meanwhile, users can always try a few solutions to help prevent Instagram from repeating their stories. Hopefully these tips and solutions can help fix this problem before it puts an adverse effect on Instagram video marketing.

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Fixing the issue of stories being repeated on Instagram – handy tips to do so

Here are some worthwhile tips that can help users overcome the issue of stories repeating on Instagram. These tips range from general troubleshooting to key tips that can help fix this and relevant problems. Let us now have a look at each of them:

The internet connection needs a check

When internet connections slow down or become unstable, the story a user recently saw does not count as ‘viewed.’ Hence users need to check their internet’s speed.

There is one easy way of checking the internet’s speed. The website helps people check internet speed in their respective areas. It can be opened on both computers and mobile devices. The website will run an internet test speed, which can be checked through a digital gauge. 

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Users should see if Instagram is down

Users previously had faced the issue of stories getting repeated on Instagram. It happened as the platform’s servers were down. Users hence need to see that if Instagram stories keep repeating again, they need to check for a server outage. If Instagram’s servers are down, users will face issues regarding most of the app’s features. 

They might get logged out and be prevented from using the images, videos and the like. Even the Reels won’t load either. Instagram’s server status page can be visited at downdetector to see whether or not that platform is down on a global level. If servers are down, users need to wait until they are back up.

Force stopping Instagram’s app

If Instagram’s servers are working and the stories are still repeating, then the best step would be to force stop the app. It may not be a worthwhile solution to fix the repeating stories issue, users can somehow still try their luck. Here is what they should do:

  • Users must long tap/press the Instagram icon and then tap on App info.
  • Once they are on the app information screen, they should tap the Force stop button.

This may help the app from repeating the stories.

Clearing the Instagram cache and data

Numerous users claim to have fixed the problem by clearing the app’s cache and data. This option is also recommended by experts too. Here are some steps in doing so:

  • Users must long press the Instagram app icon and select the option app info.
  • Then on the app info screen they should tap on Storage usage option.
  • Once there, they should tap on clear cache and then tap on clearing data.

Users will need to log in to the app once the cache and data have been cleared. Once users have logged in with their credentials, they can start using the app again and see if the issue persists or not.

Reinstalling the app

If other methods do not work to fix this problem, then reinstalling the app might help. Current versions of Instagram might have a bug that’s causing the stories to repeat. Either updating the app or reinstalling it can fix the problem. The latter option will remove all leftovers of Instagram which can still fix the issue. Users must long press the app icon and then tap on uninstall and once it is uninstalled, the app can be installed again.

Installing an older version of Instagram

As mentioned earlier, certain and specific versions of Instagram have a glitch which triggers the problem of stories getting repeated. CHances are that users are using a specific version of Instagram on their devices. The easiest way of overcoming this glitch is through installation of an older version of Instagram. They need to install the version which was released a few months ago.

If the app worked well on the phone previously in the past, then that particular app version did not have the glitch then they need to add the old version of instagram on their devices. THis is where third-party app stores like Apkpure and Apkmirror come in handy. Users need to sideload the apk file and install it on their mobile device.


Fixing the instagram stories issue is not only helpful for users but also for social media professionals looking to ace their brand’s Instagram marketing efforts. This helps ensure each Instagram user gets a seamless experience using the app and also, all efforts of businesses do not go into waste.

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