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It is vital to network, find jobs, and communicate via email with others.

Despite the increasing adoption of professional chat applications, email continues to be a preferred mode of communication. Not all email services, however, are secure. They may not be as user-friendly as you’d like or may be missing crucial features.

Finding a basic free email provider in China may be tough. Consider the most popular Chinese Email Service providers and sign up for a free account today.

You can access your email either using Webmail or an email client.

What is an Email client?

Email Client

Email clients let you manage your mailbox. To access email, the client must first connect to a network server.

No need to log in to check email. Email access is through POP3 or IMAP. This includes emails from ISPs and third-party sources other than webmail. They’re like Webmail’s, but more secure.

What is a Webmail?


A Webmail is an email service that can only be accessed online. It is a browser-based email management system.

No matter your internet connection, you may access webmail. Their servers keep everything. You won’t have to keep your email open long in Amazon. You just need the internet.

But first, do you know what an email protocol is?

What is an Email Protocol?

Email Protocol

The protocols used by email servers are in charge of obtaining your email. Individuals may access their email and webmail accounts from their mobile devices via mobile apps.

In order to get your email on your behalf, protocols are utilized. In order to interact with one another online, they may set up webmail accounts or utilize email apps. With your account, you have the choice of utilizing one of three email protocols, which are as follows:


POP is suggested for people who just have a single email account and client to manage their communications. This email protocol, known as POP3, is the most recent version available and enables access even when the computer is not connected to the internet. A direct consequence of this is that it uses less internet bandwidth overall.


A mechanism that enables you to send and receive emails over the internet is known as the Internet mail access protocol (IMAP). It was also one of the earliest email protocols to be created, making it a historical milestone.

As opposed to POP, you do not have to download your messages to your offline email client while using IMAP4. When you’re not utilizing it, it retains its accessibility and management capabilities.

You may access several email accounts from a range of devices or places at the same time while using IMAP.


When it comes to functionality, the Exchange email system is quite similar to the IMAP email system. Exchange is a Microsoft email system that was first launched in 2003 and is still in use today.

If you utilize this protocol, you will be able to access your email as well as tasks, calendars, and contact information from a variety of devices. It would be beneficial for business owners that have workers who communicate and exchange a variety of information across long distances to make use of this technology.

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Webmail vs. Email Clients

webmail vs email

When it comes to functionality, webmail and email are almost identical to one another. These two devices are identical in that they both send and receive emails, attach files, access their respective calendars, and save the contact information. But there are two major differences: access to emails and the capacity to recover emails that have been accidentally deleted or misplaced.

Top Chinese Email Service Providers

Chinese Email Service Provider

China, with 1.4 billion people, is the most populous. A GDP of almost $14 trillion, it is the world’s second-largest fast-growing market. The Chinese economy is rapidly modernizing increasing market competitiveness.

Among mobile internet users in China, instant messaging services outnumber email reading by a wide margin. In China, most chatting is done via Tencent’s WeChat or QQ. Instead of SMS, users can use data to communicate for free with apps like WeChat.

Why is it that instant messaging is so much more popular than email in China? Despite these advances, email remains vital in Chinese business.

The Chinese free email is dominated by local providers rather than global corporations.

Four major Chinese Email services control 90% of the market. These may include:

Other domestic email service providers list include:

NetEase and QQ Mail

In China, NetEase and QQ Mail dominate the market, with most Chinese free email mailers presumably using them. Other email carriers are modest and rarely cause issues. Mailboxes are often a minor part of a company’s entire product and service

Domestic Providers

Google’s products and services are regularly restricted in China due to Gmail’s reputation. While some Chinese free email users have Gmail accounts, the vast majority do not use them due to blocking issues.

Yahoo China, an Alibaba Group subsidiary, closed in 2013. Alibaba advises Yahoo! China Mail users to migrate to AliCloud Mail. Customers of Yahoo! China can link their AliCloud accounts at any time. Those who didn’t register lost their email addresses.



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