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    How Android Spy App Helps to Get Rid of Stalker

    We can see a crystal-clear surge in the use of dating apps and Android Spy App. Not only adults but teens are also using these apps to find a partner.   But What Happens Next in Android Spy App   Young users often get in trouble. Adults know the reason for being a user of a dating app, but do our grooming kids understand this?   They only find it charming to build a relationship with an unknown person.   But What If the Unknown Online User Is the Predator or Stalker?   A recent incident tells that more than 80% of online people prey on teens, and dating apps…

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    Cyber Bullying Protection Tips for Non Tech-Savvy Parents

    Cyberbullying is an act of crime in the book of cybercrime’s law. People who use digital media platforms often involved in these kinds of evil activities such as cyberbullying and known in present times as cyberbullies. They are the ones who tease, squeeze, and abuse and irritate the young kids and teens online. They use social media platforms as their weapons and as their cover to harm teens and minors online. They use abusive language, racist phrases, and also share media in their inbox to humiliate them the fullest. The children, tweens, and teens are the soft targets for the bullies online to release their frustration and to have fun.  …