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Cyber Bullying Protection Tips for Non Tech-Savvy Parents

Cyberbullying is an act of crime in the book of cybercrime’s law. People who use digital media platforms often involved in these kinds of evil activities such as cyberbullying and known in present times as cyberbullies.

They are the ones who tease, squeeze, and abuse and irritate the young kids and teens online. They use social media platforms as their weapons and as their cover to harm teens and minors online. They use abusive language, racist phrases, and also share media in their inbox to humiliate them the fullest.

The children, tweens, and teens are the soft targets for the bullies online to release their frustration and to have fun.  

 On the other hand, parents are the most in-secure community these days, because they have to buy cell phone devices to their kids and teens for many other good reasons. But at the same time, having a cell phone device in kids’ and teens’ hands and connected to the internet may lead them towards cyber predators such as cyberbullies.

However, there are none of the differences between the after-effects of online bullying and real-life bullying

What should parents do?

should parents do


Parents should apply all those methods and techniques that help them out to protect minors and teens from cyberbullies. But it becomes so tough for parent’s in-case they are not tech-savvy as there really are.

We have accumulated quite effective tips that help out non-tech savvy parents to prevent kids from online bullies. There are some expert opinions for parents should deal with online bullies.

Cyberbullies protection Tips for non-tech savvy parents

Don’t bother initially

Obviously, don’t react initially; because it will not be understandable for your kids and teens at first, but you should guide that don’t react when someone bullies them online. Because they want their target attention and reaction and once they got it then the target person is constantly under attack. Because, the online bullies have a couple of aims such as to gain attention, to have a conflict, and to provide pain to the target with their words and abusive activities to directly hit the mind of the target. 


Create a solid barrier 

Bullies online are very persistent, and it depends on the target. One single message can be ignorable, but back to back messages cannot, so simply teach your kids and teens to create a barrier. They can build a strong barrier by using the social media apps privacies such as “blocking” and as well as setting the privacy in their cell phone devices. No matter how many accounts a bully has blocked all if necessary.  

Save all messages for bullies online

Cyber Bullying Protection Tips for Non Tech-Savvy Parents 2

If a cyber-bully is continuously messaging or texting your kids and teens from time to time. Then it wisely you need to save all the offensive stuff of the cyberbully that sent to you. Then you can involve the authorities with proves. Teach your kids, bullies are just mental freaks and they just want to play with your mind. So don’t become hyper, scared, just took pity on them because of their abnormality and don’t respond them to back at all. 

Use cell phone settings 

Parents should provide their kids and teens such as cell phone devices that enable them to set privacy against all the apps that are too dangerous. However, guide your kids and teens to set their profiles of social messaging apps in the custom mode. Tell them don’t reveal their complete name, contact number, school name, and home address and the age as well.

Use cell phone monitoring software

Parents should learn how to install the android Spy app on their kid’s and teens Phone devices. Moreover, they can purchase a cell phone and got help from a friend to install the cell phone tracking software and then hand over the phone to teens. It enables parents to track IM’s social media and then view IM’s logs, chats conversations; shared media files, and listen to the voice calls. It further enables parents to spy on the call with the hidden call recorder. A user can listen to the calls remotely and further parents can view text messages with text messages spy of the cell phone surveillance app. 


Parents can protect kids and teens from cyberbullies to the fullest by using and implementing all the tips and tricks.

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