10 Best Cheap VPS Hosting in Brazil

Cheap Vps Hosting

Every business has a website these days but only a handful manages to deliver a great user experience. Yes, there could be dozens of reasons for this but one of them is poor server response time and performance. There is nothing worse for a business than to see users bounce off their website due to poor user experience.


Small businesses and startups can’t afford to spend hundreds of dollars on buying a dedicated server but don’t want to compromise on performance by going for a shared server. So, what’s the solution? VPS servers offer a perfect middle ground between performance and affordability.


In this article, you will learn about ten best VPS servers in Brazil.

Top 10 VPS Servers In Brazil That Are Worth Your Money

Here are ten cheap VPS hosting that you should spend your hard earned money on.


Who does not love freedom, choice and flexibility? HOSTNOC gives you all that and much more in a single package. You can either choose from one of their predefined packages or create a custom plan tailored to your business needs. Users can either go for Windows VPS server or Linux VPS server. HOSTNOC gives you full control over your server with an easy to use cPanel. 

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Throw in 99.99% SLA backed uptime guarantee and constant performance and security monitoring and you also get peace of mind. Have an issue? Their round the clock customer support has you covered. They handpick some of the best hardware for their Cheap VPS Hosting so you can get uninterrupted and smooth performance for years. Their affordable pricing plans are cherry on top.


Cheak our Best Cheap VPS Singapore server:


Famous for its unique features, Hostinger does deliver. Support for IPv6 support and access to dedicated IP addresses makes Hostinger stand out from the rest of its competitors. One area where Hostinger VPS leaves a lot to be desired is in uptime. The lack of cPanel might also be a downside but it more than makes up for it with 24/7 customer support and 30 days money back guarantee. If you can live with a below average uptime then you can get a very good deal with Hostinger as their prices are on the lower end of the spectrum.


For those looking for exceptional read and write speeds and ultra fast speeds, BlueHost VPS offerings in Brazil are worth considering. Powered by fast and reliable solid state drives, BlueHost VPS servers can deliver consistently good performance for long periods. Combine that with a 30 day money back guarantee and free domain name, you are getting better value for your money with BlueHost.


What started from humble beginnings from the dorm of Florida Atlantic University in 2002 went on to become the third largest web hosting provider in the world in just over a decade. The easy to use control panel and convenient installation and integration processes makes it a great choice for new businesses. Free SSL certificates, security tools and unmetered bandwidth means that you get both security and performance in one place.


Locaweb might not be as popular as some of the other server providers on this list but has a strong local fan base. With more than 280,000 customers and counting, it offers the best VPS Brazil. You would be hard pressed to find a better Brazillian service provider than Locaweb. You get all the features you would get from any other service provider along with some handy extras such as iMAP, POP3, SMTP email accounts, automated backup and restore facility, support for MySQL and PostgresQL databases as well as 99.99% uptime guarantee.


If you are on a tight budget, LightNode should be on top of your list. Its pocket friendly pricing can help you to get access to a VPS server without putting a huge dent in your bank account. The intuitive control panel makes it easy for you to manage your own VPS server and enjoy full control and visibility over it. Hourly billing option gives you the flexibility and freedom to pay for only the resources you use.


If you have a large website which targets a global audience located in different regions of the world, then Kinsta should be on your radar. Kinsta is based in Germany but offers users the flexibility to move their website to the server located in their country. They have data centers in 15 different countries and the network is growing rapidly. The price is a bit on the higher side as you have to buy features such as SSL certificates as a separate paid add-on which can push the overall cost higher.

Verpex Hosting

Verpex hosting takes things one step further when it comes to attracting customers who are only considering big names by offering a 45 day money back guarantee. Their exceptional customer support also makes their case even more stronger. What’s most surprising is the fact that even the cheapest plan has a free domain. User friendly cPnael and one click installer takes the hassle out of server setup, installation and management. The only downside is the limited storage space on the basic plan.

Rede Hosting

Hates vendor lock-ins? Rede Hosting makes vendor lock-ins history with its unique monthly plans. Even if you go for the yearly plan, you do get additional benefits such as extra discounts. Coupled with the beginner friendly features and cPanel, startup and small businesses can also make the most of their VPS servers. The lack of money back guarantee and free trials is a let down and might even push perspective first time server buyers away. The customer support is also limited to a few hours which can also be a deal breaker for some. Other than that, there is nothing to complain about here.


If you are looking for performance stability that too without spending more than Host2Go is worth your time and money. Popular for its Woocommerce and WordPress services, they also have a formidable VPS server plan. Users can reap the benefits of fast and efficient support. You would be hard pressed to find the reliability they offer at that price.


Which is the best cheap hosting provider in Brazil in your opinion? Share it with us in the comments section below.


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