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How to choose video topics for a YouTube channel

Video Topics For a YouTube Channel

More and more people are interested in making money on the Internet, namely one of the most promising areas — blogging. A person does what he loves, tells and shows the details of his hobby, while still earning good money!

No wonder YouTube has become overrun with aspiring video bloggers. However, not all content is interesting to viewers: it is important to choose the right topic for the channel so that people are happy to come to you and you do not have to buy YouTube subscribers often.

Anyone, even a novice video blogger, should have two things: a goal and a topic, otherwise any blog turns into a regular video diary. A correctly formulated topic immediately limits the circle of people who will watch and then subscribe to the channel.

This allows you to communicate only with like-minded people and maintain audience loyalty at a high level. Moreover, you will receive an increase in the audience without the need to constantly buy real YouTube subscribers.

However, when choosing content, there is a difficulty. If videos of knitting patterns, tips on replacing carburetors and reviews of protein shakes randomly appear in one channel, then most likely the blogger will have few regular viewers. On the other hand, if you broadcast on narrower topics, there will hardly be a large number of viewers.

Here, a novice blogger faces another, more pragmatic reason for choosing a topic — earnings. The more loyal viewers and commentators involved in the content, the greater the chance that a blogger will be ordered to advertise.

It is worth telling and showing about what the video blogger himself is well versed in or plans to understand. The topic should be of interest, first of all, to the author of the channel himself, so that the motivation to shoot a video remains for a long time.

Popular topics for a female audience

Almost the majority of viewers of video channels on YouTube are women. Therefore, many bloggers are interested in what topic to choose so that it would hook this half of humanity. In 2022, such requests from women of all ages are popular:

  • reviews on cosmetics and perfumery. Good videos are in demand, in which the author talks in detail, with humor about seasonal collections of cosmetics, new perfumes, compares several products, makes his personal rating;
  • makeup videos. This theme follows smoothly from the previous one. Most attention is attracted by videos with training tutorials, step-by-step guides. To be always in trend, you need to respond to the requests of your viewers, help them solve problems, do makeup on problem skin, apply shadows on an impending eyelid, etc.;
  • manicure tricks at home. Many girls have everything they need for nail art at home. Therefore, the task of the video blogger is only to explain how to draw a pattern, correctly and sterilely remove the overgrown length;
  • hair care. In the trend of this year, interest in healthy hair. Therefore, the blogger is expected to know the rules for caring for curls, a review of new products and, of course, his own experience.

What other topics are interesting for women? Many are ready to subscribe to food blogs with simple, delicious video recipes. These videos often get millions of views. What kind of recipes will be decided by the author of the channel himself: homemade, dietary, dedicated to a particular cuisine of the world.

Popular topics for the male audience

Men are also not alien to the interest in video blogs. The most popular topic among males is finance. To be on the wave of success, you can talk about ways to save money, review different credit cards and deposits.

Along with finances, men are interested in fitness and bodybuilding. In addition to the standard video tutorials for doing exercises, you can diversify the content with such videos:

  • reviews on different physical exercises (cardio, gym, summer and winter sports);
  • analysis of the nutrition of famous bodybuilders or stars in good physical shape;
  • comparison of different brands of sports nutrition.

Another content topic that is not losing popularity is cars. You can start with reviews of new products, and then conduct full-fledged test drives and comparisons of popular cars. Ideas that quickly gained popularity among viewers:

  • conversion of cars into modern ones, replacement of old parts with more expensive ones;
  • testing cars on the roads, on mud and pits;
  • reviews of vintage retro cars.

Such a topic for videos as science and technology remains interesting and popular. In order not to load viewers with complex terms, many bloggers use the method of alternative reality, for example, reasoning about what would happen to the Earth if a huge meteorite fell on it. However, you can simply analyze some question about science that interests the audience in each video.

If the author of the blog is well versed in electronics, gadgets, then the following field for creativity is open before him:

  • review of new products — smartphones, tablets or laptops;
  • comparison of expensive and budget phones (for example, what is the difference between the iPhone and the new Xiaomi model);
  • study of accessories for gadgets;
  • exhibitions reviews — museums, artists, paintings, sculptures.


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