The View on Bitcoin Revolution

The View on Bitcoin Revolution 1

Bitcoin Revolution is a trading robot that examines the digital currency marketplaces in the hunt for feasible trading opportunities and fetching fruitful trading outcomes.

Bitcoin revolution works as a medium between the traders and trading by creating trading signs. The information it obtains enables traders to make profitable trading decisions. Although, the predictions made by the software are not accurate 100% of the time but enable traders to achieve success with the majority of trades they execute how good the bitcoin revolution depends on how traders use it.

Go where the Winners Go – Bitcoin Revolution

Bitcoin revolution trading has proven to be influential for many traders. It can be accessed remotely. The bitcoin revolution platform can be opened straight from the browser. It is very easy to create an account and get bitcoin Revolution login details which will allow you to access your trading account and your funds from any computer. The official bitcoin revolution website has all the necessary information you are looking for to get started. The wind rates of the Bitcoin revolution are quite high which puts traders in a winning position.

Bitcoin Revolution – Is it a Scam?

There’s a lot of talk regarding these automated trading BOTS and algorithmic tools all over the internet these days. We aim to give you guys a solid review of each one and to test them out so’s the Bitcoin revolution a scam or is it legitimate? There are various Bitcoin revolution reviews online claiming that people have made solid profits using the robot Auto trading using complex algorithms (a very profitable way of making money these days).

The Bitcoin Revolution users suggest it is genuine and reliable. The brokers are licensed and controlled by reputed organizations. There are no specific requirements to use it, you just need a little amount of deposit money and can avail of its services for the long term. People are generally focused more on the Bitcoin Revolution, whether is it safe or is it a Scam? As per our personal experience, research, and reviews of clients the app is not a scam and totally safe to use it. We would like to recommend it to all those who are searching for a reliable safe and genuine trading platform.


For those of you who hear about cryptocurrencies trading robots for the first time here is an introduction. Cryptocurrency trading robot is an automated trading system that allows you to trade Bitcoin a serum or other cryptocurrencies on autopilot. The trading robot will then make a recommendation for a buy or sell order. it can also play such an order on your behalf automatically according to certain parameters so, you don’t have to be in front of the computer all the time.

Traded robots typically make a large number of smaller trades holding positions for a short period and ideally making a small profit on each trade so, the volatile market such as scripters are very good for that as when the price moves up and down a lot; it presents many opportunities to profit by buying low and selling high while of course not every trade will be profitable as long. It is reported that cryptocurrency trading robots can make between 2% to 3% in daily profits or 20% to 30% return on investment per month however, it is important to remember that when investing in cryptocurrencies you are putting your money at risk and once there is a market crash no trading robot will be able to make you money.

Today we are doing a review for one popular cryptocurrency trading robot called Bitcoin Revolution.

The View on Bitcoin Revolution 2

Here we’re at the Bitcoin Revolution landing page and as you can see on the left side, we have a screenshot from the Bitcoin Revolution trading room, on the right side we have a box where you can open an account and that is pretty much it for the page. It also highlights the main features of the Bitcoin revolution trading robot and it also explains how it works. It is very easy to create an account with Bitcoin Revolution and all you have to do is provide your ‘name’, ‘last name’, ‘email address’, ‘password’, and your ‘phone number’. Once you open an account with Bitcoin evolution you will automatically open an account with the CFD broker. Now, let’s login to revolution and see how it’s trading room looks like.

The View on Bitcoin Revolution 3

This is how the trading room for Bitcoin revolution looks like. As you can see here it is very easy to navigate and you can see the indicator of ‘current balance’ and ‘current profit’. There are also ‘open trades’ and ‘trade history’ buttons as well as ‘deposit’ and ‘withdrawals’. To start trading with the Bitcoin revolution you have to set certain trading settings.

The View on Bitcoin Revolution 4

There are six main trading settings for this cryptocurrency robot.

  • The ‘Trade amount’ is an amount that you are willing to spend third each trade and let’s put it at $25,
  • The ‘take profit’ shows you the profit your open trading position would need to reach before close in that position and let’s leave it at $25,
  • the daily stop-loss is an amount that you are ready to lose per day before you stop trading for that day and let’s leave it at $50,
  • the daily take profit shows us a profit target all day you want to achieve before closing all your trading positions and let’s have it at $50 for now
  • the maximum concurrent trades are a number of trades you can have open simultaneously at once and
  • the maximum daily trades are the number of trades per day you’re willing to make before season trading.

We also have a list of cryptocurrency pairs and Fiat pairs as you can see you can trade Bitcoin Ripple serum it can cash as well as slice it litecoin against Euro and USD. By ticking this on and off you can choose which cryptocurrencies you can trade or you want to trade. Now, press the button ‘Save Settings’ and the trading settings will be saved and you are ready for trading.

The View on Bitcoin Revolution 5

Now let’s go into the demo account to show you how you can start trading with the Bitcoin Revolution trader robot. The demo account offers access to the same trading strategies as a real one but in this case, we will be trading with paper money. Now, all you have to do to start trading is click the outer trade button and the Bitcoin revolution will start generating some trade recommendations.

The View on Bitcoin Revolution 6

The View on Bitcoin Revolution 7

Now, this is how open trades look like. As you can see we have several open positions below have a trading history and many trades that have been completed and the profits we have pocketed as you can see here not all trades are winning ones and we also have some losses but as long as on average you make more winning trades and losing ones you still can pocket a profit. To start trading in real money you will need to deposit funds with the CFD broker and as soon as you open an account with Bitcoin revolution you automatically open an account with this broker.

The View on Bitcoin Revolution 8

The View on Bitcoin Revolution 9

Now, all you have to do is click the deposit button and transfer funds to your account.

You can deposit via credit or debit card or can deposit the bitcoins. Well some CFD brokers will allow you to trade immediately after the deposit have been cleared, some brokers might require you to complete the KYC process by submitting a copy of your passport, residential address. Bitcoin revolution is affiliated with a precision FM broker which is registered and based in Tallinn Estonia while prestige FM broker is not regulated Zaire based in the European Union and not some distance offshore island.

It is also important to remember that the cryptocurrency market, in general, is unregulated as well as all the cryptocurrency exchanges so that should not be too much of a problem but in case you would like to have extra peace of mind and hassle-free trading you can always use eToro and follow some of their social crypto trading strategies

The trading strategies are a secret source of many professional traders. It is very secretive about it if someone is making money on the strategy but if too many people start using it then the market becomes overcrowded and the strategy stopped working that is how things work in trading in general and in currencies in particular so for that reason revolution and precision FM do not disclose their trading algorithms.

The only way to find out how effective the trading strategies are is to start trading and see for yourself we suggest starting with a small amount to try the Bitcoin revolution strategies first before committing large sums of money then you can see for yourself is it working or not as a conclusion we think that Bitcoin revolution is a legit crypto robot and one that you can trade with it is very simple to use very easy to set up and perfectly suited for the beginners but in case you’re looking for the more sophisticated trading platform you can always check such cryptocurrency trading robots as gambit has bought crypto hope hopper or Zig nollie

Before we finish this Bitcoin Revolution review please remember that past performance is not a guarantee of future results and by investing in cryptocurrencies you put your money at risk, therefore, don’t invest more than you are prepared to lose and trade responsibly.  The digital currency marketplace is quite competitive with a range of products and tools available at your disposal but to make the best trading decisions you have to ensure that you are equipped with the best trading tools. Happy Trading!

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