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5 Best AI content generator : The ultimate guide!

Those who are new to the world of AI generating content, they are in luck as this post will give them a good glimpse of what an AI content generator is and how helpful it can be. Tools supported by Artificial Intelligence are no doubt the latest trend in a lot of things, and in the realm of copywriting, blogging and content, they are sprouting up.

Content professionals today are worried as they believe that their jobs are under attack. There is nothing of such sort as this AI based technology can help them get the much needed top-notch work within a matter of minutes and without much effort. Content writers, copywriters and bloggers can utilize these tools as writing help.

What is content strategy?

Industry experts reveal that a content strategy is basically a plan where content marketers make use of various mediums (like visual, audio, written and the like) to achieve their business objectives. 

A worthwhile content strategy attracts the target audience at each stage of the funnel and keeps them engaged even after a transaction. There are three core elements of an effective content strategy: brand focus, user experience and content distribution.

Does AI content rank?

Google is concerned with thin content that does not provide any real value, regardless of origin. It can take down content interneted to wrongly manipulate search rankings especially the following:

  • Something which does not make sense to readers but has search terms.
  • Content made by scraping either RSS feeds or search engine results.
  •  Content generated using synonym mixing methods or automated tools.
  • One which is programmatically translated and reviewed without using humans before publishing.
  • Bringing content from web pages without substantiating and that using Markov’s method.

Yet, AI-Generated content can still rank high in Google’s search engine result pages (SERPs) due to the fact that Google’s own algorithms cannot tell if it was written by a human or was AI generated. As long as the content is well written and meets the search intent criteria, Google allows it to be published.

Will AI replace content writers?

AI Won’t be able to replace content writers completely. Regardless of how good the AIU content generators are, the human touch is still necessary because after all, humans repair and maintain machines. AI hasn’t become that self aware so that is the reason humans are needed to not just fine tune content but also add more to it too.

How many article generating tools are in the market? Listing the best AI content generator in the market

Numerous article generating tools are available online. Some are free whilst some are paid. There are variations in terms of features and prices. Some tools even offer a trial period before people subscribe to them. 

Everyone knows that content is king, and such a quote has never been truer. 2023 is a few days away, and in 2022, more than 950 million blog posts were made. Also, there  are billions of other content pieces created (case studies, emails, sales copy, social media content and the like). In investment terms, content creators and marketers hold content in high regard.

However generating relevant and unique content demands creativity and stamina which can be hard to maintain without help. In keeping up with the constant demand for content that converts, it is time to have a good look at some of the best free AI content generator  as well as the paid ones too


Jasper is without a doubt an exception AI content generating tool. It has more than 52 short form and long form writing templates. Regardless of what writers wish to type, the platform can help them with content that can convert.

The generator can help wiki writers overcome writer’s block. Whatever they need to get typed, they can tell Jasper and they’ll get the starting steps. Its paid option is known as Boss Mode Plan where more detailed instructions can be given to the platform.

Jasper also offers a wide array of in-depth training resources and documents helping users understand how Jasper works. In terms of pricing, it starts at USD$ 29 per month whilst new users obtain 10,000 credits when they sign up.


Writesonic is another worthwhile AI content generation and copywriting tool which helps create copy that engages readers and leads to sales, traffic and more worthwhile conversions for the business.

Writesonic offers two content generator offerings. The first one is a selection of templates geared towards copywriters, with options for making sales emails, product descriptions, landing pages and checking for grammatical errors and readability. Another set of templates supports long-form article writing and allows professionals to make blog drafts, content summaries and paraphrasing.

The platform offers a free trial, and also a pay as per go credit system for users who are not sure of applying for a long term membership. Monthly charges are USD$ 15 and free trial available for new users.


Copysmith is made in a way to help both brands and businesses alike reach their content objectives. As a worthwhile AI based content generation tool, it has more than 30 templates and also has Facebook Ad copy, pitch creation, press release maker for events as well as a content rewriting feature. 

Companies can utilize the features to create compelling ads for social media, create pitches, spread the word about events and fix and rewrite content to add the extra spark.

The platform even allows writers to organize and store content nicely in folders so they will know which file is where. Since it is easy to test it out, a three day free trial is offered with some credit limits to utilize all features.

A Google Chrome Browser extension is available for Copysmith. Moreover, it is also rolling out collaborative features for the topmost membership level, which helps teams to generate content nicely.

The pricing starts at USD$ 19 per month with some credit limits and new users can utilize a three day free trial.

ContentBot is no doubt one of the best Ai content generator available. The platform constantly innovates itself and has taken the industry to newer heights and directions. Agencies, their founders, and content marketers have benefitted from it a lot. In fact, it is great for generating both short and long-form copy.

Their recent release ‘blog shot’ allows writers to create a complete blog post with one click of a button. ContentBot also has a drag and drop blog post builder helping writers to make top-notch blog posts through dragging blocks in the content editor.

Writers can access any feature on the platform without any charges. They further get 5000 words for free with automated AI writing. However, it is available only as a paid platform.


Frase is a tool acting like a content assistant. It is made specifically for content marketers and SEO professionals for quick and improved productivity. It is structured on a framework of content brief, writing, analytics and optimization. 

Frase is best for research and brief outlines. It also has a talking points tool useful for helping structure a very good article. It can even prepare a content brief in minutes.

However for content to be written, it does not make an article right out og the box. It requires some input to produce a desirable output. It is a useful tool for content marketers who aim to cut down the time spent on writing. In terms of pricing, it is a paid platform without a free version.


The list may be small but the tools mentioned here are top-notch, proven, deserving and top-notch. AI content creators need to be as accurate as they can be, provided they do not cause any inconvenience for content marketers.

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