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How To Fix HTTP Error 503 Service Unavailable

Guide To Fix HTTP Error 503

The digital world is an interesting and fascinating one. In fact, it was considered a world free of errors providing a seamless flow of information. It does provide information seamlessly. Yet it isn’t free of errors. 

Suppose a user searches the internet for a topic. They will find their favored website easily. This will be found on the first page of Google’s Search Engine Result Pages (SERP). However, when they click on the website’s link, they see a blank webpage displaying the message “Service Unavailable.”

What would happen when users see this on Google? What will they do? Odds are they will skip that website and go to the next link. Visitors are usually looking for answers to certain questions online.

Businesses, brands, and companies alike promise their audience answers. But if they cannot deliver because something on their website does not work, then they will lose trust in that business/brand/company.

503 service unavailable

If a website experiences the regrettable HTTP Error 503 Service Unavailable Error, there is no quick solution for it. Companies must be able to investigate the root cause of this issue. 

These kinds of errors indicate what happened to the website. Yet they do not tell why such a thing happened to the website.

Fixing the 503 Service Unavailable Error won’t be a problem. This can help companies prevent themselves from losing their customers. This post will reveal handy tips for fixing the error.

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What is error 503?

The HTTP 503 Error is basically an HTTP response status code indicating the web server is working but not able to manage the requests properly. As it is a genetic error message, it can be hard to find the issue’s exact root cause.

Any website experiencing the 503 Service Unavailable Error will give visitors a different page. Meaning the visitors will land on an error page displaying the Error 503 message. Thankfully, experts recommend solutions for troubleshooting and fixing the most common 503 Service Unavailable Errors.

HTTP error 503. the service is unavailable -Tips to fix it

Here are some tips recommended by experienced professionals and industry experts when it comes to fixing HTTP error 503:

  • Restarting the server.
  • Checking if the server is undergoing any maintenance work.
  • Fixing erroneous firewall configurations.
  • Scrutinizing the server-side logs.
  • Checking the website’s code to look for bugs.

Let us now explore them in brief detail:

Restarting the server

Sometimes the server gets congested. In fact, the networks can face congestion. Supporting the website at that time becomes hard. An effective way to refresh the server is to restart it. If the website is hosted on more than one server, then all of them need to be restarted. This helps them get up and running.

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Checking whether or not the server is undergoing maintenance

A lot of web servers often shut down due to maintenance work. If site owners can access the settings, they should see the configuration options. This helps them check automated maintenance schedules. 

Those who desire to have complete control over their servers can disable these options. They are easily changed in the options present in the configuration panel.

Fixing erroneous firewall configurations

Firewalls protect websites from malicious visitors and DDoS (distributed denial of service) attacks. A faulty configuration can cause the firewall to reject legitimate requests. The requests from content delivery networks can be mistaken as attacks. This causes the 503 Service Not Available error. 

To avoid this, it is wise for site owners to check the firewall configuration. This helps them pinpoint the issue and fix it asap.

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Scrutinizing the server-side logs

There are two kinds of server-side logs namely application and server logs. The former recounts the website’s whole history. This allows site owners to see web pages requested by visitors. It also helps them look at the servers connected to them. The latter provides site owners with information regarding the server’s hardware, its health, and its status.

Scrutinizing both logs helps uncover any deficiencies, issues, and information about both the server and the website.

Checking the website’s code to look for bugs

In case of an error in the website’s code, the web server may not be able to answer requests from a CDN properly. Checking the code and sifting through it to look for bugs works. The code can alternatively be copied into a development machine. It can perform a complete debugging process which will simulate Error 503. This will help them find the exact moment things went problematic.


Whenever an error happens on a website, site owners must fix it at all costs. They should not spare a moment to do so. If customers keep facing errors, they will go to a competitor’s site right away. The patience span of most internet users is low. Hence it is wise to fix website errors immediately before they worsen.


Questions and Answers?

Q: What happens if a web page says the service is unavailable?

A: If a web page says service is unavailable, it means the web page is down. Visitors of that page will hence go to another website if the page is not restored.

Q: What is the HTTP Error 503 Service Unavailable message?

A: The HTTP Error 503 Service Unavailable is an error where a web page does not respond properly to a server’s/CDN’s request for loading the page. 

Q: Is the HTTP Error 503 easily fixable?

A: The HTTP Error 503 can be fixed easily. Site owners need to check their servers and firewalls to see whether or not they are overloaded, hanging up, or have erroneous configurations.

Q: Do web pages work if servers are under maintenance?

A: If a web page is hosted by one server and if it is under maintenance, then the web page will show the maintenance message.

Q: Can a website work on more than one hosting server?

A: It usually depends on the website’s requirements. There are websites that work on more than one hosting server.

Q: If one server of a chain of servers is under maintenance, can a website work?

A: A website can work even if one of the many servers it is hosted on is under maintenance. However, one of its pages works on one server and if that is under maintenance then that page won’t open.

Q: Can erroneous firewall configurations cause problems?

A: Erroneous firewall configurations can cause a website to be attacked and even go haywire. They can turn down legitimate server and content delivery network requests by mistaking them as attacks. They even are unable to recognize attacks and often aid in websites going down.

Q: Should the website’s code be free of error?

A: Yes, the website’s code should be free of error. This is the reason websites need to work properly. If there are errors in the website’s code then the website will go down.

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