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Best Guide For Course Hero – The key Methods Involved

Course hero is a worthwhile online learning platform. It gained prominence during the COVID-19 pandemic because it helped students access numerous kinds of training courses, documents, sample and previous tests, solutions to complicated homework questions, class notes and other valuable resources. 

Making an account on Course Hero does not require any charges (as account creation is free). But the website isn’t because users have to pay for accessing the content they desire.

But is there any reason to worry in this regard? Experts believe there isn’t because they believe that there are ways they can get the best content on Course Hero without having to pay a dime for a subscription. Hence, let us now have a look at those proven methods.

Utilizing some tricks to remove the blur from Course Hero

The expense required for a monthly membership on Course Hero ranges from USD$ 10 to USD$ 40. Such an amount can be quite high for a lot of people, especially those who are on a budget. After creating a free account there, users won’t be able to access all the contents present on it. 

Yet, Those who are wondering ‘how to unblur Course Hero’, they are in luck as there are some tricks to unblur these pieces of content which are: 

  • Uploading original documents.
  • Reviewing materials other students uploaded.
  • Making Quizzes.
  • Using inspect element in Google Chrome wisely.
  • Utilizing referrals.

Uploading original documents

The main objective of Course Hero is connecting learners  to worthwhile, useful and valuable information. Those who add something to informational resources on the platform, they can help the website achieve its objectives. 

For instance, for those who upload 10 learning documents on the platform, it will unlock five locked content for the uploader as a form of reward. Moreover, the following methods can be used to enter the website using a desktop or a laptop, and to upload original content too. Here is how original content can be uploaded on Course Hero using a Windows based computer:

  • Going to Course Hero’s website using a browser to log into the free account.
  • Looking the blurred document users wish to access. Then clicking to open it.
  • Clicking on the ‘View full document’ button which is pink colored.
  • Afterwards, users must click on the continue to access button.
  • Considering that users have not paid for any membership, subscription options will hence appear. At the lower end, there is an option titled upload your study documents, and users should click on it. 
  • Selecting and uploading the documents to be uploaded on the computer.

Those who are using Mac PC, they should conduct the following steps:

  • Steps one to four are the same as that of Windows PC.
  • After clicking on Continue to Access, and seeing the subscription plans, they should press the upload now button.

The process can take a maximum of 24 hours because Course Hero will analyze the documents. As soon as the files are uploaded, users won’t be able to easily access them. It should be understood that if the documents are not original, the website won’t accept them.

When 24 hours have gone by, users should go to the upload page. If they have been accepted then the documents will appear as Accepted, otherwise as Duplicated: Declined.

Reviewing materials other students uploaded

Those who are not certain about sharing their content with others, they can use another method to clarify either a blurred answer or document. Those who read content uploaded by others and rate them, they can obtain a prize, and eventually access to numerous restricted contents.

Making Quizzes

Another method of accessing valuable hidden materials, solutions and answers is making quizzes. But there are some things to be done first. Users must have first opened three blurred documents, which can be done using other methods, like reviewing materials of other people or sharing their documents.

Before creating the quiz, users should understand Course Hero’s regulations and follow them. The best part is that as more people respond to the quiz, the more unlocks quiz makers get.

Using the inspect element in Google Chrome wisely

Those who are looking for quite an easy way to unblur the material present on Course Hero, they can do so by using the inspect element option in Google Chrome. 

The first step is to access the inspect element. Users when using the browser should go to the site of Course Hero and open their desired document. Afterwards, they should right click the file, select the inspect option and go to the resources tab. When there, they should open the doc-asset file in a new browser tab.

In the next step, changing the URL address of the new page is necessary. For that they should go to the end of the URL address and remove the -html-bg.

The last step is the unblurring one. Once the address is amended, pressing enter makes half the document visible. To make it completely visible, they must go to the URL address and look for split-0 and change it to split-1. Pressing enter then makes the whole document visible.

Utilizing referrals

Another way of unblurring answers, text and other key information on Course Hero is users encouraging their friends and family to sign up on it. Each user receives USD$ 25 for each sign up made on it. How does Course Hero identify the user’s friend? They all have unique referral links and codes. This very link can be used by users to ask their family and friends to sign up on it. 

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