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6 best Pregnancy Pillows in 2020

Where the time of pregnancy is the most beautiful moment for all the mothers. On the other hand, sleep becomes the most difficult thing to get. During the start of the second trimester, you are not even allowed to sleep on back, and finding the best sleeping position becomes a challenge. To make your sleep better, a variety of pregnancy pillows are available in the market.

They improve blood circulation as well as relieve body pain for better sleep. They come in different shapes and sizes. There are U, J, and C shaped pillows, wedge, full length, and the inflatable ones also.

Each pillow has its own Health benefits.  Here, I will discuss in brief about each of these based on what are their main functions or purposes and how to use it.


U – Shaped Pillow



The U-shaped pregnancy body pillow is the one, which is recommended the most. It provides the best support to belly and head as well as provide great comfort to the back. So, it let you get good sleep throughout your pregnancy. Moreover, it can also be used for multiple purposes like watching and reading. Invert the pillow, the curve is now at the top. Place your head on it and wrap your leg around it in your comfortable position.


C – Shaped Pillow

6 best Pregnancy Pillows in 2020 1

The C-shaped pregnancy pillow is also the best option in providing support. As it gives the perfect balance between the neck, head, belly, back, knees, hips, and legs. It can also be used for watching, reading, working on a laptop and it works best even during nursing too. It also helps in relieving the back pain due to pregnancy.  Before sleep, place your head on the top, position your back into the curve, and both knees on the lower hook.


J – Shaped Pillow

6 best Pregnancy Pillows in 2020 2

Full body J-shaped pillow is good for supporting ever-sensitive baby bumps in a protective manner. It also greatly reduces the aches and pains of the head, neck, and back. Invert the J pillow, place your head on the hook, and your legs on the lower part. You can also use it in J position while placing your head on the pillow of your choice. Moreover, other than pregnancy, it is also ideal for side sleepers and provides support to the body from head to toe.


Full-Length Pillow

6 best Pregnancy Pillows in 2020 3

This type of pillow comes in two designs, flexible and firm full-length pillow. They are called as full length because it covers the entire body as it is long. Thus, relieving pressure from the back and legs. The best part of this kind is, it offers you a variety of sleeping positions. It fits the natural contours of the body. It can also be used for multi-purposes, like reading, watching, playing games etc. But it doesn’t provide you back support while sleeping.


Wedge Pillows

6 best Pregnancy Pillows in 2020 4

Wedge pillows are smaller and portable ones. They only target specific areas of the body to provide support rather than the entire body like others. The pillow consists of a raised and a lower area. The position of the pillow can be used alternatively depending on comfort level while using. It can be placed under your belly, behind your back or between your knees to feel more relaxing and comfortable while sleeping.  Proper belly support helps in reducing swelling in hands, legs, and feet. It helps in relieving back numbness and nerve pain too.


Inflatable Pillow

6 best Pregnancy Pillows in 2020 5

During the third trimester, there is a lot of pressure on the belly and back. So, during this time, it is the best pregnancy pillow for your body. The worst part during this time is, body pain makes more difficult to find a comfortable position. It has a built-in space, where you can place your bump, allowing you to sleep face down in total peace. Some inflatable pillows also come with the option, to adjust the size of the hole to fit your belly.


The information given above reflects the functions of different types of pregnancy pillows. While purchasing the pillow, you should also pay attention to the size according to your area, material, and firmness. The pillow shouldn’t be too soft and not too firm.

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