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Benefits Of Shea Butter For Skin And Hair

Benefits Of Shea Butter

Have you ever purchased skincare products, especially moisturizers with shea butter? Have you ever wondered why do brands focus so much on the ingredient shea butter? Well, the reason for this is that this is a highly great product for healing the skin. The East African Shea butter is also known as the Shea Nilotica is a rare kind of natural shea butter and it comes from Africa’s eastern region.

What Is The Texture Of The Eastern Shea Butter?

It’s not like the western shea butter. The western one is often hard, way, and raw whereas the East African Shea Butter is quite soft and creamy and easy to spread on the skin. The soft and glide-on texture of the shea butter allows it to be applied to the skin easily and heal it. It is great for skins that are extremely dry and damaged.

So, would you like to know what are some great things that can happen to your skin if you start using East African Shea Butter? Here we go!

Makes Your Skin Moisture Rich

The East African Benefits Of Shea Butter is recommended for people with dry, extremely dry, and sensitive skin. The reason for this is that it is filled with moisture and is very hydrating for the skin. It is not only hydrating but also very non-greasy at the same time which means you can apply it on oily skin too without having to fear extra oil production. Oily skin also needs hydration because sometimes we wash it off strong cleansers which makes it dry. For this, you can apply shea butter.

Rich in Vitamins and Is Anti-inflammatory

Shea butter is filled with vitamins A, E, F, and K. Apart from this it also has anti-inflammatory properties which make it a super good skin product. It can repair all the swollen and red parts on your face and body that are formed as a sign of inflammation.

If you can’t buy raw shea butter, then you can use skin care products that include organic east African shea butter. One such product is Shea Butter by Hair Energy, an organic skin and hair care brand which makes products out of 100% natural ingredients. They import shea butter from a direct dealer in Uganda and this product has been performing quite well on the market. It is not only organic but also unrefined which makes it even more effective than the products that use refined shea butter.

Other brands offer products made from shea butter and can be a good option if you want to pay more or less. However, the quality of every product cannot be promisingly good. If you want to invest in your skin, make sure you invest in good products.

Brings A Natural Shine To Your Skin

Shea butter is a product that not only heals and rejuvenates your skin but also makes it glow and look younger. It brings a natural shine to your skin and the shin remains there over time. It also heals your skin from sunburn and other problems. So, if there is a truly great moisturizer, that would be the one with shea butter in it.

Keep A Pack Of Tissues With the You

In this sweaty weather, you must always keep a pack of tissues with you to help you wipe off your sweat. They also come in handy if you spill something on your dress or want to clean your hands.

A Sunscreen Is A Lifesaver!

The summer sun is hot and dangerous for the skin. This is why you just always carry sunscreen with you. And don’t forget to apply sunscreen every morning even if you’re at home because it protects you from the days of the sun which can also penetrate the windows of your house.

This is why it is very important for you to wear sunscreen all the time in both summers and winters and whether you are in the sun or inside.

Keep A Moisturizer or a Soothing Balm

The extreme heat can be very disturbing sometimes especially to your skin. People with sensitive skin often get rashes and burns due to the extreme heat. For this purpose, you should always carry a soothing balm or a moisturizer to treat rashes. You should also apply a moisturizer every day whether it’s summer or winter because it keeps your skin hydrated. The moisture bomb by Hair Energy is a great water-based moisturizer made from 100% natural ingredients which not only keep your skin hydrated but also adds a glow to it.

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