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How Effective is Fast Metabolism Diet in 2021

Fast Metabolism Diet plays a vigorous role in the weight loss journey. For long-term weight loss, it is essential to sustain the metabolism strong and functional. Internet is full of diet plans, supplements, high-intensity workouts, and guides on losing weight. A healthy diet plan is always needed whether you’re doing high-intense weight loss workouts or making use of dietary supplements for burning calories.

Fast Metabolism Diet

About the Author

The Fast Metabolism Diet plan is an effective dieting method presented by ‘Haylie Pomroy’, for losing stubborn body fat without following a high-intensity workout and consuming supplements. Haylie Pomroy calls herself ‘the metabolism whisperer’. She has worked on nutrition plans and weight loss activities with a number of TV celebrities as well. 

According to the author, this routine can assist to lose 20 pounds of weight in just 28 days by eating three conservative meals followed by two snacks in a day. In her book, Haylie Pomroy stated that low nutrition food and anxiety are objects for disturbed metabolism. She suggested that diet goals can be adept only by continuous rotations of meals per week.

The Fast Metabolism Diet

The Fast Metabolism Diet is a methodology for losing pounds realistically by sticking to a simple diet plan and skipping needless food. It includes three phases that can be followed three weeks or more.

  • Phase 1: This dual-phase comprises two days (Monday and Tuesday). You’ll have to use Carbs and fruits on these two days.
  • Phase 2: This dual-phase also comprises two days (Wednesday and Thursday). You’ll have to use Veggies and Proteins on these two days.
  • Phase 3: This phase comprises three days (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday). You’ll have to use healthy Fats, Veggies, Proteins, Carbs, and Fruits on these three days.

Phase 1 Diet Chart

Early Morning 4 overnight soaked almonds
1 cup green tea with honey
Breakfast 1 cup cornflakes with low-fat milk and fruits (avoid banana in this phase)


1 slice of multigrain bread toast, 1 boiled egg/scrambled tofu, 1 cup fat-free milk

Pre-Lunch 1 whole seasonal fruit or 1 glass of unstrained fruit juice
Lunch Vegetable wrap or cheese sandwich


Fruit and vegetable salad

Evening Snack Green tea and 1 multigrain biscuit
Dinner 1 medium-sized fillet of grilled fish with veggies


1 small soup bowl of lentil soup with grilled veggies and 1 slice of multigrain bread

Bed Time 1 glass unstrained kiwi and black grape juice


Phase 2 Diet Chart

Early Morning 4 overnight soaked almonds

1 cup warm water with half a lime and honey

Breakfast 2 scrambled egg whites and 1 glass of unstrained orange juice or 1 whole seasonal fruit


1 glass vegetable smoothie with 1 tablespoon soaked chia seeds

Scrambled tofu or cottage cheese with vegetables

Pre-Lunch 1 glass of lemonade
Lunch Vegetable clear soup and 1 toasted multigrain bread.


Tuna sandwich (use multigrain bread)

Evening Snack 1 cup baby carrots
Dinner Grilled lean-cut lamb satay


Baked mushroom with veggies

Bed Time 1 glass fat-free warm milk


Phase 3 Diet Chart

Early Morning 4 overnight soaked almonds

1 cup of green tea with lemon

Breakfast 1 glass avocado and kale smoothie
Pre-Lunch 2 almonds and 2 cashew nuts
Lunch Barbecue chicken salad


Spinach, tomato, and feta salad

Evening Snack Apple
Dinner Asian-style veggie kebab


Grilled mackerel with yogurt dip

Bed Time 1 cup of soy milk


Benefits of The Fast Metabolism Diet:


  • The ingredients can be easily acquired from the market.
  • The fast metabolism diet recipes can be prepared without the need for expertise.


  • Does not require age restriction. It can be followed by any age group.
  • No serious side effects have been reported so far.
  • All the ingredients suggested are natural.
  • The diet plan enhances the metabolism and also improves the immune system of the body.

Drawbacks of The Fast Metabolism Diet:

  • The Fast Metabolism Diet Plan restricts the user to have certain food at a particular time and day that can be problematic. 
  • The Fast Metabolism Diet is suitable for those who are willing to lose pounds in a short time by following high-intensity workouts and skipping the food they love.
  • Weight loss goal can be acquired through controlling calorie intake rather than eating certain food at a certain time.
  • One may feel weak due to restricted food intake.
  • It might take more than 28 days for results.
  • No scientifically proven record.

A word from Author

The fast metabolism diet plan is an effective procedure for losing pounds in less time. The diet plan comprises healthy meals that do not require expertise to be followed. This diet plan is suitable for all age groups and should be followed as prescribed. 

To enhance the procedure, follow fast metabolism diet plan with gym sessions. Doing so will bring results frequently. Try to do light exercise/workout, if you feel weak at any part of the plan. For optimal results, it is recommended that the diet plan should be followed as prescribed. 

As an addition to the plan, you can also use dietary supplements like Phen375 Malaysia that is safe and comprises natural ingredients for procuring results in no time.

Always seek medical advice from your healthcare provider or nutritionist before undergoing any physical change. 

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