6 Simple Ways to Enhance Security of Your Home

No matter where you live, there is always the risk of a break-in or other kind of property damage taking place in your house. It is essential that you take efforts to keep your family secure at all times. This includes taking steps to discourage potential thieves or lurkers from entering your home and causing problems. In order to safeguard the security of your loved ones, you need follow a number of fundamental precautionary measures.

#1. The notion of a hidden key

6 Simple Ways to Enhance Security of Your Home 2

It is true that the notion of a hidden key is intriguing in principle, but it is impossible to implement in practice. Therefore, you and your family members may be less likely to get locked out of your home, allowing you to save both the time and money that would otherwise be required to regain access to your home. However, although this has its benefits, it also has the disadvantage of providing thieves with an open invitation to enter your home with relative ease, regardless of how smart you believe your hiding location to be in terms of concealment.

When compared to regular door locks, smart door locks provide a more secure option since they open your door using a code and keypad rather than a physical key, making them a more secure solution than traditional door locks, which are less safe. You can access your door from your smartphone or tablet computer if your smart lock is compatible with an app, which is available for many models.

#2. Installation of external security cameras

Installation of Security Cameras

The installation of external security cameras on the outside of your home is one of the most effective methods to secure your family and your belongings when it comes to guarding your home. When selecting a target house or business to burglarize, installing outside cameras was shown to be the most effective deterrent by the results of a recent research involving more than 400 robbery offenders now serving prison sentences, according to the findings of the study.

If exterior cameras are installed, it is probable that they will not only aid in the prevention of crime but will also give crucial evidence to law enforcement authorities in the event of a criminal inquiry.

#3. Porch light

Posh Light Security


Enhancing the overall safety and security of your house by upgrading the outside lights on your property is also a straightforward procedure. A strategically placed floodlight may be an effective deterrent to many would-be burglars who might otherwise target your property due to the fact that robbers prefer to work in the dark.

Additionally, despite the fact that they are commonly accessible at home improvement stores and on the internet, they are fairly priced. A simple porch light upgrade to an advanced outdoor lighting system may be advantageous in some instances when it comes to outdoor illumination.

#4. Doorbell Cameras

Doorbell security cameras

In the last several days, there has been speculation that news video of crooks stealing goods from people’s front doors has been shown. Most of these films are the product of doorbell cameras, which record everyone who comes to your front door and send the footage to you for review as soon as it is taken so that you may review it instantly. In most cases, you may rely on them to aid you in identifying who is entering and departing your property, as well as in preventing parcel theft from occurring in the first place.

#5. Alarms

Security Alarms

As reported by the FBI, over half of all burglaries take place via a first-floor door or a first-floor window on the first level of a property. It’s easy to forget to lock your doors and windows when getting ready for bed or doing errands around the home, even when you’re in a rush or distracted with something else. This is especially true if you’re in a hurry or preoccupied with anything else during the nighttime hours. Alarms for doors and windows are quite useful in these types of circumstances, and they should be fitted at all times to provide maximum protection.

When a door or window is opened while the system is in operation, it is common for alarms to sound; this kind of warning may be heard in both commercial and residential home security systems, depending on how the system has been configured. Another powerful deterrent in a variety of settings is the fact that thieves are typically scared of drawing attention to themselves when they are in a public place.

#6. Hiding spots

Security hiding spots

As a result of the fact that criminals will be able to get closer to your property if there are hiding spots in the surrounding community, they will find it much easier to approach and enter your home if you live in. If you live in a neighborhood that has hiding spots, you should consider moving.

For homeowners who are concerned about an intruder lurking in the bushes or on their property, erecting a perimeter fence around their home or on their land is one of the most effective and least time-consuming security measures they can put in place. If you are designing your yard, bear in mind that large shrubs and trees near windows and entranceways should be avoided at all costs in order to prevent causing harm to the structure.

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