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Digital Marketing Strategy Framework

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The so-called digital marketing strategy framework is a practical activity that is driven by technology + data and uses digital communication channels to promote products and services, so as to communicate with consumers in a timely, relevant, customized, and cost-saving manner. However, there are still many traditional companies that do not know where to start digital marketing. 

If a company is always focusing on how to help customers achieve self-worth while setting their own digital marketing framework business goals, they can find new growth breakthroughs in this period of fierce competition. A complete digital marketing framework is composed of four parts i.e. planning, information access, relationship maintenance, data analysis, and optimization.

Make a plan for Digital Marketing Strategy Framework

At the beginning, companies must make a detailed assessment of their own situation and external market conditions, what channels do we have, what is our level of digitalization, who are our customers, and what needs they have. What are the current digital marketing trends and well knew for content marketing, what are the new technologies, what are our competitors doing, etc? After thinking about these, we can formulate detailed plans and appraised marketing goals so that we can often self-employed in the subsequent implementation process.

Information reach

In order to establish contact with potential and existing customers and deliver the company’s information to them more abundantly and efficiently, companies have to build digital information transmission channels. These channels may be their own or they may be cooperating with third-party channels.

You can enhance your online reach as well as an online appearance with the help of a Wikipedia page. If you make a Wikipedia page, you not only boost your online recognition, but it also helps you boost your sales and leads as well as adds credibility to your business or brand. 

Maintain relationships

After the digital information reaches the customer, it is necessary to create, establish and maintain a continuous state of interaction around the target customer through various business methods, and establish a deeper relationship with the customer. So that the customer can continue to obtain economic benefits, emotional value, and social value. Fully satisfied and able to actively participate in the establishment of the relationship, so that marketing from the dissemination of information to strategic in-depth management, the original closed corporate internal activities evolved into a new model of collaboration between customers and enterprises to create value. 

If you neglect to build relationships with customers, hard-to-win customers will not be able to withstand the invasion of competitors’ low-price competition strategies and quickly drain away. Of course, companies should also establish indicators from the perspective of cost-benefit to measure the return on maintaining relationships with customers, and form a benign interaction between continuous investment and continuous return.

Data analysis and optimization

Doing digital marketing not only uses data but also generates data. Therefore, a clear data usage plan and a rigorous process are needed to analyze the data and judge the effectiveness of digital marketing to ensure that continuous improvement is based on specific findings of consumers’ actual behavior, rather than speculation. Data analysis brings the company back to the starting point of defining target customers, allowing companies to more transparently understand the psychological and behavioral characteristics of their customers, and then continuously optimize their own marketing framework strategies based on the results of data analysis, formulate new goals, and improve marketing through precision marketing. 

These four parts are closely related and interlinked and are indispensable for companies to formulate their own digital marketing strategic plans. However, in the process of implementing digital marketing, companies can focus on their own needs.

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