Best Practices For Self Improvement: 8 Simple and Quick Hacks

Is there anyone who does not like self improvement or personal growth? It is highly doubtful. People are seen to invest in their personal development in any way possible. It is good news because there are several benefits of self-improvement.

For instance, higher self-awareness, a better sense of purpose in life, better focus and attention, Furthermore, there is higher motivation, more resilience, deeper connection with people, and more self-confidence. 

Self Improvement

On the other hand, the lack of self improvement has serious disadvantages for people. The repercussions include decreased productivity, lowered personal confidence, decreased mental, physical, and emotional health.

To improve emotional health, one can take part in 5` for anger and frustration. It is because mindfulness meditation and anger management are a perfect combination. Hence, it is critical to pay attention to this kind of development. 


The bright side in this context is that there are simple and quick hacks that can become part of the daily routine of any individual. 


Do Daily Reading

Books are one of the great sources to acquire wisdom. It means that the more one reads books, the more exposure, and knowledge they get on the topic. If somebody likes to read on multiple subjects, it is a great scenario. For beginners, it is advised that they start with one book per month and then build up to one book per week. Benefits of reading include: 


  • Stimulation for the mind
  • Reduction in stress
  • Expansion of vocabulary
  • Improvement in memory
  • Betterment in attention span


Learn a Second Language

Acquiring a new language can be both tough and exciting. It is an activity that has numerous pros for the individual for instance, 


  • Increased problem-solving ability
  • Enhanced verbal skills
  • More friendships
  • Better creative thinking
  • Enhanced mental flexibility


Pick Different Hobbies

The important point is to choose activities that are not related to one’s preferred interests. For example, it can be cooking, painting, coding, and web designing. It is helpful to note that hobbies encourage an individual to grow physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Invest in New Learning

Investing in new learning means growing one’s skillset. It can be in any personal or professional area e.g. public speaking, emotional intelligence, computer skills, and content writing. So, what skill do you want to upgrade?

Learn to Deal with Internal Fears

Overcoming fears is imperative or else one feels stagnant in life. Living with fear has many disadvantages such as

  • Reduced efficiency of the immune system
  • Increased risk of eating disorders
  • More social isolation
  • Increased digestive issues
  • Frequent negative thinking


Get Up Early in The Morning

It is about getting disciplined for stable mental and physical health. Of course, it results in self-improvement. Other benefits for early risers are better cognitive functioning, deep sleep at night, more time for breakfast. Furthermore one can have more time for breakfast, stability of mood, reduction in stress, more focus, and productivity.

Jot Down a Letter for the Future 

What are your future goals? Where do you see yourself personally and professionally?


One should write down a letter to their future self and mark a date on their calendar to open it after later years. You can write anything encouraging for yourself or goals to achieve at that time.


Another way to do this is by writing an email to your future self and scheduling it. The email will be received on the set date. Hence, it will prove to be a motivating reminder for self-improvement.

Step Out of the Comfort Zone

In reality, real growth comes from constantly stepping out of one’s comfort zones. So, one should identify their areas of improvement or weak points. It is better to write them on paper. Writing them on paper creates a personal contract and builds accountability. 


Numerous people have taken online meditation classes to transform their life and be fully present in each moment. Learning and practicing meditation consistently enables individuals to improve their concentration and focus on the task at hand. Be it cooking, work, or communication, everything becomes easier to achieve. Once meditation releases the negative energy, people are able to work more productively while having their goals in mind. 

When positive energy is directed towards goals, it becomes easier to achieve them. This in turn boosts confidence and unlocks real happiness. As a result, the virtual meditation classes have turned out to be quite effective in building peoples’ self-confidence.


Final Remarks

For a permanent improvement in the self-improvement area, one should have curiosity and the required intention for change or else nothing will work. Everyone has a responsibility to invest in personal growth. A motivating point is that there are multiple online and offline resources available for any person. Any decision for self-improvement should be made today with an intention of consistent practice. Self-improvement also involves working on one’s emotions e.g. anger. So, one can learn any anger management online techniques. Moreover, there is an option of practicing meditation techniques for anger.

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