Is Last Oasis Any Good? First Impression

Is Last Oasis Any Good? First Impression 1

Last Oasis is an MMO Survival Game currently out in Early Access on Steam. It is developed by a Polish company by the name of ‘Donkey Crew’. This is their first and only title and was established based on this IP.

Last Oasis Game takes place at a point where the Earth faces a cataclysmic event and the Earth’s rotation stops. Because of this, the planet was split into two extremely deadly environments. Only a narrow band between the extreme cold and hot environments can support life, and humans must migrate to survive.

To keep moving, what is left of the human race have become nomadic and built machines called walkers and a city called the Flotilla.

If you’re a crafter, a merchant trader, or a bloodthirsty thief this game has a little bit for everyone. All servers are divided into what are called Hex’s and each Hex has its unique layout. From trees, mountains, water sources, and dunes each hex will provide you a different experience.

Furthermore, Hex’s are divided into 3 versions. The first being the starting Hex’s where each Nomad or Player will begin their story, and then the other two being Medium difficult and Hard difficulty. Each difficulty provides new and improved resources you can gather to craft and monsters called Rupu and even harder monsters such as oversized Crabs and Sand Worms.

With the resources you collect, you will be able to build things such as weapons and armors, water supplies, crafting stations, bases, and walkers. These will be the tools for you to survive in the harsh desert landscape of Last Oasis. As mentioned, not only can you be a crafter, but you can also be a merchant. Each of the medium and hard difficulty hex’s will have a trading station.

In the trading station, you will find many of the resources you can find out in the world that you can either buy or sell for in-game currency. Some hex’s will have items to sell cheaper in one place, but more expensive in the other. This is all based on a supply and demand of a specific hex. So, you traders out there get your merchant walker called the toboggan and get to trading!

GamePlay Last Oasis

Last Oasis Gameplay
Last Oasis Gameplay

You start with a pretty basic setup, you’ve got nothing, you’re surrounded by a bunch of resources, and then you just kind of go around picking up rocks, wood plants, and beating things with a stick.

You then Gather resources, craft weapons, gear, and try to survive the elements. Build walkers to travel a fairly large landscape. Level up a character and then fight other people because it’s an open world full PVP full loot survival MMO.

The game has some impressive running postures. Once we went through a lot of the basic stuff like how to make some rudimentary weapons and build a fire and stuff like that, we then moved on to begin the construction of our first Walker.

The game has pretty large land masses like a hundred column squared or something like that but there are these pretty big areas that you can go around and get resources and fight enemies and build stuff and then you can move from one to the next. Essentially all the servers are interconnected side-by-side.

Last Oasis PvP

Last Oasis PVP
Last Oasis PVP

Lastly, there is the PvP in Last Oasis.

This can range from small group combat, large-scale combat, and if you are in the mood to stealing stuff, also pirating.

Last Oasis is a full loot PvP game which means if you die, you lose everything that is on your body unless you can come back and pick it up in time. Usually, a player will be knocked out and have a timer before they can get up again, but if they receive one more blow while knocked down, they will die.

Not to mention, your walkers, chests, crafting stations, and bases all have HP, which means other players if they have the right tools, can break into those and steal what is there.

Now, throughout the early access launch, the game has been plagued by a few issues that have occurred, not to mention some aspects that some people feel they have been lied to about.

Why Would You Play Solo? (Last Oasis)

Is Last Oasis Any Good? First Impression 2

The first major one that I see constantly is solo players feeling that they were lied to about the game. They feel that it is not solo-friendly at all. While I can understand some of those complaints, I do think that some people run into a bump in the game and just say “this game isn’t solo-friendly”.

Overall, I do think the game is solo-able, however, it is not easy. Many things are working against solo and small group players, ones that I have run into myself, but I do think it is possible but difficult.

As a solo player, you will need to play much safer than someone in a larger guild. Simply because you are relying only on yourself. For example, if you want to create a base, you need to make sure it is completely hidden and not out in the open or there is a high chance it is going to get broken into.

Last Oasis PvP is much more difficult because there are large groups, so people need to learn tactics such as guerilla warfare to make sure they are getting the upper hand. The one thing I think Last Oasis does well at is the combat simply because you as 1 player can take out quite a few people if you know how the combat works.

I have been in multiple situations where I have fought more than one player at a time and come out victorious, that said I have also been in situations where I and my group of 3 had to fight 20 – 30 people and lost.

That all said, Donkey Crew has mentioned this complaint to the player base and does have plans to help alleviate some of the stress solo players feel, such as a new update coming out that is creating another walker for solo players that will protect them while they are driving.

Massive Connection and Crashing Issues

Another major issue that occurred during its early access launch was a massive connection and crashing issues. Last Oasis took a big hit to its potential high population simply due to the fact that their servers were not able to handle the player base that initially wanted to play the game.

This ended up causing them to shut down the game for a week, and they hired a larger staff to fix the issues. This has mostly been fixed now, but this did leave a bad taste in a lot of new players’ mouths.


Is Last Oasis Any Good? First Impression 3

The last major issue that I want to bring up is the hackers’ issue. Recently there has been an increase in hackers appearing on Last Oasis. Now, first and foremost, as many of us know all online games has hackers, there is no such thing as an online game that does not have hackers.

While I am not saying that we should ignore this, I am saying that this is something that everyone needs to understand.

The other issue which is compounding it, is forums are turning into an echo chamber where players think everyone is a hacker when something happens that they don’t understand, which is causing some people to quit the game.

Donkey Crew has addressed the situation recently, and they have already banned hundreds of accounts while continuing to improve their anti-cheat software. Furthermore, they are taking a very harsh stance, which I think is great, that if a cheater is found in a clan not only will they ban that player, but they will also wipe the entire clans’ progression.

With this type of measure in place, not only will it prevent clans from gaining the benefit of cheaters but it will also force them to police their clan and get rid of them quickly before the said player gets banned.

All in all, I have to give Donkey Crew some credit, every major issue that has come up, they have or are working on addressing. They want their game to survive and it shows with the work they are trying to do.

Last Oasis is an Early Access game which means it is already starting at a disadvantage as many players either have a bad taste in their mouth for EA games or they don’t understand what a real Early Access game means.

Content Last Oasis Game

Is Last Oasis Any Good? First Impression 4

Another issue that they are facing is that not all of the content that they have planned is in the game, which is causing some issues such as larger clans picking on smaller groups because they don’t have much else to do besides more territory claiming, or not all the crafting plans are in the game, or even all the resources are in the game.

There are many hurdles that Last Oasis is going to need to get over before it becomes smooth sailing for them, but I will say as a player myself, I am quite impressed with their communication, their desire to make the game fully functional, and their desire to make a survival game that all players enjoy.

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A Word From The Author

At the end of the day, I think Last Oasis is worth a try for those players who are interested in these types of games as it has much to do already, and I think if Donkey Crew continues to try and do what they are doing they have a chance to make an amazing Survival Last Oasis MMO.

I hope you guys enjoyed this review of Last Oasis, if you feel I left something out, or want to provide your own opinion, let me know in the comments below!

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