Sea of Thieves, a multiplayer first-person action game, blends action and adventure genres in an unorthodox way. It was developed by ‘Rare Limited’ also known as ‘Rare Ware’ and published by ‘Xbox Game Studios’. In the sequel, a player is found completing quests and fighting rivals to become the significant pirate of all time.

Sea of Thieves is an online multiplayer game where players play as a pirate and encounter other pirates, either as a rival or sometimes as an alliance. The concept behind the development of this game was to provide an open-world platform where players across the globe can compete with one another and rejoice in their gaming experience.

The game displays the vivid variants of films like ‘Pirates of the Caribbean‘ and ‘The Goonies’. Initially, the game was designed and released for ‘Windows’ and ‘Xbox’. After it was released, the game was harshly criticized in the gaming community. However, after certain modifications, the game became prevalent amongst the trans community.

The game ‘Sea of Thieves’ is currently available on ‘Xbox’, ‘Xbox Game Pass’, ‘Steam’, and ‘Widows’.

Sea of Thieves – Gameplay

Creating Your Avatar

Players may choose from a massive range of pre-built characters to start the story-driven tall tale journey as a pirate on the ship. All the characters in the Sea of Thieves are customizable. Players can amuse their crewmen and/or rivals with their dressing context by paying a little gold in the store, to buy a wardrobe for the avatar.

Choosing the Ship

After you’re finished picking out your character, so-called an in-game task, the next move is to pick a ship that will allow you to sail in the endless imagine action.

  • A party of 4 players can either pick ‘A Galleon’ that is capable of holding four pirates simultaneously.
  • A party of three pirates (or Triad) will choose “A brigantine” that has the capacity to hold three (3) pirates.
  • Whereas, solo or duo players can go for ‘A sloop’ that holds one or two crew. It is different from larger ships that can be used in multiple ways.

Vessels Customization

In Sea of Thieves, not only the pirates are customizable but also their vessels. Players can get unique new ideas and purchases for upgrading their ships like changing the sail, flags, cannons, anchors, and much more.

Setting-Up Crew

In order to set-up a team or crew, players can either ask mates to join as a ‘clan alliance’ or can use a pre-built matchmaking system to locate other teams and players.

Tutorial for Newbies

Newbie players are required to first learn the game before entering the match arena.

Exploring the Regions

The Sea of Thieves consists of four (04) distinct regions that the teams will explore during the gameplay. These includes:

  1. The Shores of Plenty
  2. The Wilds
  3. The Ancient Isles and
  4. The Devils Roar

Trading Companies

Players may have to deal with various trading firms to win cash in the game. Each trading firm has a distinctive identification. Plays can complete tasks allocated to earn gold by the authorization of certain entities that can be later used for in-shop purchases.

  • The Gold Hoarders – send players looking for lost gold.
  • The Order of Souls – will appoint players to unlock/discover the secrets lying beneath the skulls of the legendary captains.
  • The Mechanical Alliance – will appoint players to shuttle animals across the ocean waters.
  • The Hunters Call – refers to fishing and stuff.
  • The Sea Dog – is a flamboyant party that revels in the glory of rivalry.
  • The Reapers Bones – loves war and bloodshed.
  • Athena’s Fortune – a legendary group of pirates united under the legendary pirates’ leadership.

Gold and prestige can be won as a result of completing quests for these trading firms. Once the tasks and quests assigned by trading companies are completed, players will move one step closer in unlocking difficulty modes, more challenges, and islands to reach the fabled status of pirates.

The Pirate Emporium

The Pirate Emporium is a central epicenter for players where they can buy and/or trade items using ‘Ancient Coins’, a currency that can be acquired using real money. Players can browse for precious pets, modern antiques, and premium ships with ancient coins.

Ancient Skeletons

During the gameplay, players can encounter random characters like ancient skeletons holding a bag of Ancient coins on their backs that can be hunted to earn ancient gold/coins for the team/crew.


Once the players have earned sufficient levels, they can also join trading companies, as an emissary, where new quests will be provided to complete and defend the sea from enemy threats/attacks.


This Sea of Thieves mode is intended for players who prefer story-mode gameplay where new quests, fearless enemy lords, and the most dangerous places are faced and the secrets of pirate lords are revealed.

On the map, Tall Tale adventures are highlighted or can be discovered in the ‘Reputation’ tab. In order to begin the adventure, players can find the next scenario and also which character to talk to, for starting a new story.

The auto-save advancement option is another good thing about the tall-tale adventure. Without the fear of losing progress, players can resume their game exactly from the last time they left off.

Player-Versus-Player Mode

The ’Arena’ is the right place for you to be if you’re a real-time challenger.

In this mode, players compete in an open environment with other online players, fighting ships against each other and earning silver for every damage they do to other crew ships.

In this mode, players can evaluate their cannons, blades, learn strategy, and tactics.

Ferry of the Damned

Players are sent to ‘Ferry of the Damned’ once they are slain, where the player can converse with the other dearly departed players and can change their armaments before their crew member respawns them and retrieves them to the battle zone.

Pleasing Gameplay

The ‘Sea of Thieves’ game is not just about fighting, finishing quests, revealing pirate lords’ secrets, and upgrading levels.

It’s more than just that…

Players can go fishing and can also earn gold for every fish they catch by selling them to the trading merchants. Plus, players can also master their cooking abilities when not in a mood to battle.


In order to properly function, the Sea of Thieves requires the following system specifications:

Minimum System Requirements

CPU Intel Q9450 @ 2.6GHz or AMD Phenom II X6 @ 3.3 GHz
GPU Nvidia GeForce GTX 650 or AMD Radeon 7750
Direct X Version 11
Operating System Windows 10 (64-bit)
Storage 50 GB available space


Recommended System Requirements

CPU Intel i5 4690 @ 3.5GHz or AMD FX-8150 @ 3.6 GHz
GPU Nvidia GeForce GTX 770 or AMD Radeon R9 380x
Direct X Version 11
Operating System Windows 10 (64-bit)
Storage 50 GB available space

A word from the Author

The Sea of Thieves is changing with regular updates, new live campaigns, and regular events. Each player’s journey will be different that will players master their skills and become a ‘LEGENDARY PIRATE’.

In the entire sequel, players will encounter other players and characters in a shared world pirate adventure environment in search of fortune and glory. Players are expected to compete with their rivals using cannonballs to sink their vessels. If the ship is hit, players are required to repair it instantly before it sinks, using planks. If the player dies in combat, he is likely to send into a ghost ship known as the ‘Ferry of the Damned’ till respawn. A new mode called ‘Arena’ is familiarized, where teams of four strive contrary to each other in small maps, the objective of which is to gather silver.

If you’re a lover of movies like ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ and ‘The Goonies’ then ‘Sea of Thieves’ is a game for you…

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