The new PS5 controller and the PS4 controller have major visual differences. In terms of controller design, PlayStation hasn’t changed much over the last two generations of systems.

Sony’s DualSense PS5 controller has revolutionized the gaming experience. This controller immerses gamers in gaming in unprecedented ways, thanks to haptic feedback and customizable triggers.

Here’s all you need to know about the incredible PS5 controller…

Take a look at the image below to see how sleek and distinctive the new DualSense PS5 controller is. The transition to a white controller is the most apparent alteration. For the most part, all of the buttons are in the same position, but the overall controller is smoother.

In terms of feel and handling, the new design is quite similar to, if not slightly better than, a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller.

PS5 controller

Haptic Feedback for immersive gaming Experience

Tactile feedback is included with the redesigned PlayStation 5 controller. That means you’ll be able to distinguish between driving in mud and driving on a smooth road. Gamers can sense the subtle differences amongst varied terrain with tactile feedback, necessary for a much more interactive experience.

Adjustable Triggers

Customizable triggers are included on the new DualSense PS5 controller’s L2 and R2 keys. By drawing an arrowhead, PlayStation highlighted the effect of adjustable triggers. For most games that require the usage of arrows, there is not much contrast between shooting an arrow and pressing the L2/R2 buttons for something.

One may experience the distinctive force of drawing an arrow using the adaptable triggers on the PS5 controller, which helps you feel more immersed in the game.

Create Button

The introduction of the Share button to the DualShock 4 controller pleased a handful of players. The Share button has indeed been superseded by a Create button in the newest incarnation, the DualSense.

Motion Sensors

Motion detectors were emphasized in during PS5 live session, and footage of the innovative DualSense PS5 controller being jostled was being shown. This will be intriguing to see if PlayStation can replicate the Switch’s fairly close motion controls.

Long-Lasting Battery

A rechargeable battery is included in the PlayStation DualSense 5 gamepad. Although it’s great that we didn’t have to buy batteries that often, failing to recharge your gamepad on a constant schedule might well be annoying. The DualSense’s battery capacity varies based on how demanding a game is. It could take anything from three to eight hours to finish.

Light Weight

Regardless of the fact that the larger battery doubles the controller’s mass, Sony has made every attempt to maintain it as lightweight as feasible. The DualSense controller weights approximately nine ounces, which really is roughly the same as that of the current Xbox Series X controller.

The PS5 DualSense controller is somewhat bulkier than the present PS4 controller, but this is not a huge difference. The PS5 gamepad is a little bigger than the PS4 gamepad.

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Built-in-Microphone and Speaker

The PS5 controller does have a microphone and speaker built-in.

Astro’s Playroom is a pre-installed PlayStation 5 game. The game is an excellent way of learning well about DualSense and its potential. If you have the possibility, we advise playing regularly first with your new PS5.

Can you use a PS5 controller with the PS4 or PC?

Regrettably, the PS5 controller is not compatible with the PS4. If you’re playing PS4 games on your PS5, you can certainly use the DualSense. For the time being, you can only utilize DualShock controllers with the PS4. On the other side, the PS5 controller may be utilized with your gaming PC.

Can you use a DualShock 4 controller with the PS5?

Yes, however, DualShock 4 controllers can only be used while playing PS4 games on the PS5. If you want to play a PS5 game on the PS5, you’ll need to use the new DualSense controllers.

When mixing PS4 and PS5 components, don’t expect total functionality. Despite the fact that they’re both Sony platforms, they’re still different systems with mainly autonomous aspects.

What is a SCUF controller?

To maximize hand use and reduce unnecessary delay, SCUF controllers are designed with ergonomics, comfort, and safety in mind. The paddle control technology and trigger control mechanism eliminates needless and uncomfortable hand movement.

Do scuffs work with PS5?

According to parent company Corsair, a SCUF PS5 controller is in the pipeline. While SCUF’s PS4 controllers function on Sony’s PS5 while playing PS4 games, they will not operate on Sony’s next-gen system when playing PS5 games.


Given the hit-or-miss nature of PS5 launch titles, it’s impossible to predict if the DualSense’s unique features will catch on in the long run. However, there is reason to be optimistic. Although Astro’s Playroom makes a compelling case for the DualSense, one-off features in games like 2K21 and Fortnite show that the controller may be helpful in moderation.

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