The Most Effective Pokémon GO Hacks

In Japanese, Pokémon is an abbreviation for ‘Pocket Monster.’ Because of its captivating storyline, Pokémon swiftly rose to become one of the most popular video game franchises among adolescents.

All throughout the animated sequel, players known as ‘Pokémon Trainers’ will be seen exploring new areas, encountering other Poké trainers, discovering and catching new Pokémons.

Each Pokémon possesses a set of specific talents that distinguishes it from the others. Pokémon Trainers capture and train them so that they can compete against other Pokémons.

Pokémon GO Hacks

Pokémon GO Hacks

Developed by Niantic in conjunction with Nintendo and The Pokémon Company, Pokémon GO is a mobile phonic game that can be played on both Android and iOS smartphones and tablets.

Like other popular games, Pokémon GO players are discovering new ways to cheat and hack the app.

NOTE: Niantic is continually on the watch for those who are attempting to cheat in Pokémon GO, according to the company. The majority of these methods result in a seven-day ban from Pokémon GO.

The majority of them involve capturing Pokémon without having to move or even be on the same continent.

  1. To capture a Pokémon, draw a circle around your Poké Ball and throw it at it. This provides a curveball boost for XP.
  2. A green circle will appear around the target Pokémon while held. Swipe when the circle is smaller for a higher chance of capturing. A “good” or “great” throw will earn you additional XP!
  3. Each person begins by lighting two incense sticks, which is the customary procedure. More wild Pokémon will appear in your immediate vicinity during the first 30 minutes following the use of one, aiding you in filling out your Pokédex and leveling up your character.
  4. A shadow shows an uncaptured Pokémon, while paw prints show how close it is. Three pawprints indicate distance, whereas one indicates proximity.
  5. You may touch on your Pokémon and trade them to Professor Willow for one candy. It’s better to do this with the low-level Pokémon you already have.
  6. Combat power (CP) measures a Pokémon’s strength. But CP-rich Pokémon are hard to catch. Your Poké Ball may be swatted away or shaken back out.
  7. If you offer Pokémon Razz Berries, they will be much easy to catch, and higher-level Poké Balls will not aid them in their escape attempts.

Is there a way to cheat Pokémon Go?

Without a doubt, absolutely.

You may cheat in Pokémon Go, but if you are found, you will be banned from the game for seven days. Spoofing is one of the most effective ways.

By spoofing your GPS location, the gamers are able to enter other zones while remaining in their current location. It is an unlawful method of cheating in the game, and if you are spotted, you will be banned from the game permanently. Niantic keeps track of users that attempt to hack the game by employing such methods.

Is it Possible to Hack Pokémon Go on Android Phone?

If you have an Android device, you may download the ‘FAKE GPS’ application from the Google PlayStore.

  • Enable Developer Options.
  • To do this navigate: Settings > About Phone > Tap 7 times on the build number until it shows the pop-up (you’re now a developer).
  • Open developer options > Mock location app > FAKE GPS.

How to Hack Pokémon Go on iOS

This may only function with iOS builds 9.3.3 and 10 after a jailbreak, however it may cause compatibility issues for certain users who are using older versions of iOS. Users of iOS devices can jailbreak their smartphones in order to spoof their GPS position.

Spoofing Pokémon Go

Spoof your location and open the app. By spoofing your location, you can enter into a different location from where you are now located. This can assist you in discovering new areas as well as locating and capturing new Pokémon.

Make sure that you only spoof if you are fully aware of the consequences.

Why is spoofing not permitted?

Spoofing is a method of deceiving an application by displaying a location that is completely different from the genuine one. This enables users to locate additional regions while remaining in the same position as they were previously. Entering a different area opens the door to discovering new Pokémons, capturing them, and training them to compete against other players. If you are found spoofing, you might face a permanent suspension.

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