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Juno webmail is among the biggest networks on the internet for helping people obtain free webmail and internet access. Created by the Juno Group (a subsidiary of United Online), the company is headquartered in New Jersey.

Juno email is a unique webmail service and has been in existence since 1996. Since then, it has earned a reputation as one of the best email service providers. Users can send and receive 35KB messages through webmail which was a large amount of data back then. By 1998, it had established itself as a premium service provider thanks to its rising customer base.

Yet, It is sad to see that webmail.juno has vanished from the arena of leading webmail service firms after numerous years of service. Because of the launch of newer browsers and webmail services, Juno faced a massive drop in customers, and lost a lot of users due to its incompatibility with modern technology.

Free Juno webmail

Despite the odds, do people still want to use Juno webmail?

Numerous users still desire to use Juno webmail service for a lot of reasons. Consequently, the Juno email service progressed from a simple webmail service to a modern one with modern features. Juno webmail’s premium version includes approximately 1 GB of storage space along with other additional features.

The features of Juno Webmail

Those who have a very good and secure internet connection are in luck. Why? Because they will be able to send and receive emails through Juno anywhere, anytime. Juno email also allows users to go mobile and check their inbox using the Juno email app, whether they use an iOS device or an Android one.

A key feature of Juno is that no user will ever miss their email. It is saved in the central cloud system Juno has. Also services offered by have more features which place it among the best. Here are some of its key features:

  • It has a built-in feature, where users can browse webmail.juno both online and offline.
  • Users can also utilize a spam filter.
  • Options for sorting and uninstallation are available.
  • More protection capabilities have undergone improvements.
  • Email writing is easy thanks to improved graphics and color schemes.
  • Spell checking and Rich text editing features are available.

In what ways can users forward mail from Juno to Gmail?

For numerous users, it can be time-consuming for users to check numerous emails during the working day.  Users can forward emails from Juno to Gmail, provided the latter is their favorite email app.

They can do it in two ways. First, users can forward individual emails manually. Second, they can set an automatic forward mode for all emails. is interesting as it gives users the option of keeping backups of emails that people forward to Gmail in their Juno inbox.

Sending or forwarding individual Juno emails to Gmail

Here are some steps to do it:

  • Users should navigate to the message center after logging into their webmail.Juno account.
  • They should click on forward on the message they wish to send to Gmail.
  • In the to field, they must type the gmail email address where they wish to send it.
  • In the email’s body, they can type whatever text they wish to type.
  • To forward the mail/post, they should click on forward.

How to automatically forward incoming Juno emails to Gmail?

Here are the steps to do it seamlessly:

  • Navigate to the message center after logging into the
  • Selecting General from the Options menu.
  • Inside the Mail Forwarding line, users should turn on the forward all my new email.
  • Those who wish to keep backups of forwarded emails in their Juno inbox, they can choose Save all forwarded messages in my account.
  • If they don’t want the copies then they can click on Delete all forwarded messages to my account.
  • Then they should click on save after entering the Gmail address where they want the Juno messages to be forwarded and saved.

Singing in and logging into Juno email made easy

Here are some steps to do so:

  • Users should go to the official site of Juno webmail (
  • Then they should tap on ‘Create new account’ which will take them to a new Juno new email address for free.
  • When they click on get started, this is where they need to fill out their personal and related information.

Logging into is simple. All users have to do is enter their email and passwords in the needed areas at, and access it with ease.

Access Juno webmail in Android devices

Using Juno on Android devices does indeed add to the convenience factor of using it, without the need of using a browser. They can use webmail.juno easily by following the steps below:

  • Users must go to settings.
  • Then they should reach accounts and backup pages.
  • They should choose accounts from the drop down menu.
  • Then they should add an account and then choose POP3 from the subsequent drop down menu.
  • Typing the Juno email address and then pressing next helps users go to the email login tab.
  • Users can hence log in using the Juno member ID/Email and password.

How can users delete their Juno account?

Users can delete their Juno account in two ways. They can delete their account from a certain computer if they wish to keep using their account but do not need it on that computer.

Here are some steps towards deleting the webmail.Juno account from a certain computer system:

  • Accessing Juno after checking if the account has any remote access available.
  • Click on delete account when the Welcome screen appears.
  • Picking the account users wish to uninstall by clicking either the name or the email address on the delete account page.
  • Selecting only this computer from the incoming drop down menu.
  • Then, click on OK to complete the process.

Here are some steps to permanently delete the Juno account:

  • After checking any available remote access to the email, users must access Juno and click on delete account when the welcome screen appears.
  • Click the account they wish to remove by clicking on the name/email address on the delete account page.
  • Then they should type in the password.
  • They should then click on central computers and the computer they wish to remove it from.
  • Afterwards, they must click on the OK button.


There was a time that was one of the finest email service providers in the United States. Today, despite the competition, Juno is still providing services but is being pegged back by competitors. Yet, the company is doing its best to go ahead of them.

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