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Effective ways of collect customer feedback and using customer feedback

Whenever people think about ways to collect customer feedback, it is easy to be overwhelmed by a truck load of possibilities, because there a lot of positive good customer service reviews examples and Apple store customer service. With a lot of ways to connect with the feedback, it is hard to determine the starting point.

Yet, one thing is certainly clear, taking a proactive approach for collecting customer feedback ensures no one strays off far from the needs of both the community and the audience. Even if those needs evolve, feedback is the thing that binds it together.

Feedback is a powerful guide that gives top management teams insights that paint the real path forward for each part of an organization, ranging from product to user experience and customer support. 

It is quite important in terms of customer satisfaction as customer feedback should never be taken for granted. It is however true that each firm strives to provide service quality a typical Apple store customer service provides. Though they may not exactly provide that, the service quality they provide improves quite well.

Let us now have a look at effective ways of collecting customer feedback.

Understanding customer feedback and its importance

Customer feedback is the information, issues, input and insights shared by the community about their experiences with the company or the products/services it offers or both. Such feedback is able to guide improvements of the customer experience and can help empower constructive change in businesses. Both positive and negative customer feedback provide the needed impact.

Why should businesses collect customer feedback? Because it helps serve as a guiding resource for the company’s growth. Each company obviously wants to know whether or not it is doing it either right or wrong, as positive good customer service reviews are helpful.

collect feedback

Within both the positive and negative, a lot of great things can be found that make it easier to adjust and adapt to the customer experience in time. Hence, customer feedback is a way to keep both the community and audience at the focal point of everything done.

Effective ways of taking customer feedback

Here are some tried, tested and effective ways of gaining customer feedback:

Automated emails

A worthwhile way to collect customer feedback, automated feedback emails based on user activity is helpful. According to James Simpson of GoldFire Studios, if a customer is unhappy, the company sends an email, and asks them what can be done to improve. They even ask them why they stopped using that product.

If a customer is quite engaged, the company emails them asking what they are enjoying the most and if they have suggestions for more improvements then such customer feedback is collected.  Moreover, GoldFire Studios claims to receive a higher than usual response rate from such groups. The company often re-converts users that were previously dissatisfied.

Using a unique method to collect customer feedback, the company has gathered it from such emails. It has driven a considerable amount of development efforts over these years.

Analysis of sentiments

Commonly referred to as sentiment analysis, what it does is basically reads a room digitally, to understand enthusiasm, frustrations or ambivalence customers can be experiencing. 

Other than using multiple-choice questions, sentiment analysis of customer feedback helps organizations obtain more insights into customer experience. This helps make a deeper understanding of the brand relationship they are making.

Applying sentiment analysis to open response questions in a survey, social media posts and chats with customer support helps the search for common elements. They are either based on customer priorities or other keywords.

Hence, companies must use their research findings to find areas of customer experience which are either exceeding expectations or are not doing so.

Properly using personal outreach      

Out there, a lot of firms exist that allow founders to add personalized videos and images in emails going to customers, in a matter of seconds, as a way to collect customer feedback. According to Jared Polities from LaunchTeam, the customization his firm provided uses a customization overlay to add a personal touch with customers. It has proven to be of great help with customer retention.

It opens a dialogue and helps the firm understand what the customers like and dislike, and that too in an instant.

It should be understood the company is not incentivizing them with a gimmick but is instead making a personal connection with the customer. This helps them turn into a brand ambassador.

How can such an approach be scaled? The company can allow their customer service team to manage all follow ups. THey can do it by sending customers a personalized video from a company executive.

This helps companies avoid unnecessary answers coming with surveys. This also helps cultivate positive good customer service reviews examples too.

Using reward points

Each firm uses reward points to ask customers to give them reviews on certain products and services. Each time a feedback is needed or a company strives to collect customer feedback, the firm offers reward points to its customers. Those points are helpful as they are converted into free products, shipping fees or any item they wish to redeem.

Daisy Jinh of Banish acne care states that using the aforementioned approach, her business has been quite proactive in asking for feedback. They even encourage their customers to give them honest and helpful suggestions for them to not just earn more points but also to utilize the rewards. 


Using insights provided by customer support teams

Each firm must always be in touch with their customer support team, regardless of whether or not they match the standards of Apple store customer service. Jonathan Steiman from Peak Support reveals that his customer service outsourcing company has seen clients ignore their customer support teams. 

These teams are valuable resources. Companies must work with them to create weekly reports. They help analyze commonly asked questions, biggest complaints, factors driving negative customer satisfaction scores and the like. 

Moreover, marketing teams must have lunch with them periodically and ask what they’ve been hearing from customers lately. The customer service teams are front line troopers who know customers better than anyone else. 

Hence firms must make chances to hear from customers in the best possible manner. This can improve service quality more than what the Apple store customer service team can provide.

Using employee engagement tools

Nowadays, business analytics and other related tools help in collecting information and processing it in real time as well. Any organization can use numerous employee engagement platforms and apps (which employees can download) and hence fill them as well.

According to Syed Balkhi from WPBeginner, it is possible for companies to add this data companies have collected and compiled into a screen as a visual representation of facts, in an instant. Business intelligence and artificial intelligence help enable businesses to collect information and process it quickly too.

Companies will get the needed reports, projections and trends quicker and will make worthwhile decisions supported by accurate data and information. Will this lead to positive good customer service reviews examples? yes it would, definitely.

Surveys that are like conversations in essence

When surveys are made without considering users in mind, they won’t be able to do much in telling about the target audience and what they are looking for, let alone trying to match Apple store customer service.

Conversational surveys come in handy here. Apart from being positive good customer service reviews examples, they work well with users and are presentable because they are beyond a questionnaire in nature, they are more like conversations. 

In these surveys, the next question comes in only after users answered the previous one. Questions aren;’t uniform, they differ based on previous replies which are hence more effective.


The service level an Apple store customer service team provides is definitely top-notch but it isn’t the exact ideal benchmark. The methods mentioned previously can help in collecting customer feedback and improve service quality based on improved footings and new methods.

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