Top 10 Web Hosting and Server Providers In Germany

Germany is famous for its cars, archeological sites and football but did you know that Germany also has a thriving IT industry. Even though the industry is growing steadily every year, its revenue will surpass 102 billion euros in 2021 and it is expected to reach 108.6 billion by 2022.


Want a small chunk of that huge pie? Want to start an online business in Germany or already have one and are looking for the best web hosting and gaming server providers in Germany? If yes, then you are at the right place. In this article, you will learn about the best web hosting and server providers in Germany.

Top 10 Web Hosting and Server Provider In Germany

Here are top ten web hosting and server providers in Germany


Whether you are looking for the best dedicated server Germany, dependable web hosting or trustworthy IT solution provider then look no further than HOSTNOC. They handpick some of the best hardware for their servers. As a result, their server delivers top of the line performance on a consistent basis. 


Apart from unrivaled performance, you will also be able to run your favorite operating systems and applications on your server as HOSTNOC lets you choose between Windows and Linux based servers. Their pocket friendly pricing plans and packages will surely bring a smile on your face. Additionally, they also let you create custom packages if none of the predefined packages meets your specific business needs.


With 99.99% SLA backed uptime guarantee, you will never experience downtimes with HOSTNOC web hosting service. Combine that with round the clock customer support, frequent data backups and security and performance monitoring and you will get the peace of mind you need. 


If security and environment friendliness is your top priority then you can not go wrong with Strato. Strato data centers are ISO 27001 certified and use state of the art security systems to keep your data protected. With more than two decades of experience behind their back, you can rely on them to deliver exceptional results and they won’t let you down. The lack of live support option for customer support is a big let down but they more than make up for it with active social media presence. If you can look past their limited payment options, they are definitely worth checking out.


Hetzner has made a name for itself locally and globally thanks to its reliance on reliable technology and flexible support. It has a wide product and service portfolio so you can get web hosting, dedicated server Germany, cloud and managed solutions all in one place. Best of all, they offer SSL certificates for free irrespective which pricing plan you choose. You also get a wide range of payment options and plans to choose from.


HostEurope won the first prize for servers and customer service and second prize for best cloud hosting in 2020. This is the testiment to the quality of IT services they are offering. To win the trust of customers, they are also offering a 14 day money back guarantee so new customers can sign up without any hesitation. The best thing about HostEurope is that you get all the features irrespective which package you choose. 


If you have a website which is attracting tons of traffic every day then there is no better option than Contabo. Their servers and web hosting solutions are tailor made to handle heavy loads, which makes it an ideal choice for large, popular and established businesses. They also offer free domain registration facility, some of the best iptime and customer service as well. The lack of online chat options is a major letdown.


Alfahosting might not be the most user friendly hosting provider and lags behind the competitors when it comes to chat support but it more than makes up for it with its features. Users can get free SSL certificates, DDoS protection as well as four free domains and unlimited bandwidth. All this gives them a competitive advantage over other web hosting and server providers in Germany.

Timme Hosting

If you want the best response times without paying the premium, look no further than Timme Hosting. It uses blazing fast solid state drives for their servers to deliver high read and write speeds which increases the overall responsiveness and reduces the load times. They also offer ecommerce server provider in Germany as well. Timme hosting offerings are targeted towards professionals so might not be the best choice for beginners, who are just starting out.


What really makes ProfiHosting special is lightning fast loading times. In addition to this, they also offer data backup after every five days. Even if you get stuck somewhere, their extensive tutorials, knowledge base and frequently asked question section can help you out. You also get a free SSL certificate and domain registration.  Sadly, they do not offer any type of uptime guarantee and only give users one managed hosting plan to choose from.


If you are a small business who is on a shoestring budget and reluctant to buy expensive hosting plans then ESTUGO hosting is an ideal choice for you. It even offers a 30 day demo host so you can host your website with them for a month to see whether they are actually worth it or not. You will get access to all the features even in their demo hosting plan. Their customer support leaves much to be desired as there is no live chat feature and the customer support hours are also limited. If all that does not matter to you, you can definitely check out ESTUGO hosting.


If customization options and security are your top priorities, then MyLoc should also be on your radar. With ISO 27001 certified data centers and stringent data protection measures in place, your data is in safe hands. You can customize everything according to your business needs with MyLoc from package to operating system, hardware to software. They are so intent on customization that they don’t have a pre-built plan. It also has live chat support and also offer 24/7 customer support.


Which web hosting and server provider would you choose and why? Let us know in the comments section below.

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