10 Best VPS Server Providers In Greenland

Greenland is famous for its geological wonders and glaciers but also has a budding tech industry too. With slow and steady growth in the tech sector, more and more businesses are leveraging technology to increase their efficiency. This is why the demand for IT service providers is increasing and we are seeing an influx of new IT service providers best VPS in Greenland entering the market.


With dozens of options to choose from, choosing the right vps greenland for your business can become quite confusing. So, which ones should you spend your money on and which ones to avoid? That is exactly what we will look at in this article.


In this article, you will learn about ten best VPS server providers in Greenland.

Top 10 VPS Servers In Greenland 

Here is a list of ten best VPS in Greenland that will give you the best bang for your buck.


Want to enjoy the performance of a dedicated server without paying the premium price for it? HOSTNOC makes your dream come true with their VPS server. By choosing the best hardware for their VPS server and combining it with 99.99% SLA backed uptime guarantee, HOSTNOC vps greenland can deliver unrivaled performance on a consistent basis.


Users can even choose their desired platform as HOSTNOC offers both options. You can either opt for Windows based VPS server or go for Linux based version of it. Not only that, the affordable pricing plans along with features such as round the clock customer support and frequent data backup and simple restore makes it stand out from the rest of its competitors.


If speed and responsiveness is your top priority, Hostinger should be your first choice. Their solid state drive powered VPS server delivers blazing fast read and write speed and fast responsiveness for your website. Coupled with exceptional customer support and choice of payment options offer trust to new customers which persuade them to sign up for their service.


The lack of SSL certificate along with limited payment gateway options and the steep learning curve can put off some users but if you can look past these shortcomings, Hostinger offers the best performance at a pocket friendly price.


If you can compromise with below par customer support then IONOS could be the option you should look at. The affordable pricing plans along with great performance more than makes up for its shortcoming in customer support department. Moreover, the unique customer billing options might appeal to businesses who don’t want to get themselves into vendor lock ins. The lack of free website transfer, free trials and limited freebies could also sway away some prospective buyers.


When you compare SectorLink with other cheap vps in greenland on this list, you will notice that their packages are more expensive. The lack of an SSL certificate adds insult to injury. On the positive note, SectorLink offers a 15 day free trial period which differentiates it from other VPS providers in Greenland. This means that users can first test their service before signing up for their VPS server. Just like HOSTNOC, they also give you the choice of operating system. You either choose a Windows VPS or a Linux VPS server.

Green Host

If you are a responsible business owner who cares about the planet and carbon emission then Green Host deserves your attention. Their eco-friendly servers are designed to minimize carbon footprint.  Automatic data backup and SSH accessibility even for shared offerings along with extensive catalog of developer friendly tools makes it a great choice for business who wants more control and customization. Sadly, their pricing plans are not diverse and won’t cater to your needs if you have a large website. The steep learning curve can also make it tough for beginners to settle in and get used to the user interface.


Evoxt combines all the goodness into a single package. From enterprise grade security to high performance, easy to use interface to good customer support, you will be hard pressed to find issues with this VPS service provider. The only minor gripe we have about Evo Xt is that despite having a money back guarantee, the refunds are hard to get due to stringent terms and conditions. Make sure you read their terms and conditions carefully before buying their VPS servers. Users can also get access to advanced features and the free data backup facility is cherry on top.


If you are looking for a managed VPS server then there is no better choice than CloudHost. Their high performance VPS servers can not only deliver amazing performance but can do so on a consistent basis thanks to 99.9% uptime guarantee. What really makes CloudHost stand out from the rest of its competitors is its live chat support as it is offered by professional developers instead of customer support representatives. Toss in security and privacy features and automatic backups and it becomes a good experience.


Another VPS server provider that does not try to trap you in vendor lock ins is MilesWeb. By offering monthly billing options, it gives you the freedom to switch VPS providers whenever you want. Thanks to their extensive network of servers spread across Asia, Europe and North America, you can get the best responsiveness irrespective of where your website visitor accesses the site from. The customer support is good too. The only drawback is that you will have to contact support to unlock many features, which can be cumbersome for users.


If you are looking for a service provider with decades of experience under their belt, Navicosoft should be on top of your list. Their vast experience might force you to set high expectations and they really do not disappoint. 


One area where Navicsoft doesn’t compromise on the service quality and is confident enough to offer its users a 30 day money back guarantee. The wide variety of packages to choose from makes it easier for users to select a package which is tailored to their needs.


What really makes PawnHost special is the freedom it provides to its users. With little to no restrictions on features, you can easily take full advantage of your VPS servers. The root accessibility and the level of control and customization offered by Pawn Host is hard to beat. The 99.9% uptime guarantee along with weekly data backups makes their case stronger. Sadly, the mediocre customer support and higher price tags spoils an overall great package.


Which is your favorite VPS server provider in Greenland and why? Let us know in the comments section below.

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