What causes the [pii_email_29bf3bcc51475659a023] error and how can it be fixed?

[pii_email_29bf3bcc51475659a023] Error

Communication helps people be connected to the world in various ways. In fact, it is the driving force behind much of the success of the online world. Every human being today benefits a lot from communication, especially in terms of being connected to the world outside their homes and social circles.

In terms of keeping records of both the private and business aspects of life, emails have proven to be quite handy. Among the most popular email platforms for personal aspects are Gmail, Yahoo and Proton mail whereas for businesses, Zoho, Asana, MailChimp and Microsoft Outlook are quite popular.

Microsoft Outlook is commonly used in many households and corporate setups. It is beyond email, it helps schedule and manage them, along with monitoring appointments and meetings plus a wide array of additional features making it a desired email application across most circles.

However, like most email platforms, Microsoft Outlook is prone to certain kinds of errors. They can arise despite saving usernames and passwords. Among the most common of errors is the [pii_email_29bf3bcc51475659a023]. To resolve this error, it is important for each user to have all of their data saved and at hand so it can be used safely and quickly.

Why does the [pii_email_29bf3bcc51475659a023] error come up in Microsoft Outlook?

Microsoft Outlook users have often wondered how to fix [pii_email_29bf3bcc51475659a023] when it comes up, as this is one of the main reasons it does not work properly. If users are receiving this error in Outlook, it is most likely due to either of the factors listed below:

  • Users logged onto Microsoft Outlook on numerous devices without signing out on either or all of them.
  • Users could encounter this error if they have not removed the cache images, files and cookies of websites they visited.
  • If the Microsoft Outlook application on their device was not installed correctly (i.e. had some errors during installation, some files being corrupted or botched installation), then this error can take place.
  • If users forgot to update their Microsoft Outlook version for quite some time, then this error can occur.
  • Apart from the app’s version, there is a possibility that users forgot to update their Outlook web browser.

As worrisome as this error sounds, there is nothing for Outlook users to worry about. When there is a will, there is a way and there are ways to resolve the [pii_email_29bf3bcc51475659a023] error.

In what ways can the [pii_email_29bf3bcc51475659a023] error in Microsoft Outlook be fixed?

If users are having issues in sending or receiving emails (or both) in Microsoft Outlook, and are continuously seeing the error message, experts in the information technology industry have put forth a couple of ways to help fix [pii_email_29bf3bcc51475659a023] error in easy ways:

Updating Microsoft Outlook

When users are using an outdated version of any software (or app), some of its features and functionalities not only become less effective but also end up malfunctioning and in some cases, become non existent.

There is a possibility that the version of Outlook in use by affected users may not be up to date. Now is a good time to update it if they have not done so lately. 

First, they should open Outlook and sign in with their Microsoft (Hotmail) email account to begin with. From the top menu bar, they should click on ‘File.’ Later, another window comes where they should click the ‘Office Account’ tab present in the left pane of the current window.

Then the outlook account will show users their complete account details. Then they should click on the option titled ‘Update Now’ which is present in the section titled ‘Update Options.’ Consequently, Outlook will start installing all the needed updates.

When all the updates have been installed successfully, they should restart their computer to see whether the [pii_email_29bf3bcc51475659a023] has been resolved or not.

Clearing the email cache of Outlook

Using the Microsoft Outlook account error on many devices without cleaning out its cache and cookies often leads to the [pii_email_29bf3bcc51475659a023] error. Here are some steps users should follow when it comes to clearing the email cache in Microsoft Outlook:

  • Users should open Outlook and sign in with their Microsoft account to begin with.
  • Then at the top menu bar, they should choose the ‘File’ tab.
  • Afterwards, they should click on the button ‘options’ present in the left panel of the screen.
  • Then they should click on the tab ‘Mail.’
  • Then users should scroll down to the tab ‘Send Messages’ and from its menu, they should select ‘Empty auto-complete list.’
  • For deleting the cache and its related content, users must click on the ‘OK’ button in the Outlook email application. Afterwards, they should check to see if the error has been fixed or not.

[pii_email_29bf3bcc51475659a023] error

Reinstalling Microsoft Outlook

If users are still having problems with their Outlook email client, they can reinstall it (as it is among the easiest steps present). First, they should uninstall the Microsoft Outlook application. Afterwards, they should reinstall it. 

To uninstall outlook, Users must first access the ‘Start’ menu by right-clicking on it. Then from the drop-down menu, they should choose on Settings. Then they should proceed to the ‘Apps’ section of the Settings area, then they should select the ‘apps and features’ section.

From this list, the Microsoft Outlook application should be located and selected. Then users after selecting it should click on Uninstall, present on the drop-down menu. They should then confirm it again to delete the application.

After Outlook has been removed, the device should be restarted. Then users should go to the Microsoft Store on their phones and download the Outlook app again. They should hence log-in to it and start using it with ease.

Removal of third-party applications and software

It is also a possibility that other third-party apps installed can be creating compatibility problems, as numerous users have experienced this at least once. Consequently, all third-party email apps on the Microsoft device need to be removed.

Afterwards, users should open Microsoft Outlook to see if the issue has been fixed. In case complications persist, they can always reach out to Microsoft customer support for Outlook related issues.


Numerous problems in Microsoft Outlook are often caused by either faults or difficulties during its installation. Users must first find the most elementary and workable solutions to issues that can be solved individually. Those steps can be performed by anyone easily without much effort.

Moreover, Microsoft has some of the best customer support services available. Users can either call them or hire expert help if the problem persists. Not only will such help fix all issues but also improve the functionality and usability of Outlook.

At times, even the best sales books have steps for fixing outlook as it is one of the most used email applications in the world of business.

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