Facebook Hack! Your Facebook page was “Liked” by Hackers

Lockdown Fever: Report Facebook Hack know!

The COVID-19 pandemic affected billions of people worldwide. The only solution U.N. could offer the world was “Self-Isolation” enforced through countrywide lockdowns. The Lockdown gave many people time and opportunity to dabble with new hobbies. Some wholesome and constructive while others….not so constructive.

In a study conducted by NORD-VPN while looking into the search habits of people on google during the lockdown, they noticed an alarming number of google searches by people were related to the subject of “Hacking”. NORD-VPN started investigating what exactly people were trying to hack. They learned that google got an average of 170,000 queries a month on hacking worldwide. Topping the list of things people wanted to hack was “Facebook app”.

facebook hack

Facebook-jacking is big business

 “But what do facebook hack get from a page full of my comments and silly pictures?”

Facebook’s seemingly harmless constitution hides a plethora of data in the background all derived insidiously from watching your every move on the internet and logging your every keystroke while browsing online. 

Social media sites stay free by trading information about YOU. You are the product and the information you generate is worth a lot of money to the right buyers. On the Dark web, your social media account is worth $75 apiece, but what is inside your account is worth a lot more for criminal enterprises. 

The Facebook account of any individual is frequently linked to many other social media sites that are either part of the Facebook network or third party vendor sites. All these sites may even use a master login for ease of access to users. Criminal enterprises sift through all your linked sites and logged information to get to your most personal data. It could be compromising information they can use to blackmail you or the Banking details that can be used to financially ruin you. Your precious data can even be used for espionage and terrorism…..yes like the movies!

Keep Hackers at bay

You may not be able to stop hackers from doing what they do best but you can definitely make their job harder by taking these precautions :


  • Don’t EVER save Passwords on public networked devices. Browsers usually ask people if they want to save their login information on the system for future ease of access. Never say yes to it. These Public devices are essentially a free buffet of login data for hackers.


  • Remember to logout of systems that you don’t own or control. If you are browsing your Facebook on a device that does not belong to you always remember to log off after use. If you walk into a shop you do remember to walk out….don’t you?
  • Use a two-step verification option for login authentication. Two-step authentication gives you an added layer of protection against hackers if they made it through the first layer.
  • Always wipe your browser history clean after a session. Make this rule your sacred scripture. Trust me, It will save you in more ways than one.
  • Invest in a good anti-malware software. Hackers don’t need to physically access the device you use for Facebook, they can simply install malware that allows them access into your device remotely. Anti-Malware is designed to take care of that malicious sc



There is no shame in screaming for help!

What can you do in the event of a Facebook hack? The Facebook hack help has outlined a series of guidelines for their users in case their profile is compromised. If your profile gets hacked follow these steps:


  • Enter your e-mail and password on the Facebook website. Once logged in open the “Account” menu and select “Help Center.”


  • Select “Security” in the “popular topics” section
  • Select “I think my Account is Compromised” from the menu.
  • Depending on your situation, select one of two security questions and click “Secure it here”
  • Complete the security steps which include changing your username and password. 
  • Once the security steps are completed, a notification of your report will be sent to developers on Facebook.



The Golden Age of Hacking

“The only truly secure system is one that is powered off…..” 

(Gene Spafford, Perdue University)


No matter how many precautions you take, as long as Facebook or any application in general runs on the internet, it will get hacked. There is no perfect solution to the Facebook hacking epidemic unless can access your account to confirm your identity facebook hack without the internet….good luck with that!

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