9 Top Global Online Marketplaces for Brand Expansion

In any marketing effort, it is impossible to overestimate the importance of exposure and brand recognition in terms of the overall success and effectiveness. Markets may be beneficial in terms of growing your client base by connecting you with people from a number of different backgrounds and perspectives.

As a consequence of the pre-designed interface, selling on online marketplaces may be more effective than developing your own e-commerce website. After you’ve been approved as a third-party vendor on an online marketplace, listing your products is simple. It’s vital to note that although it may seem wonderful, a lack of a strong market presence may prevent you from gaining that specific consumer in the first place.

How to determine which online marketplaces to sell your products on

The following are some characteristics of online marketplaces that you may find helpful when trying to limit down your choices:

  • Products. According to the seller’s preferences, certain marketplace sellers may specialize in a more restricted variety of items than others, or they may not allow the selling of products in specific categories (like medical devices). By doing market research on each of your possible markets, you can determine whether or not your product will be successful there.
  • Fees. Selling costs and commission arrangements are only a few of the difficulties you’ll face as a real estate investor. There are many more as well. Take into consideration shipping charges (if they have not already been included), as well as any chargeback or refund fees that may be paid throughout the process of completing the transaction.
  • The consumer’s geographical location is important. For maximum sales efficiency, it is recommended that you sell mainly in the United States via an established online marketplace, such as Amazon or eBay, where clients in the United States are already acquainted with the product. Customers in Asian markets may be more responsive to Alibaba or Tmall than they are to Amazon or Ebay if you are selling to them via these platforms.
  • Competition. A marketplace will put you in competition with hundreds, if not thousands, of other vendors, which should give you an advantage over those who do not list their items on one of these platforms.

9 Top Global Online Marketplaces

Nine of the major online retailers, some of which you may be familiar with, will be featured in this article.

1. Amazon

Online Marketplaces - Amazon

According to Consumer Reports, Amazon’s extensive shipping and fulfillment capabilities, as well as the constancy of their purchasing experience, have earned the company the reputation of being the industry’s most trustworthy online marketplace. The Forbes magazine reports that in terms of traffic, Amazon is the world’s second most popular search engine, behind only Google in terms of popularity. As a result, it is the second-largest retailer in the world, following only Walmart in terms of sales volume.

Selling on Amazon provides you with the opportunity to establish next-level brand recognition, which is one of the most essential advantages of doing so. It is also one of the most crucial advantages to consider when selling on Amazon. As a consequence of Amazon’s success, a large number of successful firms have sprung up, many of which have gone on to achieve success in a variety of different industries as a result of the company’s success. If you begin selling your things on Amazon and continue to sell on Amazon over time, you will have the chance to build a sales funnel of prospective customers who will eventually make a purchase on your own website.

2. eBay

Online Marketplaces - eBay

As an added bonus, the company’s activities include a wide range of other services in addition to offering a platform for clients to buy and sell used things over the internet. There is a far wider range of activities available via the company’s operations than only its online auctions, which are the company’s best-known feature. While the overwhelming majority of items available for purchase on eBay are brand new and have never been used before being listed for sale on the Internet, the vast majority of them do not meet this requirement, despite the fact that the overwhelming majority of items available for purchase on eBay meet this requirement.

Because eBay sellers may expose their items to millions of active buyers who are all browsing from the same catalog, they have a far greater chance of reaching a much bigger number of purchasers than they would otherwise have. The enhanced brand exposure that your firm receives in foreign markets as a result of your organization’s use of eBay’s online marketplaces may prove to be financially advantageous in the long term.

The fact that shoppers do not have to visit your physical store in order to purchase your items is one of the many benefits of utilizing it, as shown by its status as the second most popular marketplace in the United States.

3. Walmart

Online Marketplaces - Walmart

Walmart claims to be the third most visited online store in the United States, based on business figures. When it comes to third-party suppliers, the fact that Walmart now permits them to sell their items on its marketplace in more than thirty-five different product categories is a considerable advance over what was previously the case. Furthermore, in order to market their items on the Walmart Marketplace, merchants do not need to be citizens of the United States in order to participate.

Walmart’s six eCommerce distribution facilities have the capacity to meet or exceed customers’ expectations of two-day delivery time constraints for online orders due to the availability of pickup and ship from store options for online purchases made in-store, as well as the ability to meet or exceed customers’ expectations of two-day delivery time constraints for online orders due to the availability of pickup and ship from store options for online purchases made in-store.

4. Rakuten

Online Marketplaces - Rakuten

However, despite the fact that the business has established regional markets in a number nations, including Japan, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Germany, the corporation is frequently referred to as “the Amazon of Japan” due to the popularity of its items.

Merchants who want to sell their products on Rakuten must first submit an application, which is then evaluated and authorized by the Rakuten Marketplace team before they can begin selling their goods. It is possible that providing customers with the flexibility to modify the look and feel of their online stores may increase the likelihood that they will become more attracted to your company’s brand if you give them with the choice to do so.

5. Best Buy

Online Marketplaces - Best Buy

A second option that you may want to consider is using Best Buy as a marketing platform to showcase your products and services to potential consumers and clients. In turn, this will increase the number of individuals who see your items, and as a result, the number of purchases will grow as well.

A common assumption is that in order to sell on Amazon, you must be a well-known brand. This is not always true. This is completely incorrect. No matter what kind of business you own or manage, you may be able to earn a livelihood as an Amazon seller, regardless of the industry in which you work. In certain cases, depending on the size of your company, you may be permitted to sell your products via the Amazon online shopping platform.

A study conducted by IDC found that Best Buy ranked second (after Amazon) on a list of consumer electronics retailers with the highest number of sales in North America, following only Apple and Best Buy in terms of sales volume.

6. Etsy

Online Marketplaces - Etsy

The shop is especially well-suited to the needs of the arts and crafts community, since it focuses a major emphasis on handmade products as well as antiques and collector’s items. Among other things, it sells vintage and retro apparel and accessories, as well as vintage and retro furniture and other vintage and retro objects.

It makes a lot of sense to use Etsy to promote your handmade products if you’re selling handmade goods, and the process is rather straightforward to put into action even if you’re just starting started (create an account and start listing). Even while there are several benefits to selling on Etsy, there is one significant disadvantage: you will be charged a listing fee for each item you sell on the site. This is in contrast to the fees levied by some of the other markets we’ve looked at in this piece, which are far more expensive.

7. Alibaba

Online Marketplaces - AliBaba, which operates as a business-to-business manufacturer and wholesale supplier, serves as the foundation for a considerable number of companies throughout the world, including many in China. A website such as is the only one that anybody who want to establish a company selling goods to other companies (which does not necessarily have to be restricted to Chinese firms) will need. Unless you want to create a company selling products directly to other companies, is the only website you’ll need. It is the sole website that anybody who want to start a business selling goods to other businesses would need in order to be successful in their endeavor.

8. AliExpress

Online Marketplaces - Ali Express

Due to the fact that AliExpress is a part of the Alibaba Group and acts as one of the company’s business-to-consumer online marketplaces, we’ve included it. As a consequence, as previously indicated, the contact information for the firm has been placed in the preceding portion of the article for your convenience.

If you want to sell anything on AliExpress, you must first establish an account on the site, then provide your company information, and then submit your application to become a seller on the site. This procedure is quite similar to the process of selling something on many other online marketplaces. Following completion of this phase, you will be able to customize your business and begin selling your items to clients.

9. Flipkart

Online Marketplaces - FlipKart

Flipkart, an Indian eCommerce company that was bought by Walmart in 2018, was created on the soil of the nation of India. Flipkart is now a part of Walmart. The company’s headquarters are based in Bengaluru, India, where it was founded in 1996. Flipkart, which is a Walmart subsidiary and which is a completely owned subsidiary of Walmart, is another firm that the corporation has as an asset.

Walmart is the world’s biggest retailer by sales volume and market share. The firm was founded by former Amazon workers who devised an idea while working for the corporation and turned it into a product line that includes laptop bags and tablet computers, among other things.

Combining All of the Pieces

From the following list, it can be seen that there is a plethora of online venues available for e-commerce enterprises to employ in order to sell their products. They may be able to assist you in a variety of ways, including improving brand recognition, reaching new audiences, and increasing online sales, to name a few.

Nonetheless, when it comes to growing up in a foreign nation, extensive planning as well as a complete awareness of the many customs and traditions of the country in which one is currently residing are required.

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