Importance of Packaging for Online Selling Platforms

People are following the trend of online shopping now. Instead of going to a shop and buying the product, they open the website of the brand. There they can find all the products with all the details.

They see a whole variety of products while sitting on their comfortable sofas. After that, they order the product which they like the most. Brands deliver the order to their doorstep. The main thing which links the brand, and the customers are the packaging custom mailer boxes.

Companies and brands pack the products in these boxes and then send them to the customers. Their business will increase only if people find this packaging worthy. The only way they are going to make a purchase of your product is if they like the appearance of it. Otherwise, they will look for other options in the market.

These boxes aids in protecting and securing your all fragile items. Make sure that you deliver them in a proper way to far-off places. You can stop worrying because these boxes can secure all the delicate items.

However, you can package your important things in these boxes to protect them from dust, moisture and other harmful particles. You can also order these boxes at economical prices. Try to look for a reliable manufacturer who can work on all the packaging specifications. Thus, add an elegant and enchanting appearance to the items.

Design of the box:

Companies have to come up with creative ideas while deciding on the design of the box. They must use the latest technology printing to make a box which looks professional. The edges must be well cut and the box should have symmetry all over.

It should not look as if it was made by an inexperienced person. People will not buy such products and they will also advise others the same to others. Therefore, choosing unique designs is important for increasing the sales of the product.

Design of the box

Companies must look at their competitors and public feedback to determine the perfect design for the box. Printing allows them to create unique patterns on the box which make the design more vibrant and captivating. And you can always put audition tape to your boxes.

And many are curious about this particular thing “Who Put Audition Tapes in Pizza Boxes.” Therefore, it would benefit you to add Audition Tapes in Pizza Boxes to attract your customers!

The shape of the box:

The shape of the box should be according to the product. You can get Mailer boxes wholesale in various shapes and design that can help you to make a statement in the market of being bold! Mostly, companies use square boxes for packing products.

These boxes are easy to handle and the product can also be placed easily inside them. Moreover, their manufacturing cost is also less. However, if customers order gifts from online platforms, then companies should use heart-shaped boxes for sending the product. It makes the gift more valuable and worthy.

If companies are shipping toys, they can use boxes whose shapes match the shape of any animated character. Toys are mostly meant for children. Such boxes catch their attention easily.

Color of the box:

The Color of the box affects the views of people about the product. If companies pack the products in the usual brown or white boxes, people will think that the products are cheap. Whereas, if companies use good quality boxes which have different colors, people will be impressed by the packaging quality.

This choice also depends on the product. If people have ordered gifts, companies can use red boxes to pack the products. Similarly, some products are more common among young people. These include smoking products usually.

Companies can use vibrant colors that attract young people. When they see such a box at their doorstep, they are motivated to buy from the company again. Custom mailer boxes are available in different colors to facilitate the online companies. They can choose any color and they can also order boxes of custom colors according to the wish of the customers.

Quality of the box:

Most companies use cardboard or Kraft material for preparing these boxes. These materials are strong and durable and protect the product from any damage. Even if any mishap occurs during the shipping process, the box absorbs all the damage, and the product remains safe.

Moreover, customers also judge the quality of the material by the quality of the custom mailer boxes. Good quality boxes indicate that the company has worked hard to prepare high-quality products. Whereas, if the packaging itself is substandard, people will never think good about the product. Instead, they will try out other products in the market to see which suits them.

Nature of packaging:

People are also conscious of the nature of the packaging of the product. They can easily discard the boxes. Consequently, companies use Kraft or cardboard materials due to their recyclable nature. Moreover, companies can also benefit from using these materials.

Firstly, they don’t need to buy new raw materials every time. They can recycle the old boxes to prepare new ones. Secondly, this method reduces the cost of packaging. Therefore, they can sell the product at slightly lower rates. They can also ship more products at once or reduce the shipping charges. Mailer boxes wholesale packaging helps companies earn a lot of profit.


No packaging box is complete without printing. Box might be very beautiful but without the logo and custom designs, it is worth nothing. Therefore, companies use custom printed mailer boxes to impress the customers with their shipping methods.

Custom printed means that the customers can also order any customization they want. Companies will print that on the box. Usually, people use it for birthday or anniversary gifts.

They get ‘Happy Birthday’ or ‘Happy anniversary’ printed on the box. This makes the gift more valuable. Moreover, printing the logo also impresses the customers. Some very famous brands can use their logos alone to impress the customers.


The main purpose of packaging is to protect the gift and to allow customizations. These custom boxes fulfil these criteria easily. Therefore, companies use them for packing usual delivery items as well as special gift orders. It would be a great way to impress your customer if you customize them in a unique way!

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