Top 8 Benefits of Creating an Amazon Business Account

Amazon is an eCommerce giant that is famous for its discounted prices, fast shipping, and excellent customer service. Amazon Business Account is an amazing program that is designed to provide unique products, delivery, and purchasing options for businesses of all types and sizes. Business owners can make the most out of Amazon Business’s useful features and improve sales and revenue. Creating an Amazon Business account is a worthwhile idea for small business owners, as it provides business owners with a variety of options.

When you sign up for an Amazon Business account, you will become the registered user who can add and manage advanced business account features. Amazon Business account is free, offers a number of incredible options including pricing discounts, tax exemption, fast delivery options, and analytics report. Becoming a registered business account customer is a sensible option to make the most out of Amazon Business Services.  

Amazon Business Account

Amazon Business is customized and exclusively tailored to meet your business requirements, allowing you to access the wide network of retailers to make the ordering process easier. No matter the type of industry you are working in, creating an Amazon Business account has in store a lot of benefits for you.

Let’s explore why creating an Amazon Business account is the right option for you, here I have listed the top 8 Amazon Business account benefits.

  1.       Exclusive Discounts

Creating an Amazon Business account allows business owners to become registered users who are eligible to avail price saving and shipping advantages. Account owners get special price reductions on millions of business items, price breaks on multi-unit purchases and request bulk discounts from sellers. They also get an opportunity to compare prices from different vendors.

  1.       Enjoy Purchasing Process

Once you become a registered business owner, Amazon Business will allow you to control every part of the purchasing process. For instance, account users can create and approve shopping lists, manage their favorite suppliers and set up recurring deliveries to make future purchases hassle-free. 

  1.       Convenient Payment Options

The administrator of the Amazon Business account has the right to add individual or share payment options, which include debit cards, credit cards, and Amazon corporate credit. The authorized users of Amazon Business account can use multiple payment methods to purchase items on behalf of your business. Amazon Business

With the Amazon corporate credit line, you can widen your user and management options, while giving you the authority to allow multiple buyers to share payment methods with a few users or the whole team. Account administrators can download the order history, pay by purchase order and make ordering a seamless process.

  1.       Tax Exempt Purchasing

Believe it or not, tax exemption is one of the major benefits of creating an Amazon Business account, allowing small business owners to take advantage of the Amazon Tax Exemption Program (ATEP). There is a tool that helps account holders to determine whether they are qualified for the Amazon Business account tax exempt or not. With the Amazon Tax Exemption Program, business owners can apply for tax-exempt status to eligible purchases from Amazon and its affiliates. On top of that, there is no need to sign up for an Amazon Business account to make the most out of the Amazon Tax Exemption Program.

  1.       Analytics and Reporting

It is one of the most useful features of the Amazon Business account that provides business owners with a detailed overview of the activity on your account, such as the number of orders, returns, and refunds. It lets you track and monitor your spending with the help of useful charts.

  1.       Easy Account Management

One of the major benefits of using the Amazon Business program is that it supports multi-user accounts that make purchasing easy and streamlined. The account administrator can invite multiple users and add them using the account management pages. You can either connect the whole team, create purchasing groups to match your company structure.

  1.       Approval Workflows

Amazon Business account allows business owners to establish order approvals and set spending limits to manage their business buying process. It allows you to gain better visibility into how money is spent so that you can have better spend control.

  1.       Pallet Delivery

The Amazon carrier offers pallet deliveries so that you can easily consolidate the items and receive larger orders all in one place. If your order requires a consolidated delivery and exceeds the minimum order size, the Amazon Businesses automatically assigned the pallet delivery option.

The pallet shipping option applies to only those orders with more than 30 cubic feet in size, weigh more than 200 pounds and include products of the Amazon fulfillment network to ensure all items reach by the delivery date mentioned at the checkout.

Is Amazon Business Account Free?

amazon business account

Yes. Business owners can sign up for an Amazon Business account for free. However, you have to pay for Amazon Business Prime, if you want to leverage Prime Shipping.

You are allowed to use the following Business Settings tools:

  •         Manage multiple users on Amazon Business account
  •         Order approval procedures and spending control
  •         Integrate multiple purchasing systems and enabling a punch-out option
  •         Allow users to use the company credit card and Amazon Corporate Credit
  •         Pallet shipping for orders that need consolidated delivery
  •         Save vendors for quick purchasing access
  •         Business Analytics tool allows you to monitor business spending
  •         Qualify for tax-exempt purchasing

These are the features that Amazon Business Account for free. However, Amazon Business Prime is not free, it costs you on a yearly basis. Subscribers of Amazon Business Prime have the advantage of getting free same-day, one-day, two-day shipping on more than 100 million products. Besides offering free shipping and amazing discounts on bulk orders, Amazon Business Prime users are allowed to access many useful tools, including:

  •         Consolidated shipping on bulk orders at checkout
  •         Subscribers can extend payment terms to 45 – 60 days, depending on the plan
  •         Business Prime members can get access to an annual free credit card
  •         Mark preferred suppliers and products for guided buying
  •         View company spending and analyze data 

Amazon Business vs Amazon Business Prime

Amazon Business program is packed with many useful features that are exclusively designed for businesses of all sizes and types. Creating an Amazon Business Account and using the service is completely free. Once you become a verified Amazon Business user, you are allowed to sign up for the Amazon Business Prime account, which gives businesses more flexibility on delivery and payment options.

Promoting Your Software Development Services

If you are thinking Amazon Business Account is only for eCommerce business, think again. It allows you to sell your professional services such as mobile app development, software development, web design, and much more. If you are a custom software development company, you can take the maximum advantage of Amazon Business Program and sell your services on Amazon.

Final Thoughts

All in all, the Amazon Business program is an exciting opportunity for businesses to simplify purchasing, improve buying workflow, and increase their business revenue. Hopefully, this Amazon Business account review will help you make a well-informed decision. So, do some research, signup for Amazon Business Account today and enjoy its amazing benefits.

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