Top 6 Tips to Build a Food Delivery App

Covid 19 has impacted the food business and the restaurant business was majorly hit during that time. Food delivery apps started to rise during that time. Meituan, Food panda, Swiggy, and Zomato sales got skyrocketed during the pandemic. According to the Business Of Apps website, in 2021 the total revenue China earned from food delivery apps was 27.3 billion, and the food delivery app, Meituan was the major contributor earning 15 billion dollars in revenue.

Meituan was the major contributor earning 15 billion dollars in revenue

You can earn a great amount of money through mobile app development. If you don’t how to design a food app, this blog is curated for you. Read this blog to know the essential tips you can follow to curate the food delivery to satisfy the hunger pangs of your customers.

Tips to follow when building a food delivery app

The marketing analyst has predicted the fact that by 2030, the market value of food delivery apps will be 365 billion dollars. This is the right time to invest in the mobile app development of the food delivery business so that you can generate profit.

1.      Find the right type of food delivery app

You need to select a compatible app design type. App design can be categorized into two main subcategories.

Third-party mediator model

You can create a third-party delivery app like food panda. If you are using this type of model in your app design, you only have to act as a mediator between customers and restaurant owners. Your task will be to deliver piping hot food to the consumers from their favorite restaurants.

Food delivery model

In this model, customers order food from their favorite restaurants, and your mobile application allows users to book the rider for the delivery. If you want to create an app, this model is perfect for you as it is a cost-effective method. Uber eats is one of the renowned apps that is working in this model. You can estimate the success of this model as in 2020 Uber eat made 4.8 billion US dollars.

Food delivery model

2.      Use the right features in your app.

Features help in retaining the client. For a food business app, you need to make a checklist of features you want that can add value to the customer experience. Make sure your app design has the following essential features.

Account registration

This is a must-have feature if you want to design an app like food panda. This feature assists the user in the creation of an account.

Easy access to restaurants

Foodies won’t want to spend an hour before they get their desired restaurants. So, to increase the number of downloads, you need to add several categories in your app design to make it easy for your user to choose their desired food options.

Integration of multiple payment options

People use food delivery apps because it is less time-consuming, and they can have multiple options to satisfy their food cravings. It is better if you accept debit and credit card payments along with cash on delivery options. The success of some apps depends on this feature so try to integrate as many payment options as you can for hassle-free payments.

Addition of push notification

The notification tells people about all the latest happening in your app. So, give an option to your user to allow or block notification of your app. Make sure that you follow the personalization when sending any notification.

Option of ratings and review

In any business, customer reviews play a significant role in creating awareness. A brand can increase engagement within no time from positive word of mouth. So, you need to include this feature in your food delivery app.

3.      Add proper logistic system.

For a delivery app, logistic systems play a huge role. Recently Zomato announced the policy of ten-minute delivery. This will be only possible through a better logistic system. You can also integrate a map with your app so that it will be easy for your rider to know the exact location of the consumer. If you are a restaurant owner and want to create an app for delivery, this will help you scale your business.

4.      Better graphics and animation

Graphics can make or break your app that is why it is one of the key elements in your app design. You can hire a graphic designer and animation artist to create better and user engaging graphics. Try to use bold colors to provide the message behind your brand as different colors are symbolic of different meanings.

5.      Market your app

Mobile app development is a competitive field and to get success in this segment digital marketing is necessary. If people know about your app, they will download the app. You can hire any marketing agency to hold the campaign for your business. The marketing campaign helps you to generate more customers and in return can increase the return on investment.

6.      Publishing platform

You can choose android or iOS for the release of the app. If you want Samsung, Oppo, Vivo, and Huawei then, you have to choose the google play store to develop a mobile app. When you are targeting iPhone users, you have to choose the iOS platform. When working on a native app, make sure that your budget can support it you start with an android app as it is a cost-effective platform as compared to iOS.

Google play store charges a one-time payment of 25 dollars, while apple takes 40 dollars annually to keep publishing your app. It is your choice which platform you want to choose for the creation of your mobile app.


The development of a mobile app is not only a technical process but also needs time for a successful release. To help you through this hectic process, you should hire mobile app Development Company. If you think you can change the food delivery business with your idea, start designing your app right now.

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