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SEO Tips & Tricks for 2021 a Beginner Should Know About After Google Core Update

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Google core update isn’t a new thing if you are an SEO expert or maybe you’ve modified the website as per Google 2021 core update.

However, if you’re a beginner and confused about the Google core update of 2021 and want to get familiar with black hat SEO vs white hat SEO, give me a while to sort out your queries.


Black Hat SEO VS White Hat SEO – Which One to Choose?


Breaking search engine rules and following illegal strategies to rank at the top is called black hat SEO. On the other side, white hat SEO refers to applying user-oriented strategies and following the search engine rules.

Many people want to get ranked in a short time and follow black hat SEO Tips that not only wastes their time but also never lets them appear at the first search result. Thereby, ranking your website by keeping with white hat SEO strategies surely delivers you long-lasting and fruitful results.

Yet, it’s not enough to follow white hat SEO approaches; upgrading your website along Google core update is a pivotal point that needs to be concerned. Have a look at the following content in case of getting conscious of the Google Core Update of 2021


Have Useful and Unique Content on the Above of the Fold Part


What’s the fold part of a website? It’s the main page/home page that gives the overall idea to a user about services. Here, it needs to present services efficiently to grab the user’s attention to make him/her deeply view the whole website.

If you design your home page as per UI/UX demands, it’s guaranteed that your website visitor will definitely be your customer.

So, conduct research in-depth before designing your main web page or hire a UI/UX designer if you lack time. Analyze your main web page and make changings to it if you’re not receiving your desired customers traffic on it.


Create Content for Specific Audience


Always keep the likes and dislikes of your target audience on priority. Never use even a single word that can distract your specific audience’s attention.

You may visit your competitors’ brands and follow their content strategies and keep with them if you find them suitable.

Also, you may get your target audience’s concerns via social media and Quora. Try to resolve each and every query of the user in your website content and don’t forget to mention the FAQs page based on the most commonly asked questions by users/customers.


Use Unique and Custom Graphics / Infographics on the Page


Do you know sometimes a picture explains an idea better than words? That’s why use graphics wherever you feel it is mandatory.

An appealing graphic attracts the user and compels him/her to become your customer. So, never compromise on the graphics quality.

However, the image mustn’t be more than 1 MB and 1200 pixels wide is a google optimized dimension of a graphic. Moreover, you can use images in a blog post to communicate with the customer in a detailed way.


Guide & Educate Users. Lure Them to Go Deep in Your Website

Providing the right information that people search helps to associate users with the brand. Always create user-friendly content and make it easily accessible for them.

Create the content that makes your website be the last click of the user; means the individual finds his/her required information on your website and doesn’t need to visit any other website to get the point clear.


Black Hat SEO VS White Hat SEO – Keywords Stuffing 


You are surely familiar with the term like “write for humans, not the search engine”. This is what makes a website reader-oriented. Using too many keywords in the content can really make the reader leave the website. So, never stuff keywords in the content.

However, using the main keyword and LSI terms helps Google to reach the website.

Using a unique long-tail keyword also proves beneficial to appear in distinct search results; thus, it would be useful to use a long-tail but comprehensive keyword in the content. It’s the prime optimization factor to use keywords in URLs and images so never forget to use the main keyword in graphics and building a URL.


Common SEO Tips for a Beginner 

SEO Tips for Beginner

There are some usual SEO techniques that a beginner must be familiar with. There is no chance of ranking if you don’t ignore these basic SEO Tips standards. The following standards are given-below; e.g.,


Website Speed: If a website takes more than 3 seconds, 40% of people leave that website. Therefore, website speed is a prime metric that must be as the line of Google recommended speed.

Loading the website on Desktop within 1 second is the Google supportive standard. Check your website via any website speed checker and make changings to it if it’s not according to Google’s recommended speed.


Meta Title & Meta Description: 30% of websites don’t have a meta description option that impacts their SEO. Must use a meta title and meta description.

Efficiently add your main keyword in both meta title and meta description and use 60 characters or meta title and between 155 – 160 characters in the meta description.


Mobile Optimization: 68% of users visit a website through mobile; hence, a website must be mobile optimized. Check the website regularly through mobile and if you find an error in it, ask the developer to resolve it right away.


Long-Form Content: Whenever you’re going to write a blog or landing page for the website, always use long-form content.

For example, if your competitor is writing 1000 words for a topic, you need to write 1500 words for the same topic because the Google core update for 2021 completely prefers the long-form content.

Common SEO Mistakes That Need to Avoid 


Are you not getting the desired volume of traffic on your website? Have you ever analyzed the reason for it? It’s surely an error in your website SEO if you’re not getting enough traffic on your site.

Have a look at the following content if you want that your website will get a huge amount of the targeted content:


Lack of a Comprehensive SEO Plan

If you don’t have a clear plan about what is the goal of doing the SEO and what results you want to achieve, your SEO won’t be fruitful. So, define a clear-cut destination first and keep with the SEO later.

SEO Tips with an improper plan wastes not only time but also money; thereby, make a draft of your required result and figure out the SEO metrics by following it.


Old SEO Strategies 

SEO techniques that were doing well five years ago are no longer efficient. Just take Google as an example: there are multiple updates regularly. Hence, we want to stand out from competitors, we need to be experts in a search engine’s updates and transform our online platforms as per them.

For example, we used to completely rely on the written form of the content but there are many forms of the content now.

In today’s world, videos, podcasts, infographics, webinars and images are also popular moulds of content. Thus, if we really want to capture the audience’s attention, we need to be efficient in the above-explained forms of content as well.


Buying Backlinks

It’s a major error to buy backlinks. People think that buying backlinks will help to rank on Google. However, it does nothing except the penalty from Google.

Moreover, if you want to know Black hat seo vs White hat SEO, you can consider that buying backlinks is black hat SEO. Shortly, we must analyze our SEO Tips regularly and should overcome the above-defined errors to get enough traffic.


In a Nutshell:


Google routinely makes changings in its algorithm to provide relevant and authentic information to its users. Google core update of 2021 also defines the difference between black hat SEO vs white hat SEO. The following are the prime points of the Google core update of 2021:


  • Use unique and useful content on the main page of your website
  • Create the content according to the target audience specifications
  • Use unique and catchy graphics to explain the point properly

Stay user-friendly at each and every spot of your website

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