10 Best VPS Server Switzerland

If you have a website that is attracting tons of visitors from western Europe or want privacy then opting for a VPS Server Switzerland is the best option. Not only will it offer you better privacy but it will also deliver exceptional user experience to visitors who are visiting your website from neighboring countries.


The sheer number of local and global VPS Server Switzerland will make it more difficult for your business to decide which one your business should choose. If you are facing similar issues, then this article is for you. In this article, you will learn about the top ten VPS Server Switzerland.

Top 10 VPS Server Switzerland That Are Worth Your Money

Wondering which VPS server provider you should choose in Switzerland? Here is a list of ten best VPS Server Switzerland that deserves your attention.


If what you prioritize is flexibility to choose, security and performance, you would be hard pressed to find a better option than HOSTNOC VPS server. HOSTNOC not only allows users the option to choose both the hardware configuration for their VPS server but also the software configuration. Users can either opt for a Windows VPS server or go for a Linux based VPS server. Similarly, users can choose between different storage types such as HDD and RAID configuration.

best VPS Server in Switzerland

Combine that with 99.99% SLA backed uptime guarantee and round the clock performance and security monitoring and you don’t have to worry about downtimes and disruptions anymore. Even if you find yourself in an issue, their 24/7 customer support is there to help you out. Users don’t have to worry about losing their data thanks to frequent data backups and simple restore processes.


For those looking for customization and speed, Swissmade is a worth considering option. It uses the VMware virtualization to deliver great performance while offering users the ability to fully customize and configure their VPS servers according to their needs. Toss in the premium network capabilities and DDoS protection for added security and you can easily see why it has been mentioned so high on our list.


Just like HOSTNOC, they also offer both Windows and Linux based VPS servers but sadly lack a managed VPS option. If you have the resources to manage your own servers then it can be a great choice. The resource allocation is top notch, dedicating more resources for your website. You can easily acquire more resources if you want. The latest update to the control panel interface has also made it extremely user friendly. 


If you have a WordPress website and you don’t want to get into the hassle of managing your own servers, you should definitely check out Infomaniak. With handy extras such as Elegant Theme and Woo Themes, it will surely apparel to the taste of WordPress website owners.


That does not mean that it is not a great choice for a traditional website. With its 99.99% uptime and DDoS protection, you get the security and reliability you need. The automatic backup feature means that your data is in safe hands. If you can manage your own VPS, there is also an unmanaged VPS option available as well.

Altus Host

Altus Host leverages the open source kernel based virtual machine method of virtualization  This allows them to provide better security and offer much better hardware support. Not only that, it also helps when it comes to scalability and performance. Whether you choose managed or unmanaged VPS, you get DDoS protection. To give you added peace of mind, their disaster recovery backups are stored offsite.


Hates getting locked into long contracts? Exoscale per second billing model will surely bring a smile on your face. Unfortunately, their offering falls short when it comes to performance. The low powered processor and mediocre specs are to blame. The low price and basic configuration makes it an ideal choice for businesses who are just starting out. Exoscale also offers 99.95% SLA backed uptime guarantee as well as intuitive interface.


Animeserve harnesses the power of both VMware and KVM virtualization, offering users the best of both worlds. With more than a decade of experience behind their back, you expect great things from them and they deliver. Their diverse pricing plans cater to the needs of every business, irrespective of its scale.


Whether you are a marketing agency which has hundreds of clients or owns a business which is generating tons of revenue, Xelon should be on your radar. With both the data centers and headquarters located in Switzerland, it is a local Best VPS Server Switzerland that is worth considering. You can also opt for a pay as you go model which gives you more flexibility.

Profit Server

For those looking for an easy to use control panel interface and tons of documentation to help you setup, manage and control your servers, Profit Server is the best option. Their extensive network of data centers located in different parts of the world provides better coverage. You can install any operating system you want on your VPS server.

Alp Hosting

If you are looking for more storage and a simple user interface so you can manage the VPS server on your own without breaking a sweat then, Alp Hosting deserves your special attention. The best thing about Alp Hosting is that it lets you configure your VPS server your own way even before making the purchase. Once you have configured the server, you can place the order and get a fully custom made Best VPS Switzerland from Alp hosting.


Cloudarion VPS servers use KVM virtualization and let users choose between SSD VPS and Xen VPS. Their Xen Best VPS Server Switzerland use premium hardware from Intel Xeon series delivering great performance on a consistent basis. The SSD VPS is no slouch either. It can also deliver blazing fast read and write speeds and reliability businesses need to thrive.


Which is your favorite VPS Server In Switzerland and why? Let us know in the comments section below.


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