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Google Skillshop is worth each digital marketing professional’s time and effort, especially if they are looking to take their digital marketing career further up the ladder. The online platform provides professionals with robust learning materials to help them build their skills and obtain a set of needed certifications to validate their knowledge.

How good is Google Skillshop?

Those who do not know what Google Skillshop is, they are lucky. It is  a training and certification hub for professionals (especially those using tools and programs created by Google). There are courses that help teach how to use various Google solutions, especially Google Analytics, Google Ads, YouTube and the like. 

Moreover, professionals can earn certifications displaying their proficiency in a particular area of digital marketing on Google. It should be understood that each type of certification has a set of relevant lessons helping professionals get ready for a final assessment test. Once that test has been cleared, they will be awarded the certification.

A lot of people have the question about whether or not Google Skillshop courses are fast or slow paced. In all honesty, these skillshop courses are self-paced. Here, users can go fast, moderate or slow as they want to.

Are the courses at Google Skillshop paid or free?

All certifications and courses at Google Skillshop are free. All that is needed from users is to create a Skillshop account and access the needed material with relevant ease. There was a time when the programs in Google ads skillshop had a cost for taking the exams. Ever since the Google Academy for Ads changed its name to Google Skillshop, the program thus became free for all kinds of users.

The courses and certifications are offered by Google Skillshop – what are they?

Google Skillshop offers a wide array of courses in an array of topics and areas. Among them are Google Ads, Google Cloud, Google for education and the like.

Here is the full list of all topics and classes offered by Google Skillshop:

  • Ads Display Certification.
  • Search Ads Certification.
  • Shopping Ads Certification.
  • Ads Measurement Certification.
  • Ads Video Certification.
  • Ads Apps Certification.

Digital marketers explain that the courses within the realm of Google Ads and the topic at hand are the ones that interest them the most. In the Google ads skillshop, prospects and other users will find various certifications for Google Ads as well.

Google Ads Display Certification

This certification of Google Skillshop validates a digital marketer’s ability to make effective strategies and campaigns through the Google display network. Certified marketers will understand ways to raise brand awareness digitally, make a plan for reaching new customers using Google Display Audiences, along with retaining existing customers in the best possible manner.

Here are the lessons that are part of this course:

  • Growing a business with Google Ads.
  • Identification of kinds of campaigns on Google Display Ads.
  • Reaching users on Google Display Ads.
  • Raising the efficiency via automated bidding.
  • Delivering relevant messages on Google Display Ads.
  • Raising Conversions using the Performance Planner.

Google Search Ads Certification

This certification verifies the ability to make effective Google search campaigns. Once the certification is completed, digital marketers will be able to understand everything ranging from ad extensions to bidding strategies.

Google Search Ads Certification

Here are the courses used for preparation for this certification:

  • Growing the business with Google Ads.
  • Exploring the value of Google Search.
  • Understanding the Google Ads auction.
  • Delivering the correct message with text ads.
  • Making ads relevant with the aid of Search Ad extensions.
  • Raise efficiency with automated bidding.
  • Reaching valued customers through search audiences.
  • Raising performance through the optimization Score.
  • Raising conversions using the performance planner.

Google Shopping Ads Certification

The Google Shopping Ads Certification validates a digital marketer’s ability to make and optimize Google Shopping Campaigns. Once the assessment is completed successfully, digital marketers will know how to:

  • Utilizing showcase shopping ads for reaching customers at their journey’s beginning.
  • Use Smart Shopping Campaigns.
  • Driving shoppers to the local store.

The following courses are used to for preparation of the final test in this certification:

  • Growing the retail business with Google.
  • Reaching more customers with shopping campaigns.
  • Driving shoppers into stores using local product ads.
  • Promoting brands through Showcase Shopping Ads.
  • Growing businesses using Google Ads.
  • Raising efficiency with the help of automated bidding.
  • Raising conversions with the help of the performance planner.

There are approximately two hours of course material in total, in this course of Google Ads Skillshop.

Google Ads Measurement Certification

The Google Ads Measurement Certification helps a digital marketer’s exhibit their capability to use various Google measurement solutions to evaluate and optimize the performance of a digital ad. Once this course is complete, digital marketers will understand how to:

  • Setting up tracking for measuring sales, downloads, lead and other conversions.
  • Selecting the best attribution model for the business’s goals.
  • Translate the marketing goals into measurable actions.
  • Taking action on  the insights obtained through the conversion data.

The following courses might help digital marketers for this skillshop exam:

  • Converting business objectives into marketing goals.
  • Assigning value to what is being measured.
  • Evaluating results and taking the needed action.
  • Getting acquainted with conversion tracking.
  • Setting up conversion tracking to meet objectives.
  • Analyzing and optimizing conversion data.
  • Understanding Google My Business.
  • Why the Love Google Marketing Platform.

The total time to complete this certification is 3.5 hours.

Google Ads Video Certification

This certification helps digital marketers improve their skills planning and managing worthwhile campaigns. YouTube and other video advertising solutions are helpful in this manner. Once the certification is complete, marketers will understand how to:

  • Utilize YouTube audiences for improving ad relevance.
  • Use video formats for raising brand awareness and driving up actions.
  • Developing creative strategies for brand storytelling.

Here are the courses used for preparation of this exam:

  • Discovering the value of YouTube.
  • Connecting with the audience on YouTube.
  • Knowing formats of Video Ads.
  • Exploring Creative Essentials for YouTube.
  • Understand YouTube for Action.

The total hours of learning course materials is 2.5.

Google Ads Apps Certification

This skillshop certification shows digital marketers how to use Google App Campaigns in delivering business impact. Once the certification is complete, digital marketers will understand how to:

  • Developing campaigns for apps to achieve certain marketing objectives.
  • Using advanced strategies for raising performance.
  • Improving app quality and discoverability.

The following courses will be aiding marketers get ready for the final assessment of this certification:

  • Understanding the ecosystem of Apps.
  • Exploring Google App Campaigns.
  • Defining the App Campaign Goal.
  • Measuring the relevant things in App Campaigns
  • Beginning with App Campaign Settings
  • Finishing with App Campaign Ad Groups plus Assets
  • The digital marketer’s role in creation of App Campaigns
  • Guiding machines for improved app campaigns.
  • Creating and Refining an App Campaign
  • Understand the App Campaign Results
  • Optimizing the App Experience
  • Expanding App Reach across various Markets

The total time of learning materials for this course is 1.5 hours.

Are certifications of Google Skillshop recognized?

The certifications of Google Skillshop are recognized as official Google certifications. Once marketers are able to clear one of these exams, a link to the certificate’s digital copy will be given to them by email. A completion ID, issue date and an expiry date are present on the certificate.

The certification can be displayed by professionals on both their resume and LinkedIn profile. Once they share its link on LinkedIn, they can show companies a page with all the various certifications they have earned.

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