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Top 4 digital marketing tools to ease the process this year

In the modern era, technology has helped everyone automate almost any kind of process. This has resulted in increased productivity and reduction of burden on employee workloads.

Yet, science is innovating at a quicker pace. This results in the fact that humanity can hardly keep up with new things and new digital marketing trends. They also are wondering how to improve life this year.

Digital marketer’s und. They also understand the presence of tools that can help them raise the process’s effectiveness and even automate it.

For starters and for experienced professionals needing a refresher, here is a post that is going to help all understand about top digital marketing tools.


Top tools to help digital marketers ease the marketing process

It is true without a doubt that digital marketing teams are often tasked with a never-ending list of tasks. This can be quite overwhelming, and can be a source of frustration too. The best tools in digital marketing are known to make life easy, saving professionals considerable time and stress when it comes to managing multiple accounts and platforms.

Here are some key tools that have worked last year for most digital marketers:

  • Jarvis – an effective social media management tool.
  • Medium, WordPress Blogs and Designer – best tools for content creation.
  • Google Analytics and Kiss metrics – well-known analytics tools.

There are numerous digital marketing tools present today. It is hard to find out which one works and which one does not work.  This post will share with us the key tools in digital marketing that have been able to help a large number of digital marketers.

Regardless of whether digital marketers are looking to improve a website’s SEO, making social media content, tracking results or vice versa, these marketing tools are helpful in getting the work done nicely, and with ease.

Google Analytics

No list is complete without mentioning one of the best online marketing tools without mentioning Google’s prime tool that has helped numerous digital marketers around the globe. Numerous analytic tools are present but Google Analytics ranks among the best and most affordable ones in the market. It certainly has an intuitive design.

Google Analytics

With Google being the biggest search engine present today, it is easier to raise a website’s ranking with the tech giant’s own tools. Here are some advantages of using Google Analytics along with its key features:

  • Determining where the traffic is coming from.
  • Analyzing what the audience is doing within the website and/or its pages.
  • Providing details on certain metrics (page views, unique page views, bounce rate, average time spent on a page, percent exit and the like).
  • Checking conversions and analyzing factors that can raise conversion rates.

Depending on whether marketers have subscribed to the premium services or are using the free version, it is indeed wonderful whenever marketers are using Google Analytics. It is among the most versatile digital marketing tools helping marketers with so much in the digital arena.


SEMrush has been marketed as a tool having all-on-board features, known to raise any business, brand or company a like’s visibility online. It is ranked among one of the most popular services used by marketing agencies.


Almost a lot of things involving raising a website’s SEO rankings are easily carried out through SEMrush. This is why it ranks among the best digital marketing tools a digital marketer can use today:

  • Researching keywords used by competitors.
  • Managing social campaigns to raise effectiveness.
  • On-page insights which can include SEO ideas and keywords for use in future articles.
  • Link building that can improve SEO rankings considerably.
  • Crawling and editing web pages with ease.

The service is a freemium one having three paid tiers helping digital marketers carry out digital marketing processes with ease. The free service option has limited functionality but can do a lot of work, suitable for most startups in their early stages and small businesses.

There is also a trial option which can be subscribed to if marketers want to check its features before going for any of the paid options present.

Facebook Insights and Facebook Business Manager

SEMrush can improve a website’s SEO rankings whereas Facebook’s own online marketing tools are worthwhile for improving visibility within a website. The platform is arguably among the biggest in the world (though parent company Meta has lost a lot of money and is facing a plethora of lawsuits, recently).

Being among the world’s biggest social media platforms, Facebook allows users to do many things, including making a dedicated website and help market your videos to help customers find the business. The tool is accurate and is easy for digital marketers with an array to improve the online presence on the social media platform.

Here are some features which are worth reading about:

  • Tracking the audience’s interactions including those of other users on the posts.
  • Running and tracking various ad campaigns run by the business, brand or firm.
  • Easy data insight on popular posts among the audience.
  • Tracking changes and metrics like page views and post reach.

Marketing Tools provided by Facebook are free. Yet marketers can access premium features when they pay a monthly subscription charge.


Marketers are aware of the fact that they should be marketing products and services in a different way for each audience or demographic carefully. This is said so it raises the chances of people buying that business’s products or subscribing to services provided by a particular business.


This is where Active Campaign comes in. Among the most worthwhile online marketing tools that is basically an email marketing tool, it helps marketers automate the email customization process. It also does the same when it comes to dispatching them to subscribers in the subscription list.

Here are some of its features:

  • Automation features that can help simplify customer or audience interactions.
  • Personalizing campaigns for subscribers.
  • Complete email functionality which includes broadcast, triggered, targeted and scheduled emails that marketers can customize completely to their business’s needs.
  • Optimized sales engagement automation that can keep customers interested in the products.

It provides a free 14-day trial to help marketers understand the software. Moreover, it also provides an affordable premium service with 4 different price ranges suiting the business’s needs.

There are hardly any marketing tools that help marketers review their emails for grammar and spelling errors. Plagiarism detectors in marketing tools are scarce too. This is why Active Campaign is a worthwhile option as it helps keep emails reliable and professional to a higher extent.


EasySendy is an all-in-one email marketing solution that allows you to carry all your various marketing channels together and accelerate traffic, a higher conversion rate, and better ROI for online geeks, marketers, small businesses, and startups. In addition, you can easily design email templates for your campaigns.

It will permit you to send personalized content and messages to fascinate audience behaviors. Optimize the Image Text Ratio to approximately 40:60′ & send emails to the audience’s email list.


It will allow you to send upto 2000+ free-of-cost emails using the SMTP process. You can easily see your subscribers’ activities by using Easysendy pro features and tools.

It will help you drive promotional email marketing campaigns, which will boost your customer’s conversation. It enables your subscribers by using web popup forms.

Make your message more user-friendly by alerting them, which will help to engage your audience more frequently. Increase your sales with Easysendy email marketing solutions across all industries; Easysendy can help businesses extend their reach, boost conversion rates, create a bond with their audience, and increase sales.

EasySendy’s free plan involves up to 2,000 connections. As a result, its platform is most effortless to get used to, with drag-and-drop features that enable you to stylize your emails.



Digital marketing tools are instrumental in helping simplify the overall process of digital marketing. They further help ensure that everything is done right. Marketers after analyzing these tools should now be able to decide which one will suit those most and which will help them get the certain return value on the money invested.

Digital marketing is no longer a child’s play. But once it is understood clearly and carried out diligently, everything works out just fine eventually.

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