Why You Should Hire a Mobile App Development Agency over Freelancer

Mobile App Development

In a fast pacing world and changing shopping trends, customers rely on convenient modes of shopping for almost everything using phones. What makes it much easier is the presence of robust mobile applications for customers and businesses to remain connected.

Mobile app development is now a must-have for any business. It is dictated by various factors including budget constraints or no appropriate knowledge about the basics of making a mobile application.

Now, whether you must hire a Mobile App Development Company or a freelancer for the job to be done depends totally on the nature of the required app, expected level of quality, and most importantly your budget.

When the need for a complex app arises, it is always better to hire a professional team that you can trust. It is really crucial to ensure that professionals with really strong programming skills are orchestrating the project.

In this article, we bring you all the reasons why it’s a good idea to choose a Mobile App Development Company over hiring a freelance Mobile App Developer.

Why Opt for a Mobile App?

With the massive rise in the usage of cell phones, it becomes vital for business owners at all levels to keep their mobile app platform updated and user-friendly. Researchers suggest that approximately 6 billion cell phone users are going to increase in the coming years. A lot of companies have already gained huge success within less than a matter of time due to the business Mobile App Development. No matter if you own a large-scale business or a start-up, a great mobile app can help you in numerous ways.

Mobile Application Development Company and Freelancer

Resource Availability

The primary factor which works in the favour of a Mobile App Development Company is that you get different experts in various technologies all under one roof. A Mobile Application Development Company lets you avail the benefits of advanced tools, software, certificates & licenses, and all that is critical in developing flexible and wonderful mobile apps. On the other hand, a freelance Mobile App Developer has limited resources.

Budgetary Benefits

Entrepreneurs and start-up owners work with various constraints with the budget limitation being the primary, these limitations prevent them from going to professional Mobile Application Development Companies for projects. For the unversed, many Mobile App Development companies offer a Minimum Viable stages of the new product development process (MVP Development) for all types of businesses that have budget restrictions.


A Mobile App Development Company offers a vast range of professional services such as project layout, creative ideas, business consultation, and much more for your targeted audience. Freelancers fail to provide such services and expertise.

Maintenance and Scalability

Regularly updating and maintaining your mobile app with new features and functions help you in the long run. It keeps your business grow seamlessly with changing trends and user’s expectations. You can avail of such services only via a good Mobile App Development Company which effortlessly incorporates complex functionality whenever required, fixing bugs, errors, and other real-time glitches of apps.

24/7 Support Team

Clients can expect round-the-clock support from a development firm. If you have any concerns, require improvements in functionality, updates, or anything else, the agency will be happy to assist you.

Freelancers may have other commitments, projects to complete, or a different time zone to contend with. It’s impossible to predict whether or not they’ll be available when you need them.

You get limited support from freelancers during development and after launch. As your company grows, you’ll have fewer opportunities for updates. In addition, the development firm will assist with aesthetics, design, and other aspects of the project. It will be available for all of your concerns and questions 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


A Mobile app development company could never afford to disappoint the client in terms of service, value, or quality, establishing a long-term trust and partnership. Freelancers are focused on their projects in terms of market value and brand reputation only, rendering them less reliable as compared to a Mobile App Development Company.

App Marketing

Various Mobile App Development Companies work with separate app marketing teams, which is extremely important for promotions after launch in order to get initial downloads and feedback. Freelancers cannot provide such benefits.

Legal Matters

No business should be done keeping it at risk of fraud or failure. Hiring a reputable Mobile Application Development Company mitigates the chances of falling prey to such scenarios. A professional business entity provides legal security and reliability as per the agreement signed with you. On the contrary, no such benefit can be availed from a freelance Mobile App Developer.

Project Management

At a Mobile Application Development Company, a skilled project manager is assigned to ensure each aspect related to your project is being handled carefully ranging from communication to meeting the deadlines along with prompt and real-time reporting. No such advantage lies with a freelancer.


With current business trends, it’s so important to create a high-performing mobile application that is rich in features and visually appealing. It takes quite an analysis while picking on a trustable app development organization to shake hands with. A reputed Mobile Application Development Company lets you accomplish your business goals with great user-friendly mobile apps. Find all services in a single place, ranging from designing, development, maintenance, marketing, and a lot more.

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