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Top 10 Digital Marketing Agency in Singapore That you can Trust

Digital Marketing Agency in Singapore

There was once a time when Singapore was a nascent state, riddled with numerous social, economic, trade, defense, and political issues.

Gaining independence from Malaysia on August 5, 1965, the country has since then progressed to become not just one of Asia’s leading economies but also ranking among the world’s most peaceful and prosperous societies.

Now the country ranks ahead of the United Kingdom in terms of human development and is a pioneer in cutting edge technology. Singapore’s presence in the digital agencies world has been a positive one.

The country has contributed considerably in terms of software development and cyber security. Hence, the existence of multiple marketing agencies in Singapore (especially digital marketing) is brilliant.

Such agencies have been able to provide a multitude of services, especially web design, digital marketing and social media marketing with branding, mobile app development, user interface and user experience design. In short, a typical digital marketing agency in Singapore is a well rounded company providing the best return on investment in digital marketing.

Nowadays no brand can deny the significance an online presence has these days. In the previous days, an online presence was just an option. The COVID-19 pandemic demonstrated the versatility of eCommerce and online job business . Due to this factor, the marketing landscape has undergone considerable changes.

Brands are now reconsidering their marketing strategies. They are shifting to digital platforms to remain as relevant as they can. If a brand is looking for a digital marketing agency to help them improve their marketing game, then they are truly in luck.

Which agencies are among the best in Singapore?

Whether it’s formulating the best social media campaign, paid social media posts, guest post link building, lead generation, content marketing or complete digital marketing, any digital marketing agency in Singapore can do all that.

Digital marketing agencies as a whole in Singapore have earned themselves a worthwhile reputation. They can also amplify a business, brand and company’s online presence with their experienced teams. Here are some of the best agencies Singapore has:


One of the biggest names in the world, Mindshare is a worldwide media agency present in 86 countries across the globe. Facebook, Ford, Nestle, Nike, Rolex, Unilever, Lufthansa and other well known global brands are among its clientele.

MindShare’s portfolio is present on its website. Cheerios and KFC have had worthwhile campaigns planned and executed by them.


The services offered by Mindshare Singapore are Account management, account leadership, content creation, partnerships at agency level as well as data analytics. 

The agency’s Neurolab uses medical-grade tech to measure customer responses. This helps in provision of worthwhile and concentrated insights, using performance marketing, proper strategy and planning along with developing the needed technologies for digital marketing.


Established in 1993, MediaKeys is a specialist digital marketing agency in Singapore. It is known for creating well-known global advertising campaigns for clientele across various markets. 


The agency has now grown into a well-known international advertising specialist, working in 16 countries and a wide array of clients actively. Among the notable campaigns MediaKeys has created are digital promotions of Dior Perfumes.

MediaKeys provides multimedia campaign services on multiple domains. Among them are airport, broadcast, outdoor, print and digital. Hence, the agency ensures the brand’s presence is established everywhere.

NEO 360

NEO 360 (as its name states) adopts a 360-degree approach for digital marketing. It examines it in its whole entirety and targets multiple channels, especially social media. The agency is ready to adapt to changes or disruptions taking place in the digital world.

NEO 360

The agency is consistently ranked as a worthwhile digital marketing agency in Singapore, offering services in marketing for health and education services (Guest post link building included).NEO 360 has a focused approach on these two industries making it a popular one among them.

Services offered by the agency are social media ads, display advertising, search engine marketing services along with automation.

Digital Squad

Digital Squad is a multiple award winning digital marketing agency in Singapore. It provides B2C and B2B marketing strategies, which have driven its growth as well as the same for firms across various industries. It helps create guest post link building for startups and wholesome marketing services for large firms and Fortune 500 clients.

Digital Squad

Among its success stories are brand strategies for BP, Fonterra and Singapore Airlines. Moreover, it caters to the hospitality, eCommerce, transport and education industries.

Among the services it offers are Social media marketing, content marketing, small business lead generation, SEO services, B2B marketing, lead generation, conversion rate optimization and remarketing.


As conversations have shifted online, it has become important to keep track of what the target audience talks about the most. Isentia is a leading media monitoring and intelligence solutions provider. It is one of top providers of these services in the domain of digital marketing.


The communication teams working at Isentia are among the best in the country and in the region. They analyze online conversations in real-time and draw insights of great value Some of the companies and brands the agency has worked with are Disney, Singtel and Samsung.

Among the services offered are media impact and reputation analysis, online monitoring, print, broadcast and social media, guest post link building, daily briefings and marketing reports.


The agency is a team of SEO experts that can boost the brand’s online presence, help carve a unique identity in today’s landscape and with guest post link building too.


Searchmedia offers a complete SEO audit report to clientele without cost. They are always helpful in evaluating search rankings and have helped many outrank their competition.

Among the services it offers are specialist services for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM), web design, content marketing and Social media marketing & management.


Foxfire is a top-notch choice for most small and local businesses in Singapore that desire to expand their online presence and customer base.

It is featured  among the best agencies in Singapore and is credited with growing a considerable number of small businesses by 500 percent annually with limited budgets.


The agency is based in Singapore with principal offices in Malaysia. Since 2003, it has been active in web design and development. Among the services it offers are web design, off-site SEO services and everything related to WordPress.


Working across 95 countries with 6,000 employees and specialists present, Zenith is a multinational digital media agency. Its teams have expertise in communication planning, media planning, data analytics, along with value optimization.


Moreover, the company has helped transform the landscape with quality analytics, top research and real-time insights. Zenith is a prime ROI agency and has worked with numerous brands of repute, notably Durex, NatWest, L’Oréal and Nestle.

The services it offers are consulting, brand monitoring, reputation management, data analytics, marketing research and digital marketing.

Eleven August Media

The company was established in 2019, with a belief in ethical marketing. It has provided clients with realistic estimates.

The primary advantage Eleven August Media has is its cost effective marketing strategies. Its website has a wide array of eBooks and courses on digital marketing for those who wish to learn more about it.

Eleven August Media

Among the services it offers are social media management and marketing, landing pages design, search engine marketing, Google ads, Google display network services, graphic design and search engine optimization (SEO).


A media agency with expertise in marketing solely for technology firms, DWA is a global company having almost two decades of experience. It has provided services to brands like Cisco, NetApp and Cinemark, among many.


The services it offers are social media and online community management, strategy and insights, content creation and data analytics.


No doubt Singapore has moved on ahead of its neighbors, and the top digital media agencies in the country are a testimony to the fact that digital marketing is integral to Singapore’s economy. These agencies continue making strides and will hopefully make more in the days to come.

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