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How To Turn Your Content Writing Jobs From Blah To Fantastic?

Hello everyone! I hope you’ll are having a good day. Today I am going to explain what content writing is? How to become one? How to get remote content writing jobs? Are freelance content writing jobs scam?

Who Is A Content Writer?

Who is a Content Writer?
Who is a Content Writer?

Content Writer creates content for blogs, websites, and social media. A writer is responsible for identifying blog ideas and doing research for writing relevant content. They are responsible for performing keyword research to find content ideas. Persuasive content writing engages, entertains and achieves your business goals. It turns site visitors into satisfied customers and better search engine rankings. For persuasive content writing, you need to write a head-turning headline to grab the targeted audiences’ attention, do your research and focus on a single purpose.

Master The Art of Freelance Content Writing Jobs With these Tips

Content Writer required

The first thing you’ll need to become a writer is your ‘PORTFOLIO’ because whenever you tell someone that you’re a writer, he/she will ask to show your work. To build a portfolio, you need to sort out 5-6 topics like Health, Technology, Blogging, Fashion, Lifestyle because these niches are popular. If you search for content writing jobs, then the chances are the job requirement would be almost related to these niches. Write about ten articles under each of these 05 niches. You’ll have to write 50 articles to get started or to build your profile. As a fresh content writer, you’ll have to establish your brand to get paid high. Create your blog and publish the 50 written articles on it. For a blogging site, you can select from WordPress and check out how to backup a WordPress site, LinkedIn or Medium.

Master The Art of Original Content

Plagiarism Free Content
Plagiarism Free Content

Don’t fool the clients by delivering them copied content; you’ll get caught, and the client will not work with you again. A Content Writer must write plagiarism-free content. It is hard for a beginner to write 100% plagiarism-free content; therefore, you can use ‘Grammarly’ Or ‘Copyscape’ to check plagiarism in the content you wrote. The tools highlight the copied part from your content, so you can rewrite or rephrase the plagiarized part. Once you get used to it, you’ll not require any tools to check your articles for plagiarism.

How To Find The Right Content Writing Job?

We all know now who is a content writer and what he does. What we don’t know is how to find the right Content Writing Jobs? Finding a work-from-home freelance content writing job pays you well and offers you regular work.

i. Facebook


The easiest way to find a writing job is via a Facebook account. You can contact the clients directly from your Facebook account without the interference of any third-party website or application that charges too much for their services. All you have to do is search for content writing groups and join them.  There are numerous Facebook groups of Content Writing Jobs as Content Writer Needed, Content Writers, Freelance Content Writers, Content Writers Community, and clients posting their jobs. You can contact the clients directly, send them your samples, share your resume with them to get the work. Besides, you can also post something like:

“Hi, this is Syed Daniyal Hussain. I am a writer by profession. My expertise niches are blah blah blah… I can provide you with regular work. You can contact me at [email protected].”

The clients will contact you directly. So, I prefer joining these groups and applying to a couple of clients to get your first work.

ii. Freelance Websites

Freelance Websites

There are a lot of trustworthy freelance websites where you can find writing jobs. These include Upwork, Fiverr, Peopleperhour, Freelancer. The most significant advantage of these sites is that you can get the work from any part of the world. The significant benefits of getting work from a freelance website are they:

  1. Pay in Dollar.
  2. Get you more money for less work.
  3. You can work for around the world clients
  4. Better market exposure.

To get started; you need to join these sites, create a healthy account profile, upload your expertise niches, and upload 5-6 best writing samples. Initially, it can be challenging, because the competition level you meet on these sites will be more than approaching the clients directly via Facebook. Further, you’ll need to acquire a bidding strategy that is lesser than the competitor writers. It would be best if you observe competitors bid closely and quote a short delivery time. Make sure to write an impressive description like your writeup will fulfill all client requirements while applying for work, so the client may choose you rather than your competitors.

iii. Contact with Digital Marketing Companies, Digital Marketing Houses, Content Agencies, Bloggers

Digital Marketing Companies

Nowadays, content writing has become a necessity for digital marketing houses, bloggers and agencies. You must be thinking of how to get work or hired by them? It is simple, search for the best digital marketing agencies on google. Open their Website, and you’ll find the contact details from there. Draft an email with a cover letter, CV and sample writeup and send it to all the contact list you just sorted. This process might take some time, but the task is not next to impossible. Take your time, search for the best agencies, best digital marketing companies and best media houses to get a good client.

iv. Contact Website in your niche

Write for Us

Search and contact the websites directly in your niche. Suppose you’re a health writer, your niche websites may include healthy life, medicines today, etc. If you’re a news writer your niche website includes Dawn, Times of India, India Today, GEO, ARY, CNN, and NBC, New York Times. Still, confused? Let’s make it simple. Assume you’re a health writer, search for HOW TO CURE DENGUE FEVER? The first 10-15 results you see are the websites in your niche. Look for contact details in these sites and then approach them via email. Make sure to approach as many websites as you can to get hired by the best. It will take some time, but you can do it. Don’t lose hope!

If you follow the abovementioned tricks, you can indeed find content writing jobs, remote content writing jobs, and freelance content writing jobs in no time. The only key is to be patient and keep on working hard. Till then, Don’t Stop Keep Running for Success.

Content Writing Tools?

Content Writing Tools

For a newbie, you’ll need to acquire the help of tools to deliver quality results. These tools will not only save your time but will also help you to find and correct grammatical mistakes in your content. You can use:

  1. Treakyourbiz – will help you to generate the title.
  2. Grammarly – will help you to correct your mistakes.
  3. Thesaurus – will help to find synonyms.
  4. Tysto – spelling list will help to differentiate between the UK and US English words.

The State of FREELANCE WRITING in 2021 by Jorden Makelle

“Jordan is a freelance writer who was fired from her full-time job and made $5,000 a month quickly after that via freelance writing business. You can follow her here.

Is Freelance Content Writing Job A SCAM?

Freelance Content Writing Scam

The worst nightmare for remote content writing jobs is to know whether the person or client you are working for is genuine or fake? Is he/she going to pay after you have fulfilled their requirement? To stay safer side

  • Do not accept to pay anything for registration purposes/fee.
  • Ensure weekly payments instead of monthly ones, to understand the client’s work better load/pressure and nature.
  • If you’re an experienced writer, you can feel free to ask for payment in advance.
  • Decide the nature of work, words per article, niche, working hours and other terms and conditions on email record.

That’s all for today!

I hope you guys enjoyed reading it. Share your views in the comment section below and let us know if we forgot to mention something.

Have a good day ahead…

Syed Daniyal Hussain

Syed Daniyal Hussain is a passionate blogger, an internet marketing professional, and a website developer. By reading his posts it’s easy to see how passionate about his work and life Daniyal really is. He’s to the point, genuine, and tells how it is. Hire Him now.

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