What is a chatbot, and how is it helping online businesses?

What is a chatbot and why we need this?

Having a great customer service method is a composite component to the success of any organization. However, what is a chatbot ever-changing trends are directly impacting this whole process, and demands change dramatically. To fill this gap in organizations, artificial intelligence (AI) oriented messaging has gained the limelight like chatbots. Then, what is a chatbot? Let’s dig deep into it!

A Chabot uses artificial intelligence to imitate human behavior. It also uses a computer program to converse with the target audience either with text messages or audio. It’s difficult to visualize a world except for chatbots. It is widely used to assist us in the different transactions made across different industries. However, not being on the desk always helps the clients.


When you say “What is a chatbot” is initially the brainchild of Alan Turing, an English programming specialist who penned down the research paper, “Computer Machinery and Intelligence”, in 1950. Turing came up with the Turing artificial intelligence test in his research paper to find out if machines are capable of thinking like humans. He questioned his peers and see what they think about this.

What is a chatbot?

The Turing test incited plenty of computer scientists. Joseph Weizenbaum, put all his efforts along with others to bring ELIZA to life in 1966. ELIZA set off the underpinning for the design of chatbots still being used today. For instance, pre-programmed replies, keywords, and fixed phrases.


Many bots came into existence thereafter. In 1995, A.L.I.C.E, a language-processing bot, acquired fame. Smarterchild went viral on the SMS networks in 2001, for being one of the predecessors of Siri and S Voice.


The preceding decade witnessed bots as a composite fragment of tech companies. We can speak of Samsung having S Voice, Google having Google now, Amazon has Alexa, and not to forget Siri by Apple, all of these are quite popular these days.


In 2016, Facebook additionally eased the restructuring of AI-oriented customer service. Moreover, it set in motion a texting platform that empowered business developers to produce bots that preserve with their followers.

A lot of businesses are looking for chatbots to entertain the queries of their customers swiftly. This is done by deploying a smart chatbot on their website development, which is one of the easiest and quickest ways to get help.



Impact of AI to Customer Service

The cause behind the exponential growth and development of chatbots is artificial intelligence. AI chatbots are accountable for important structural variations in plenty of organizations. It’s empowering ventures to deliver brilliant customer services except enhancing the number of workers.

It is a surprising fact, a huge proportion of businesses (both big and small) consolidate any form of texting features into their CRM. Following are the top-cited advantages that businesses receive from AI-driven service:


Round-the-clock Service


Chatbots can be functional 24x7x365, permitting them to give out service to your clients even by the time you’re in deep slumber or carrying out other tasks.


Rapid Response


In this age, clients want frequent outcomes in effect and generally rely on the ventures that provide the services rapidly. Research on chatbot user experience realized that around 40% of the customers do not tend to look after whether there is a human or AI-enabled chatbot to their responses. Having said that, it implies that customers keep on getting rapid responses.


Easy Access

Chatbots can simply be approached by customers who are at an ever-increasing rate pulling off from contemporary phone inquiries. They want everything in their grasp from their cell phone.


Apart from the advantages introduced, the usage of chatbots may also multiply your sales.

In a contemporary experiment carried out by HubSpot via Facebook Messenger to push and chase the leads to an event. They observed an unbelievable 477% cutdown in lead expense and a 212% increment in opens. Moreover, followed by a 619 % increment to their click-through rate, it is good for free bot integration.


How to Build a Chatbot 


Let’s have a glance at all the compulsory steps of how to build a chatbox. The process entails the process so that you may finally get a purpose-driven, beneficial bot. Here we go to navigate the way to build a Chatbox.




The prime resolution of a task starts with sorting out the why. So, we should address this question. Why are you building a chatbot? What are you striving to achieve for your customers or prospects?

Solutions to such questions will further the way to your choice of a bot type. As it is above mentioned, it can be a rule-driven chatbot with predetermined answers or an up-to-date, AI-driven bot that keeps taking things into account from customer’s input. 


In this age, there are two most important selections to be resolved in terms of types. One is the support that includes an FAQs chatbot, which can pull answers to any of the questions. The other one is sales, which includes data collection, consultation, and human involvement.


what is a chatbot



You will have to chase your customers and make the chatbot accessible on the platform that they eventually find more user-friendly. Will it be a bot hosted on your site, a single mobile app, or a Facebook Messenger bot? It is on to your clients and one visiting the site.



When you have in mind the client’s issue you are going to solve and target platforms, you may start choosing your chatbot’s technology stack. You may choose one of the frameworks and have chatbot developers frame your bot, or try your hands with one of the DIY chatbot-development platforms.




Once you have opted for a tech stack, you may develop the chatbot by framing out the conversation stream. If you go for it with one of the DIY platforms, the method is almost as easy as drag and dropping answering choices.



If you build an uncomplicated and easy chatbot based upon the principles, you may jump to step six. On the contrary, if your chatbot is based upon AI, you initially train it with a huge data set. At the very onset, you require a chatbot to understand the customer’s intent. Therefore, enabling a chatbot with the tools to deal with ever-changing scenarios and cater to customer’s demands.



A chatbot is a software product you want it to interact with humans. You further analyze the way it helps the clients. Keep in mind that chatbot is still a fresh figment. Therefore many clients will try to collapse it. That’s why it is better to foresee such scenarios with graceful suitable answers. Test it before you launch it for the direct chatty scenarios to make it an easy-flowing device for human encounters.



Positioning a chatbot often doesn’t take a lot of time. You will have to make sure that all of the points are integrated and the chatbot is coordinated. It should be wholly integrated with your complete internal design. For instance, they are user CRM, ERP, or as such software systems. Once you position the chatbox, its development cycle does not end. Now you should completely keep a check on the statistics to retain customer loyalty and happiness.


To conclude, the deployment and maintenance of Chatbox need the assistance of different CRM firms. To get a feasible and budget-friendly Chatbox, have a glance over Coupon.


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