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6 Home Remedies to Naturally Treat Pyria

Treat Pyria

Whenever we smile, eat, talk, or frown we use our teeth. Our teeth form our smile which makes us different and has a great influence on our overall personality. Other than this, our oral health is the window to your overall health.

When it comes to oral health, instructions including brushing twice a day and flossing remain at the top. Despite all good oral health practices, these health problems are quite common and problematic. Whether it’s bleeding gums or teeth sensitivity, oral health troubles affect a person’s quality of life to a greater magnitude.

Naturally Treat Pyria

What is pyria?

Pyria or pyorrhea is one of the common dental health problems which is gum inflammation affecting teeth bonding membranes. Caused by the bacterial infection, this condition could lead to teeth loosening and pus discharge from the gums, also known as periodontitis.

Common pyria symptoms

Common pyria symptoms include;

  • Sore and swollen gums
  • Heat and cold teeth sensitivity
  • Recessed gums
  • Pain while chewing food
  • Bleeding gums
  • Teeth loosening and teeth falling
  • Bad breath
  • Cavity layer in gum
  • Pus accumulation in gum

Pyria could be very painful and problematic, having variable consequences. The main cause of pyria is a bacterial infection due to poor oral hygiene or improper oral cleaning habits. A few months ago, my mother had painful, bleeding gums alongside severe sensitivity and painful chewing. We took her to the dentist who was a renowned female dentist in Peshawar. The dentist diagnosed her with pyria and began her treatment.

Common pyria treatments

Pyria is a common dental problem and can be treated in many ways. Pyria treatments range from rubbing ash to using pyria toothpaste. However, home remedies to treat pyria are an affordable and effective way to deal with the problem.

My mother’s dentist prescribed her some medicines but her symptoms were not relieved. A thick plaque layer was accumulated on her teeth for which she went through the teeth cleaning procedure at Sara Dental Clinic in Peshawar. After the teeth cleaning procedure, her symptoms were slightly relieved and is still following her dental treatment.

Home remedies for pyria

Some effective home remedies to treat pyria include;

1- Lemon juice

Owing to the antibacterial properties of lemon juice, it can be effectively used to relieve pyria. Raw lemon juice can be massaged over the gums that could lead to a burning sensation in the beginning. However, long-term use can be effective to relieve pyria treatment.

2- Alum to treat pyria

Potash alum. Also known as phitkari can be used to treat pyria. Potash alum can be roasted and converted to powdered form if applied on gums and teeth, which can relieve pyria symptoms. Moreover, potash alum water gargles are also effective to get rid of oral bacteria.

3- Mustard oil

Mustard oil is known for its healing properties and due to this very reason, it can be used as an effective pyria treatment. Mustard oil with a pinch of salt added to it can be applied to the gums to relieve the pain. You can apply this mixture overnight and regular use will surely relieve the gum pain.

4- Sesame oil swishing

Another best home remedy for pyria is the swishing of sesame oil. You can keep sesame oil in your mouth for 8-10 minutes approximately and then spit it out after swishing. This can surely help to soothe your swollen and bleeding gums providing relief.

5- Fruits peels

You can rub the peels of vitamin C rich foods on your teeth and gums to get immediate pain relief. Applying orange peels can smear teeth with vitamin C that will stop the bleeding. Moreover, applying the inner side of banana peel can aid to heal the receding gums.

6- Onion might help you

Applying onion juice to your mouth can help you to get rid of harmful oral bacteria resulting in pyria.

Bottom Line

Pyria is a painful dental health condition and can adversely affect a person’s oral health. Among countless pyria treatments, home remedies are found to be quite beneficial. However, other than these home remedies, ensuring good oral hygiene and visiting your dentist is essential. In case your dental health doesn’t seem to improve with these remedies, you should immediately go to a dentist to get the right solution to your problem.


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