• Live Shopping
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    Live Shopping: The Next Frontier Of Commerce

    What is Live Video Shopping? Live Shopping is the amalgamation of Shoppable services and real-time streaming videos. There’s something special about live shopping shows that captivates customers and urges them to buy from you. Livestream ecommerce works in the same way as home shopping networks do. A presenter, usually an influencer or celebrity, promotes a product on the stream, and viewers may buy it during the broadcast. It is also known as live shopping, live shop streaming, and retail Live Video Shopping.   What’s the big deal? One of the most appealing aspects of live shopping is the ability for viewers to engage with brands and influencers in real-time. It…

  • Write Publish Repeat
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    How To Turn Your Content Writing Jobs From Blah To Fantastic?

    Hello everyone! I hope you’ll are having a good day. Today I am going to explain what content writing is? How to become one? How to get remote content writing jobs? Are freelance content writing jobs scam? Who Is A Content Writer? Content Writer creates content for blogs, websites, and social media. A writer is responsible for identifying blog ideas and doing research for writing relevant content. They are responsible for performing keyword research to find content ideas. Persuasive content writing engages, entertains and achieves your business goals. It turns site visitors into satisfied customers and better search engine rankings. For persuasive content writing, you need to write a head-turning…

  • Digital Marketing Jobs
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    Digital Marketing Jobs Will Make You Tons Of Cash. Here’s How!

    Before we start with Digital Marketing Jobs, let us first know what Marketing is? Marketing is an essential part of any business. It is a process of sharing, communicating, delivering services or products to customers. If the marketing of any business is weak, then it is hard for the company to sustain itself no matter how much they have invested in it. Marketing is a way of promoting your business to inform others about your product and services. Through this method, you ask people to buy your product or avail of your services. There are seven (07) principles of Marketing like product, price, promotion, place, packaging, positioning, and people. Any…

  • app development
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    The Value of Your Content Subscribers app development

    Talking about ROI on your content marketing efforts and app development, it’s better to first understand what we mean by your content’s ROI. What is the ROI for your content marketing campaigns? How do you track it? Apparently, even experienced content creation teams struggle at times to understand the goals and ROI associated with their campaigns. The case is more prominent when it comes to talking about customers, more precisely, your content subscribers. Measuring the value of your content subscribers app development Remember, measuring the value of your content subscribers isn’t connected to what you should charge for your content marketing services. Measuring the value is more about quantifying the…

  • Digital Marketing
    Digital Marketing

    Does Your Business Really Need Digital Marketing

    Introduction: Digital Marketing If you can imagine then try to imagine living in a time when there was no internet. At least you would have to picture your lives in the early 1990s when the use of the internet was not common, in fact, it was quite rare. You will notice that some of the most successful brands and business organizations that are still present and thriving today were also giants back then as well and these brands and business organizations did that without the use of digital marketing. The Use Of Digital Marketing And Its Need The use of digital marketing became increasingly popular in this century. When people…

  • Digital marketing strategy framework
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    Digital marketing strategy framework

    The so-called digital marketing is a practical activity that is driven by technology + data and uses digital communication channels to promote products and services, so as to communicate with consumers in a timely, relevant, customized, and cost-saving manner. However, there are still many traditional companies that do not know where to start digital marketing.  If a company is always focusing on how to help customers achieve self-worth while setting their own digital marketing business goals, they can find new growth breakthroughs in this period of fierce competition. A complete digital marketing strategy framework is composed of four parts i.e. planning, information access, relationship maintenance, data analysis, and optimization. Make…

  • website design Dubai
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    4 Web Design Dubai Factor that work in Businesses of E-Commerce

    Across the world, e-commerce is one of the preferred ways to do business for most web design Dubai companies. There are several Formulas that offer many benefits that companies get by running an e-commerce venture. Saving the cost of establishing a business in a physical location and the cost incurred as a result of the hiring of employees is one of the factors that make companies go for this aspect. If you think that starting an e-commerce venture is easy, just the website aspect will make your head go spinning. Companies must understand that to make some space for themselves in a saturated marketplace; they have to leave no stone…

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    7 Benefits of Press Release for Any Business

    Press releases are vital tools when it comes to public relations and PR campaigns. But a lesser-known fact is that press release distribution can benefit businesses from every niche and any size. From getting coverage in business mags, trade journals, podcasts, and blogs, press releases can work wonders for your business.  Press release distribution also helps in sustaining your business. Some of the key benefits that you can reap from the press releases are enhancing reliability, recognition, reputation, revenues, prestige, and visibility. And guess what! You don’t have to have an Oprah story to consider leveraging a press release.  I own a small business setup myself. So, take it from…

  • Google Ads ad billboards
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    How Google Ads Can Replace Local Billboards

    An astounding 380,000 people watch ads on the famous billboards of Times Square every day. Sound like a lot, right? But what if you were told that there is another way to get a much larger and global audience than this and that too for a way cheaper price of $1? Yes! We are talking about PPC campaigns that deliver your content to a highly segmented audience based on your targeting around the world. With the advancement in technology, the ads and marketing campaigns are getting smart too and in the near future, these are predicted to replace local billboards. How is this change coming across? Let’s compare both of…

  • create SEO friendly content
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    Best 8 Tips on How to write SEO friendly content?

    Just like any other form of writing, articles, and blog posts require research skills and writing skills. To engage the readers in your blog post, you would have to create appealing content. The content must also be easily understandable so that the readers find no difficulty in reading the blog post. You can make your content easy-to-read by adding headings, subheadings, and appropriate paragraphs. If the readers would like your article, they will share it with other members. SEO tactics are applied by website owners to boost traffic, but at the time of writing the blog posts, the writers also need to use a few SEO techniques in their children…