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Understanding Best Snapchat Premium

Both WhatsApp and Telegram have introduced their business specific versions. They both have their own margin of success. Similarly, Snapchat Premium (the much adored social media app among the society’s younger generation) has launched a paid subscription service as a means of boosting revenue. This is known as Snapchat plus aka premium Snapchat.

It is known as Snapchat+. This subscription provides users early bird access to the newest features plus exclusive access to specific features in the transitory messaging app. This post will help explain Snapchat+ and will even help users learn more about its subscription.

What is Snapchat premium?

Snapchat+ is Snapchat premium version offering users access to features which are experimental and exclusive. In fact, some of them are pre-release features. It brings a whole new set of perks which are:

  • The option to pin a a very good/best friend as a BFF.
  • New and exclusive set of badges.
  • Story rewatch feature and its count among a host of many.

It is also worth noting that this subscription of Snapchat Premium won’t remove ads on the platform. Now isn’t this a big letdown?

Apart from Snapchat Premium, both Telegram and WhatsApp have announced subscription based offerings and services. The former brought in Telegram Premium a few months ago whilst the latter went for WhatsApp premium.

Top features Snapchat has to offer

Snapchat Premium isn’t the only one top bring in a dedicated premium or business version. As both Telegram and WhatsApp have done so as well. Here are some of the best features of Snapchat+ aka premium Snapchat:

Custom time limit for stories to expire

Normally a snapchat story would expire after 24 hours. But with Snapchat+, subscribers can hence set customized time margins to their stories, ranging from an hour to a week and the like. As of now, only a maximum of a week is offered.

Customized notification sounds

Subscribers of Snapchat+ can set up custom notification sounds for various contacts. This comes in handy and lets users know who sent them a snap and they won’t have to repeatedly check their phone. They can set up custom notification tones for certain contacts using snapchat’s settings and seven sounds are available to choose from.

Color borders for the camera

Users can set up custom colored borders around Snapchat’s camera view. There is a large array of colors to choose from when users either take pictures or record videos using Snapchat’s camera.

Pinning best friends as #1 BFF

One of the best new features of Snapchat+, users can now feature their really good and best friends as their #1 BFF using a new badge. Though users do not have to manually do so, they can manage to be each other’s friends for two consecutive weeks. Consequently, those users will receive a red heart right next to their username in the chats list. Hence they will be known as BFFs.

The Snapchat badge can be earned

As part of the premium subscription, users will also receive a star next to their profile. The badge shows users as subscribers of Snapchat+. Others will presumably see the Snapchat+ badge when they visit the profile.

Rewatch count of stories can be set

Snapchat gives users the chance to watch stories multiple times, again, and again. However the feature has been experimental but is going to be common in the near future. Features which rely only on interactions with other users will be released to everyone on Snapchat soon.

Creation of ghost trails

Snapchat+ allows formation of ghost trails on Snap Maps. It makes it possible to check friends’ location history in the past 24 hours. They are visible only if the users’ friends share their location with them.

Priority replies to priority stories

Snapchat+ subscribers will be able to see their replies to others’ stories posted by snap stars. Those replies will be prioritized and will be visible to them and other users. They can sign off of some sort after each snap they send to their friends.

Introducing the Snapchat web

Snapchat+ subscribers are welcome to use Snapchat web which is the app on the web. Users can send snaps and messages directly from their computer (desktop or laptop). Those who wish to learn how to use it on the web can go to Snapchat’s website and read the manual.


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How to get a premium Snapchat?

Here are some simple steps for users to subscribe to Snapchat+ to get exclusive, experimental, and pre-release features:

  • Users must go to their respective profile.
  • If there is a Snapchat+ banner, they should tap on it.
  • They can select their desired subscription to start the seven day free trial.
  • Once they have subscribed successfully, they need to restart the app for the premium features and options to appear.

How to make snap private?

As a default rule of Snapchat, only the friends users have added can contact them directly and view their stories. Yet there are users who’d love to review their privacy settings and they can change them in the following manner:

  • Tapping the settings icon in the profile screen so the settings can be opened.
  • Scrolling down to the section titled privacy controls.
  • There is an option regarding making the snaps private. Once tapped, users can then go back to save their choice.

Use Snapchat for marketing

Snapchat has no doubt changed the way the world’s major brands conduct their advertising and marketing activities. Transitional marketing, face filters, casual doodles on video and and other unique snapchat visuals are present in most marketing campaigns of large brands, businesses companies and the like.

Yet Snapchat’s features are limited as compared to others. It is still a creative playground for content creators to test out new ideas and projects. They look for interesting ways to translate such work for other platforms too. All of this is still nascent and snapchat is looking to bring them all on board at its earliest.

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