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Dealing with ‘user not found on instagram’ on Instagram

A lot of people have been trying to find someone on Instagram but often face the message ‘User not found’. Many times they search again and they feel a little upset about the user they’re looking for not found on Instagram. Surely they do have questions in this regard. Thankfully this article is gonna look at all of them.

Briefly understanding the issue of user not found on Instagram

Instagram is one of the most adored and popular social media platforms across the globe. Having more than 500 million active users, the platform witnesses considerable activity daily. Apart from the monumental amount of activities conducted on it, users have come across a lot of unusual things in many instances. One of them is ‘user not found on Instagram’ error message.

‘User not found’ on Instagram is an error users face when they look for someone. It should not be confused with any new searches they carry out.  If they are looking for a new profile using the search bar and the username does not coincide with those on the platform’s record, it will say ‘No users found.’

However, the user not found on Instagram is somewhat a completely different issue. It deals with profiles users have interacted with, at least once, in one way or another.

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Exploring the main reasons behind it

When the message ‘User not found on Instagram’ comes on, here are some reasons why it comes:

  • The user changes their username.
  • They might have blocked the searcher.
  • They deleted their Instagram account.
  • An Instagram account got disabled.
  • The account being searched is either in a problem or has been suspended.

The user changes their username

One of the most basic situations leading users to face such a conundrum on Instagram when the users they are looking for has changed their username. In simple words, when someone modifies their username then finding them becomes a challenge. Searching for that profile using their old username will usually land users on the user not found message.

Searching for them using their old username will cause the platform to display that message. When a username is not in use, looking for the user becomes difficult. Yet there is a solution.

Users need to be sure they know the new username of the profile/person they are looking for on Instagram. They can ask them for it, and alternatively take assistance from mutual connections and friends. Then they can search for that profile without much issues.

They might have blocked the searcher

Well, this is a sad phenomenon. If a user the searcher looks for isn’t found (showing the user not found message) and searching with the altered username is not working either, then there are chances they got blocked from the other end. Yes, no one cannot control actions taken by the other person.

If a person got blocked, the blocker’s profile won’t be accessible. But if they have been in touch with them previously, the profile will be visible in the chats (but not accessible). Visiting a profile of the person that blocked the other one is not possible on Instagram, unless and until they’ve revoked that block.

Here are some solutions to overcome this:

  • Employing alternate methods of contact: using alternate ways to contact that person and resolving issues by talking about them can help remove barriers and improve understanding. It is usually best to resolve each issue and get all things on track.
  • Creating a new Instagram profile: Making a new profile is another way to avoid the ‘user not found’ message. Users can seamlessly browse across the profile they are looking for, provided the profile is public. It can also be a solution of connecting with that profile to resolve any issues that led to blocking.

They deleted their Instagram account

If users are sure that the profile they’re looking for neither blocked them nor changed their username, then they might have deleted their account. 

Whenever someone deletes their Instagram account, everything associated with it will be removed too. Users can find the person’s deleted profile in their respective inboxes. However, it will be named as Instagram user which will have no photos or videos on it. Clicking on them will also display the ‘user not found’ message.

All that can be done in this regard is that the person who deleted their Instagram profile is to come back to the platform and make a new one. It is solely their decision and no one else’s.

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Their Instagram account may have been (or has been) disabled

Deletion is something permanent. A profile getting disabled is temporary and disabled accounts will still show the ‘user not found’ message when other users look at those profiles. Users disable their profiles just to take a break from the platform. Disabled profiles are not visible in the search results.

A disabled account will always show the ‘user not found’ message. Unless and until account owners reactivate them, Instagram will restrict the profile so it doesn’t show up in the search results.

The account being searched is either in a problem or has been suspended

When an account is suspended or is permanently banned by Instagram, it is also not visible in either the search result or in inboxes. Any activity violating at least one of Instagram’s guidelines means suspension, or in severe cases, a permanent ban.

Posting wrong things can result in Instagram taking down the whole account from their servers too. Searching for such profiles is hence futile.

Instagram often comes up with little warnings before banning an account on a permanent basis. If the platform gets reports about an account behaving badly, they waste no time in deleting it. To reverse the decision, users need to reach Instagram out and request them to revoke the suspension. It is a time consuming process.

Some Frequently asked questions to consider

Why some Instagram posts are not visible to users?

Instagram posts are not visible to users if other users complained about them violating its guidelines. Sometimes posts having controversial nature are taken down. In fact, some of them appeared as reels instead of normal posts. The platform clarified it in a couple of hours on Twitter.

I got the message ‘Try again later’ when searching for something on Instagram. What does it mean?

Try again later appears when users utilize automation tools or third party apps for Instagram. It also comes up when a user likes, comments, follows or unfollows an account quite aggressively. However, it may also appear as a temporary glitch especially when the users did nothing of such sort.

Why can’t users share posts as Instagram stories?

There are many reasons why users are unable to share posts to their stories on Instagram. Glitches and bugs plus outdated version of IG plus internet issues and other relevant issues are the main reasons.

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