Top 10 Web Hosting and Dedicated Server Providers In Amsterdam

For those who are looking to create their online business with the topmost Dedicated server providers in Amsterdam, one of the finest cities in The Netherlands, They are in luck. We are now exploring top 10 web hosting companies providing hosting services through the best dedicated server machines.

Apart from business owners browning online lists and obtaining everything they need to meet the technological demands of their business, they want services from hosting companies that can help with the following:

  • SSL transfer.
  • Email hosting.
  • VPS hosting.
  • Web hosting.
  • Joomla Hosting.
  • Linux Hosting.
  • WordPress hosting.
  • Magento Hosting.
  • Reseller hosting.
  • Java Hosting.
  • Dedicated servers provided to clients.
  • eCommerce hosting.
  • Cloud hosting.

And the like.

Regardless of whether it is a business’s first ever website or is intending to migrate to an existing one, it would be wise that the business chooses a worthwhile hosting provider to get the website live. We will now have a look at those hosting companies that can offer clients the best comprehensive features and services to suit their online business needs.

How can these hosting service providers provide the best hosting services to clientele?

Here are some factors that have helped in proper selection of the companies providing hosting through dedicated servers. Here are some of the facts:

  • The hosting service providers listed are well-established with a very good reputation.
  • They offer round the clock service with zero waiting time.
  • Solutions offered are easy to use and are easy to start with.
  • Plans can be easily upgraded or downgraded.
  • Servers are quick and load the website in a matter of seconds.
  • These hosting firms provide servers that are independent and offer greater value than others.
  • Regular backups are offered.

Factors on which hosting criteria was created?

Here are some of the factors on which hosting criteria was made:

  • Reputation: Only well-known hosting firms are ranked, especially those that are well known in the tech world.
  • Reviews: Based on results and customer satisfaction levels.
  • Popularity: Ranks are assigned after thorough analysis of the hosting companies used frequently by other businesses.
  • Speed: Speed and responsiveness of sites on servers are verified after thorough evaluation.
  • Support: Responsiveness offered by each hosting service provider is evaluated to prove they are failsafe.

Benefits of obtaining top-notch web hosting service

Here are some benefits of having top-notch web hosting:

  • Availability: Ensuring the website is available all the time.
  • Security: All transactions from customers for the online aspect of businesses are secure.
  • Ease of shopping: Allowing customers to add multiple products at the same time.
  • Ready to use framework: Features and services can be easily used, customized and amplified as per needs.
  • Managing multiple websites: These servers help clients manage multiple websites easily via a single admin panel.

Top 10 Web Hosting and Dedicated Server Providers In Amsterdam

Now that we are aware of the criteria, we will now look at the Top 10 web hosting services providing dedicated servers in the Dutch Capital Amsterdam:


HostNoc was established in 2018 by a team of experienced cloud computing experts, cybersecurity professionals and network engineers. Their aim was to provide the best technology infrastructure, support and security services via proper connection with customers on a human level. They have been helping them achieve enhancements in efficiency via proper digital transformation.

dedicated servers

Apart from using the best machines in dedicated Server Amsterdam, the company also believes in creating long term relations with its clients at each touch point. This is why HostNoc always goes the extra mile to help customers  get the most benefits from digital transformation.


Avangate was established in 2006, with its American HQ being in Atlanta while its European HQ is in Amsterdam. The company provides some of the best market-proven digital commerce solutions which help enable software, SaaS, Event marketing and online service providers to embrace industry shifts nicely, reach customers efficiently and seamlessly adopt new business models.


All of this is done not just to optimize profits across multiple channels but also to optimize each channel in the long run.

Super Interactive

Headquartered in Amsterdam, Super Interactive has been known to be a WordPress hosting specialist. Known for providing dedicated servers for web hosting, the company’s specialty lies in WordPress development and hosting. It aims to create a custom WordPress site that lasts for decades and matches each firm’s objectives without barriers.

Super Interactive

Apart from providing hosting, the company also provides specialist digital services, helping customers achieve long term success. The company strives to provide its clients top-notch hosting and digital services helping them keep their WordPress websites intact.

N-Able Spam Experts

Formerly known as Spam Experts, the company helps both web-hosting companies along with ISPs and telecommunications firms strengthen their email protection. 

N-Able Spam Experts

Among the services are dedicated hosting, affordable inbound and outbound email filtering as well as archiving solutions which are driven by updated intelligent protection and filtering engines. This helps protect digital assets from online threats.


Leaseweb was established in Amsterdam in the early 2000s. The company’s founders are basically airline pilots who emphasized on connecting people through bridges. The phenomenal growth of the internet helped them envision their skills and experience to create the Internet as a service, making it safe, available and accessible to everyone. This vision is part of the firm’s DNA.


A former startup which is now a global player, Leaseweb has the drive, experience and ambition to go further quickly with trust and reliability. The company provides some of the best dedicated servers in Amsterdam at most competitive prices.


EasyHosting was established in 1999 as a fast-growing, autonomous and financially robust firm. Being among the largest providers of dedicated and shared web hosting in the Netherlands, the firm has registered more than 100,000 domains for its customers.


It has a 24/7 helpdesk which has some of the best rates of responsiveness. Moreover, its prices are competent with top-notch service quality.

Host Today (formerly Phon Q)

Host Today was once known as Phon Q. It was created in 2008 by college students in their attic. The company today provides domain registration, dedicated, shared and reseller web hosting along with Virtual Private Servers (VPS) with SSL certificates, Service Level agreements and dedicated WordPress maintenance too.

Host Today (formerly Phon Q)

The company has helped numerous companies and individuals with web hosting and accessibility. Their hardware is always up-to-date thus guaranteeing speed and security of the website being in the right hands.

One Server

In 2001, Jacob Jensen, A Danish Entrepreneur created the company B-One, which is now known as Mr jensen believes online solutions should be as easy as possible.

This is why helps many start growing their business with or without technical skills. This is the reason they have been a trusted partner of many for decades.

Headquartered in Copenhagen, the company has offices in numerous cities around the world, particularly Madrid, Stockholm, Paris, Berlin, Gurgaon, Rome, Dubai, London, Reston and Amsterdam. The Amsterdam office is a major R&D facility.


Headquartered in Amsterdam, Greenhost is known to provide sustainable and environment friendly web hosting. It was created 15 years ago and stands as one of the best providers of managed dedicated hosting services across the world.


The company has a high regard for the internet being a free medium. It also believes in robust data privacy policies keeping information of clientele intact. High speed connectivity with SSD,Ceph and Xen as pillars have helped it become a top-notch provider of hosting services.


For some, the name may sound sober but the logo is exotic in a technological sense. The company’s key focus is managed dedicated hosting, helping support customers, partners and colleagues in a much better manner. It enables businesses to scale ambition through technology.


Bringing change as a team, removing complexity and accelerating action have helped the firm become a market leading specialist in dedicated hosting.

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