7 Latest Chatbot Trends You Can Not Miss In 2022

Chatbots are one of the hottest technologies in modern times. They are undoubtedly going to change the way people interact with technology, websites and brands. We are already witnessing their impact. It is predicted that 80% of businesses will integrate some form of chatbot framework system by 2022 because it will help them reduce their operational costs by 30%


Chatbots framework are being used in many apps including the popular messaging apps. Some are even being used in cars.

With customized bots, you can not just increase your customer engagement rate but also have a steady flow of leads.

However, with the growing number of competitors, it has become increasingly hard to stay ahead in this digital market. Chatbot development has given a new dimension to the world of technology.


In this article, you will learn about seven chatbot trends that will dominate in 2022.

7 Chatbot Trends You Should Not Miss In 2022

Here are seven chatbot trends that will rule in 2022.

Rise of Voice Bots

According to statistics, 50% of all web searches will be conducted through voice and 30% of these searches will take place even without a screen.

Users are adopting platforms that provide them convenient interfaces to interact and deliver a seamless experience. This will lead to the rise of voice bots.


These voice bots will harness the power of artificial intelligence and enable businesses in automating customer engagement.

This could kick start a revolution in industries like insurance, travel and education. As more and more users become comfortable in interacting with these voice bots, we will see this type of chatbots go mainstream.

As the time passes, we might see new applications and use cases for voice bots.

Emotionally Intelligent Bots

One of the biggest complaints Chatbots framework critics have about chatbots is that they could not understand human feelings as other humans do.

With emotionally intelligent chatbots on the horizon, we might see this criticism being laid to rest. These chatbots will be equipped with AI and facial recognition technology to detect human feelings from their facial expressions.

Chatbots framework

Not only that, these chatbots can also detect your speech and text and identify your emotions and feelings. Let’s say, you typed a message, chabot will analyze that message to find whether you are happy or sad.

We will see more and more businesses use these emotionally intelligent chatbots as emotional intelligence becomes a more sought after soft skill for employers. This could prove to be a major breakthrough and transform many industries and sectors.

Self Learning Chatbot Framework

What really makes artificially intelligent robots stand toe to toe with humans in every aspect of life? It is their ability to learn and get better at everything they do.

They use past experience, skills, data and more to make decisions just like a human. The only thing that is hampering their progress is their dependence on humans.


It is the humans that will feed all that data, share their past experience, knowledge and skills with the robots so it can learn from it. This is about to change with self learning chatbots. These chatbots can work independently and don’t require human intervention.

These self l chatbot machine learning can analyze patterns and learn from past interaction to get better. Don’t be surprised if your latest interaction with chatbots are much better than your last ones.

Chatbot-Based Analytics and Insights

Customer needs are evolving with each passing day and companies that succeed understand those needs and adapt accordingly.. Chatbots can help you better understand your customer pain points and provide you with valuable customer insights.

Make sure that all that data is hosted on a Miami Dedicated Servers which is linked to CRM. This will help you design right marketing campaigns and deliver a personalized experience to your customers.


It will also give you a better idea about the perception your customers have about your brand as well as their likes and dislikes.

This makes the job of marketers a whole lot easier as they know exactly what their customers expect from them. You can analyze all that customer data and improve your future marketing campaigns.

Chatbots That Can Handle Financial Transactions

2022 will be the year where we saw chatbot machine learning technology mature to the point that it can handle financial transactions. More and more businesses will rely on chabots for processing simple payments and other financial transactions.

We could also see the emergence of E-commerce chatbots that make your shopping experience more convenient by recommending relevant products and processing payments.


How will this work? Let’s say a customer wants to pay the bill and type “pay the bill”, the chatbot Business will make the API request and directly move the customer to the payment screen or send a link to the customer.

Soon, you will see many popular payment processors, payment gateways, online payment channels to jump on the chatbot bandwagon.

NLP Integration In Chatbots

Chatbots that leverage natural language processing can revolutionize customer support in 2022. These bots will not only be able to make sense of user inputs but also respond back with relevant output.

They also possess text analysis and sentiment analysis capabilities, which increase their efficiency even more.


Just like self learning bots, NLP powered chatbots can also learn from past experiences and responses and get better at handling customer queries. In fact, Royal Bank of Scotland have already started experimenting with such bots to enhance the user experiences for their valued customers. 

Adding Human Element To Chatbots

Chatbots have graduated from customer service and support to more complex applications, thanks to advancement in technology.

Soon, you will be hard pressed to tell the difference between a human customer support representative or a chatbots machine learning. Chatbot developers are working hard to add human touch to chatbots so users feel right at home when interacting with them. 


With the power of AI on their side, they will be able to identify the user intent behind every message they type and respond accordingly.

They will become ever better at identifying patterns and user behavior which help them interact with users at a personal level just like a human.


Which chatbot trend will create the biggest splash in your opinion? Share it with us in the comments section below.

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