Want a Suggestion? Best USB Android Phone Chargers to Buy in 2021

“These are the best android phone chargers to keep your phone vigorous on the go.”

Picking an Android phone charger for a smartphone has always been a problematic chore when you have so many picks. It is for the reason that some may:

  • Desires to charge their phone faster
  • Desires to get the economical one as they misplace it every once a few weeks.
  • Desires to charge other heavy devices too with the same.

Whatever may be the reason, it has turn out to be a necessity for every individual to have the charger accompanied with them to work.

Nearly all Android phones come up with a standard 2-A dock and a charging cable however, we have also seen fast chargers with android phones comprising of 5000mAh battery or more. Android phone chargers are generally of two types i.e USB-A and USB-C. Cellphones before 2018, mostly consisted of USB-A category chargers, whereas, after 2018 USB-C category chargers were familiarized which are faster and more reliable.

Can I Charge iPhone with an Android charger?

The answer is ‘YES’.

An iPhone can be charged with an android phone charger, but you’ll still require to get the cable of an iPhone charger because of the variance in charging jacks, as the USB-A and USB-C category charger cables are not compatible with an iPhone variant.

Which is the best android phone charger?

Some of the popular branded android phone chargers include Samsung, Anker, and Aukey because of their speed and trustworthiness.

Let’s have a look at the best android charger among the popular ones in the market in terms of speed, size, price, and durability…

PowerPort Atom III 60W

PowerPort Atom III 60W
PowerPort Atom III 60W

PowerPort Atom III is a 60W android USB-C charger designed to charge not only android phones but also apples, tablets, MAC, and laptops. The charger is manufactured to charge nearly all devices at the fastest speed deprived of heating much and is generally smaller in size in contrast to standard MAC chargers.

Price: With a price of $11.99, PowerPort Atom III is a decent choice for users preferring fast chargers at low prices.

Android Wall Charger Micro Cord Kit

Android Charger Micro USB Cord
Android Charger Micro USB Cord

Android Wall Charger Micro Cord Kit is a dual-port scratch-resistant 2.1A/5V android charger for charging multiple devices simultaneously. The cables are made up of Nylon that are durable and are tangle-less. They can provide a data transfer rate of up to 480Mbps. These cables are 6 feet in length that makes it convenient to keep using the phone/devices while charging or keeping in a safer place when the phone is on the charge.

Price: It costs $12.99 on Amazon.


RAVPower 90W 2-Port Wall Charger


RAVPOWER 90W 2-Port wall charger is a dual-port powerful charger that is capable enough to charge two laptops at the same time. It comprises a 90W PD3.0 output that can charge MacBook in 02 hours, MacBook Pro 15” in 2.3 hours, MacBook Pro 13” in 1.8 hours, and MacBook Pro 12” in 1.5 hours straight (as mentioned in the manual book).

A USB-C to USB-C cable also comes up with a charger that is of good quality, flexible, and robust. The charger is 60% lighter in weight in contrast to standard chargers that makes it convenient to carry at work. One downside of RAVPOWER 90W 2-Port wall charger is that it frequently gets heat up after an hour of straight charging, but that is completely satisfactory like it ranges beneath 140° thus, will not affect the charger and/or device connected to it.

Price: $46.17 on Amazon.

Samsung 25W PD Fast Power Adapter

Samsung 25W PD Fast Power Adapter
Samsung 25W PD Fast Power Adapter

A very common charger that comes with most of the Samsung devices like the Galaxy series. A budget-friendly charger that can charge your phone safer and faster with 25W. The charger can be used to charge other devices as well.

Price: with a price of $13 on Amazon, I think Samsung 25W PD Fast Power Adapter is a perfect choice for users who misplaces their chargers one every few weeks.

AUKEY Swift 18W Fast Charger with Foldable Plug


Another budget-friendly android phone charger with a PD30 chip and 18W jack that can charge your android phone within 30-45 minutes from zero-to-hundred. It can also charge iPhone-compatible versions like iPhone 8 and/or later three times faster than normal chargers. The charging dock comprises a foldable plug that makes it convenient to carry in a bag or pocket. It is designed to keep your devices protected from heating, overcharging, and excessive current supply.

Price: $19.99 on their official website.

A Word from Author

There are plenty more on the list to pick from, but as for now, the aforementioned chargers are highly recommended to android phone users with the intention to charge faster, setting up multiple devices at the same time, and are low-priced. You may see a slight difference in the price on other third-party websites.

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