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Turn Your Boring Quarantine Into a Great Lifestyle

During such a long lockdown, we need to change our lifestyle we all are staying at home. At some point, we get bored and have nothing to do to make ourselves busy and want to get this over soon. No-one can watch T.V neither sleep the whole day long.

To keep yourself busy, try a few of the following things. You will be able to do activities that would be somehow different from your daily routine. Let’s get started.


Give Some time to your self

Wasting time in front of the television or laptop doesn’t mean giving time to yourself. This means, look at yourself, which you were unable to take care of during a hectic and busy schedule.



Daily Skin Care Routine


Adopt a daily skincare routine. Try homemade (DIY) face masks to make your skin shine and glowy, to shrink your skin pores. You are staying at home, the results would definitely be better.



Hair Routine


Due to busy schedules, we forget our hairs too need proper nourishment. There are loads of DIY remedies to cure your damaged, dull and thin hairs. Make oils, hair masks and shampoos at home.



Hands And Feet Care


Due to lockdown, parlors and salons are closed. You may find videos of how to do manicure and pedicure at home with products already available at your home.


Re-Shape Your Body

Sitting at home gives you a feeling that you might gain weight because of a sedentary lifestyle. Why not start yoga for weight loss at home? Gather your family members and try some yoga poses daily to become smart.


Organize Your Belongings

There are lots of things to be organized.



Your Cupboard


Your cupboard! Which always seems messy, and your mother/partner always scolds you for this. Organize it and make her smile and happy.



Your CellPhone or Laptop


Sometimes we didn’t get time to delete old forwarded, double images, screenshots, pictures of handwritten notes for exams, files that we downloaded before and now we have no use of those, chats, etc. So, update your phone and make some space for the future.


Your Kitchen

Organize your kitchen cabinets, drawers, and spices. Ask your children, siblings, and husband to help you. This would be a new activity for them too.


Learn New Things

Educational Institutes are off but educational websites are still working. Learn anything new, of your interest. For example, if you love to do photography learn its techniques, you can learn languages and much more


Read Book

You might have already heard “Readers are leaders”. There is always a cabinet full of books in every house. Choose a book from it and read or if you don’t have, then read online about your favorite topic, science or fiction.


Discover Your Hidden Skills

Every person is gifted with skill but it’s hidden and we have to find it. If you haven’t yet then discover it by trying new things out and if you have already then practiced it and become skilled.


Quit Bad Habits

We all have some bad habits which we also personally dislike. Make a list of those habits and try to eliminate it from your personality and become a good human being.


Try New Stuff

Why not try some new recipes and find a hidden chef inside you. You can also try some kitchen hacks. Involve your partner and kids too by giving them different tasks to help you.


Become Social

It’s been a long time and you have not talked to your friend, called him/her and made some gossip. Share your ideas, memories, and plans, etc.


Increase Your General Knowledge

Take out some time and search for the latest technology, history and increase your knowledge. You can also share it with your family too this will help you to remember it.


Play Brainy Games

Instead of playing ludo star, PubG, Zerg rush, etc play games that exercise your brain and triggers you to think. There is a list of Brain-Training games on google, search it and play it.


Grow A Home Garden

Our Earth needs plants for a better and healthy environment. If you have pots available, plant new seeds into those pots. Seeds can easily be collected from your kitchen. Ask your mother or a granny to help you with this.


Other Activities To Engage Yourselves And Your Kids Could Be

Clean your house, windows, terrace, cabinets, etc.

Play some indoor games like carrom, ludo, uno, etc.

Make creative things out of spare stuff.

write your own stories.


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