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We spend most of our time surfing the web, scrolling social pages, interacting with family members, colleagues, and/or friends, ignorant of the fact that somebody’s keeping an eye on our privacy.

Yeah, that’s true…

The Internet has turned out to be one of the preferred places for cybercriminals with the intention of increasing cyber criminalities. The data we create, share, or follow is no longer safe with us to any further extent. It has now become a need of every single individual user to acquire a private network to keep their data protected.

What is a Virtual Private Network?

A VPN is a tool designed to protect the data shared between users through the internet. It works as a medium among two users or between an individual user and the network, which makes the communication or sharing encrypted. It hides the location of the user over the network and makes it untraceable for the drudges.

AVG Secure VPN Review

The web is full of VPN service providers. Every day these companies offer promotions and facilities to keep building the trust of their valuable customers and staying ahead in the competitive market.

AVG Secure VPN is one of the trustworthy VPN service providers commonly known in the market. The term ‘AVG’ formerly renowned for its antivirus software has now introduced more services like AVG internet security, system tune-up utilities, secure browser, and AVG Secure VPN.

AVG Secure VPN can be bought from their official website.


When it comes to price, AVG offers some really good packages among other similar service providers. It can be acquired for a period of one, two, and/or three years with a maximum of five (05) devices connected altogether.

They are currently offering promotions on their subscription packages that mean if you buy now

  • $59.88 will be charged for the first-year subscription instead of $89.88
  • $95.76 will be charged for the two-year subscription instead of $179.99
  • $143.64 will be charged for the three-year subscription simultaneously instead of $269.99.

They are also offering a trial of seven (07) days of the users before payment, so as to know whether the product is according to your requirements or not.

30 days money-back guarantee ensures that AVG value their clients. A full refund can be claimed by the clients within 30 days if the client is not satisfied with the purchase (terms and conditions may apply).

AVG Secure VPN Pricing
AVG Secure VPN Pricing


The interface of the web application and mobile is simple and compact. Users can be connected to the virtual network in three simple steps.

AVG User Interface
AVG User Interface
  • Step 1: Turn on Wi-Fi.
  • Step 2: Switch on your AVG VPN button.
  • Step 3: Done. Browse the web anonymously.

The app itself connects to a random location when you switch on the AVG button but that can be later on changed to a specific region.


Tested on a 75 Mbps connection:

AVG Secure VPN Speed Test
AVG Secure VPN Speed Test

The results were good. With a Ping of 1ms, download speed of 72.58 Mbps, and upload speed of 35.31 Mbps, on a 75 Mbps connection, AVG has kept its promise of performance than any other VPN provider.

Is it good for Torrent and NETFLIX?

Most of the VPN users have encountered unpleasant experiences while torrenting and streaming but here AVG offers additional servers to its torrent users and for video streaming on NETFLIX. Video streaming has been tested fine with AVG Secure VPN and since p2p connections are allowed the torrenting won’t let you down too. All you have to select the desired server from the p2p connection tab.

Drawbacks: Is it Worth Buying?

Some of the major drawbacks that should be considered before buying AVG Secure VPN are:

  • Costly
  • Lack of server locations.
  • Keep logs
  • Poor Customer support
  • Does not work in China

Up to now AVG and Avast equally have shown some major disadvantages accordingly both giants are not suggested for VPN services nevertheless can be considered for their other products. If you’re still looking for the best VPN providers? Try NORD VPN or Express VPN.


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