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How to Strengthen Medical school Application During Coronavirus

It is a difficult time for people all over the world due to coronavirus pandemic. People across the globe are encouraged to stay home and avoid going to public places. The medical school is closed due to this unprecedented situation. Lectures, clinical rotations, exams, voluntary work, everything is canceled. For many medical students, it can be challenging to spend time at home while self-isolating. In this post, I have highlighted some amazing activities and resources for medical students to keep busy and productive. Those who are planning to apply to a medical school and working on their medical application can also take advantage of these activities and resources.

Let’s check them out. 

Enroll in Online Pre-Medical Courses

If you are interested in pursuing an MD program and begin your career in optometry, gerontology, physical therapy, physician assistant, nutrition, or healthcare benefits education, enrolling in pre-health courses is a great idea. These courses are tailored for aspiring medical students to provide the opportunity to gain knowledge of basic science concepts. After successfully completing any of these online pre-med courses, you will be better prepared for your medical school journey. 

Since all courses are offered online, you can take classes of your choice and study on your own schedule. It is the best time to increase your medical knowledge and strengthen your basic science concepts by investing your time in these courses. Later, you can mention these courses in your medical school application to inform the admission committee that you have in-depth knowledge of these healthcare subjects. 

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Use Social Media Smartly

There is no denying the fact that social media is a powerful communication tool. If used right, it can be used for educational purposes and improving your knowledge and skills. Since you are stuck inside due to the COVID-19 pandemic, why don’t you make the most of quarantine time by creating social media feed more useful to you? 

Social media is filled with hundreds of thousands of helpful social media accounts, all you need to do is to find social media accounts which offer useful tips for medical students and the latest information on the medicine. Many social media channels help students to prepare for a quiz, improve their clinical skills and help them stay on top of the latest happening in the field of medicine. 

Here is a list of social media channels to follow and keep up

Udemy (@udemy) 

Udemy is an online learning platform that helps students learn more 130,000 video courses in a variety of topics to improve their knowledge. You will get short, concise how-to lessons, practice projects and tips on how to learn on your own. These lectures are taught by expert instructors. 



GoConqr is a social learning platform that helps students to discover, create and share engaging learning content. This tool helps students to visually plot tricky concepts and build comprehension fast. It allows students to learn how to use mind mapping and flashcards to get a deeper learning experience. 

Osmosis (@osmosismed) 

Medical students find it hard to memorize the sheer amount of coursework due to a shortage of time. Many students don’t know what is important and what’s not. Osmosis is a visual learning tool that allows students to learn how to retain and understand important science concepts and intricate terminologies quickly. Aspiring medical students can learn the right study techniques so that they are better prepared for medical lectures and clinical. 

The Medic Portal (@themedicportal)

The Medical Portal is a leading resource for aspiring medical students who want to pursue a career in medicine. It helps students prepare for medical school by offering medical school interview courses, BMAT courses, UCAT courses, MMI courses and more. The Medic Portal also provides its users with a wide range of online training tools, question banks, and virtual interview training. 

Listen to Medical Podcast

You can best utilize your time during COVID-19 quarantine by listening to different medical podcasts. It is a great way to stay informed about the latest health news, medical technology, recent happening in the healthcare industry and much more. Here is a list of top medical podcasts that you can tune into best utilize your time. 

  • The Curbsiders 
  • The Short Coat Podcast
  • The Undifferentiated Medical Student
  • Board Rounds
  • The Clinical Problem Solvers
  • Surviving Medicine
  • Docs Outside the Box
  • Everyday Emergency

Subscribe to Medical YouTube Channels 

There are many medical YouTube channels that provide helpful videos with excellent hand-written and animated illustrations that make it easier for students to learn intricate medical concepts and information. Here is a list of some medical education YouTube channels which are providing quality content while making medical education fun. 

  • Khan Academy Medicine:
  • Armando Hasudungan
  • Doctor Najeeb
  • AnatomyZone
  • Paul Bolin, M.D.
  • MedCram Videos
  • iMedicalSchool
  • WashingtonDeceit
  • Pharmacology Animation


Over to You 

These are some great activities and useful resources that you can use while staying home during the self-isolation. Completing online courses, listening to medical podcasts and watching informative videos will hone your skills and knowledge that you can mention in your personal statement. So, get ready for challenging medical school life by participating in any of these activities. 


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